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  1. I think I'm full-time Blitz PC now..

  2. I really fucking hope they keep arty out of this. I pretty much quit WoT, but when I saw the blessing that is no arty in Blitz, I started playing without hesitation.
  3. You say that almost jokingly, but it is very possibly a motivation. I read an article by a product manager somewhere that WoT is nearing the end of its product lifespan, and this is quite evident by the increased monetization--more premium tanks, more power creeping, mostly quality of life updates to keep current players happy, and less focus on bringing in new players. It makes sense for WG to be trying out other sources of profit more proactively.
  4. Nope, still not on WoT PC. Couple more things I like about blitz to add to that list: - Based on the couple hundred of games I played so far, there seems to less/no bots (but maybe they'll come once more people play the steam edition on a PC. - Coordinating entire games with your rando teams seems a lot easier. Type a quick ">>>>>>" and everyone will push fast right. There is no way the I can think of to get a team of 14 other shitters in WoT PC to perform these vanilla "coordinated" pushes successfully unless people see you're purple or something.
  5. I'm a statpadding reroll on WoT blitz PC lol. Queues are shared between touch and mouse+keyboard unless you disable it in the options. I'm finally purple! http://www.blitzstars.com/player/com/Sepen77
  6. http://store.steampowered.com/app/444200/ Interestingly enough there is an option in blitz settings to allow matchmaking against only those using the same controls (ie touch vs mouse-keyboard). Linux would be nice ya, but even if they did it'd just be blitz. I don't know where they're headed with this, considering now they're sort of competing with themselves on the PC platform...
  7. Now that this game is available on Steam (and the Windows Store for who knows how long... wait, there's a Windows Store?), has anyone tried playing it with a mouse and keyboard? If so, what are your thoughts? I actually find the smaller 7v7 games to be quite fun. Low tier gameplay isn't a clusterfk. There's no arty. And you play against people who are.on their phones :^)
  8. Except when you literally leave a smoking hole in the ground because rng and dirt attraction.
  9. Or you pen an HE round on the back of a tier 9 medium
  10. At the LTTB right now and enjoying it very much. Hopefully I'll get to the T-54 soon enough. I should really do more research into bloom values. They seem to be much more influential than the fully-aimed dispersion value. Turret armour again: A 48 Patton bitched at me all game for not penning a single shot into my turret while I was hulldown at full gun-depression sniping his cupola to death from full health. All I could say was lmao.
  11. I didn't really know what to expect from the Cent mk I since it is my first non-premium tier 8 medium. And as a player still learning the game, I'm not sure it was the best idea to go down this line. That being said, I finally finished the grind. I'm waiting on a sale before moving on to the 7/1. I guess in a way the gun was sad--it felt derpy, but I didn't know why. The armour held up sometimes and the turret was especially effective with autobounce angles when using the gun at full depression. Otherwise it was meh.
  12. When you get gud for a couple of games and then fall to shit again.


  13. Doubling back on the win rate to boost the wn8


  14. Update on my tilt. I only pen 3 shots a game. Whether I live to the end and shoot 30 shells or get yolo rushed and shoot 3. My MOE went from 90% to 71% in my Mutz, the only tank I used to be decent in. I think I have tomato recents now.

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