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  1. IMO E75 cannot go to tier 8 - this would be obviously absurd. I can see two possible solutions: 1) Give Germans historical pen values. Currently, Germans have 30-degree pen values. 88/71 should have ~230mm pen, 105/68 should have ~250. This would help them counter the increase in T8 bunkers. Give them better accuracy, bloom, etc. (particularly tiger II) to allow them to be powerful support heavies. 2) Shift Tiger I to tier 6 (L/56), Tiger II Tier 7 (L/71), with historical engines and stuff. Put in E 50 (H) as Tier 8 (or some other plausible Tiger II replacement, E 75 Ausf. A with weakened hull armor?) with stronger tiger II turret and 105/68. This would make the Tigers play more as true heavies at their tiers and be viable without weird ahistorical weaponry and engines.
  2. Yeah, I'm glad I don't actually play PC WOT, arty would make me kys.
  3. http://www.personalityassessor.com/ipip300/results=658530-999/ IDK
  4. lmao the one stat that makes sense to be really good (terrain resistances should be literally 1/2 of other russian heavies due to quad tracks) lmao the one stat that makes sense to be really good (terrain resistances should be literally 1/2 of other russian heavies due to quad tracks)
  5. and give the JPZE100 a 5 shot autoloader and 400mm casemate and LFP armor.... (WOT in 2020)
  6. I find that the heavy use of people locking blades seems to benefit greater strength. The idea that male physical advantages are limited to only strength is false, since strength and size play into many other advantages too, especially given training that they possess over Rey.
  7. Oh certainly, its possible for women to beat men at certain physical activities that heavily emphasize female strengths over male ones. Star-wars-esque lightsaber fighting is, however, obviously in the male court. That being said, I could see Rey beating Kylo Ren in a swordfight... later in the series, after going through training, as someone like Yoda obviously did. To have a person with a physical disadvantage, who had no idea that the Force and Jedi even existed, utterly gank Kylo Ren in the first film was total narrative asspulling, and makes the story have no progression when one of the lead characters (that is supposed to develop into the new Jedi's founder or whatever) is blatantly overpowered right off of the bat, to the point of breaking canon (how the hell did she take on multiple Red Guards?!?). Fantasy world doesn't excuse bad storytelling, though the rest of the film is so bad it blends right in I guess.
  8. tfw people downvote you even more for explaining your position using facts than for posting a opinionated review
  9. Perhaps I worded it poorly... at peak levels (I.e where Red Guards, Kylo Ren, Luke are) of physical activities (physical combat such as lightsaber combat) it is biological reality that even the peak female, let alone a untrained one such as Rey, cannot match a peak male. No need to be so salty.
  10. The whole film is retarded. I thought the film was over as per usual after the Villain dies (Snoke)/good guys run away, but they somehow dragged another hour of battles into it. In fact, there were several arcs in the film that made it very long and poorly paced. The "allahu akbar" with the cruiser pissed me off, since it totally invalidates all space combat in the universe, since apparently any ship with a warp drive can now kill a giant fucking ship by just pointing its nose at it and...WHAM! Speaking of giant fucking ships, as a previous poster noted, what the fuck is the First Order? We see absolutely no explanation for it at all still. Somehow, only 400 resistance fighters, and only a few supporters that wont even come help scattered around the galaxy, after the last "evil empire" was destroyed <50 years ago... perhaps these "evil empires" are more effective than the eternal resistance, and thus more popular? Perhaps the tyrannical governments that keep managing to pull enough funds to build gigantic battlefleets and superweapons are also pulling enough funds to at least keep large segments of the population well-fed and happy, while the "good guys" can't run a government to save their lives? The film also constantly recycles old-ass tropes and abuses plot armor to a ridiculous degree. Every single time a group of good-guys is under fire, ships around them explode one after another, yet they always escape. Finn and Rose are about to be executed, but instead of shooting them, they slowly pull out their tazers.... "on my mark" and then the jihadi cruiser hits. Rey continues to be overpowered, as she somehow swordfights opponent after opponent to death while being female and having no training; consider that the Red Guards could often kill Jedi in close combat, while Kylo Ren had been training for years and years. Others: Apparently only the big bad super SD has guns at all, since the other destroyers never fire a shot during the whole film; meanwhile, the super star destroyer apparently lacks the firepower to destroy a single cruiser or even hurt its shields. The Empire(s) seem to have not learned the lesson that small ships>>>>>>>>Big ships in Star Wars, so they forgot to put anti-fighter guns on/armor them at all, or bring enough fighter protection with effective central control despite every ship having gigantic, massively exposed and largely unarmored bridges for no reason at all.
  11. Friendly reminder that you neg (-3) one ship and pos (+1) one ship. No more, no less. Also, its essentially a given that the elimination order goes Midway, Shitty CAs, shitty DDs, etc etc. The Tier 10 BBs shouldn't even be considered for elimination until the end when they have to go up against Hakuryuu....
  12. Without DFAA, I don't really think its worth it to spec into AA...
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