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  1. I think I'm full-time Blitz PC now..

  2. When you get gud for a couple of games and then fall to shit again.


  3. Doubling back on the win rate to boost the wn8


  4. Update on my tilt. I only pen 3 shots a game. Whether I live to the end and shoot 30 shells or get yolo rushed and shoot 3. My MOE went from 90% to 71% in my Mutz, the only tank I used to be decent in. I think I have tomato recents now.

  5. First time in months I've been tilting this hard. My past couple days saw sub-50% wr and god knows what wn8.

  6. My laptop died. Now i'm using a PC from 2002. Can't play tenks on 1.5 GB of RAM and a processor with barely enough integrated graphics to watch youtube vids at 720p.

    Did I mention this thing doesn't have any PCI E slots either?


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    2. SZXT77


      My graphics driver does not support World of Tanks haha

    3. Fulcrous
    4. Unavailebow
  7. Anyone know where that intro movie / ost is stored? I dug around the audioww package and couldn't find it.

  8. Can i haz guest permissions on WotLabs TS

  9. So I log in and a Pz IV Hydrostat just appeared in my garage... There isn't an event going on related to it and I didn't buy it (hell, it's not even for sale). So where did it come from. I'm so confused right now... Anyone else have random tanks appearing in their garages?

  10. Rip. Today's WN8 expected value updates means I'll have to reach 1000 WN8 all over again. I've been playing too much Mutz.

  11. As a follow up from yesterday's 999 WN8, 49.99% WR, comes today's 1000, 50%. I finally did it. But I was cautious; played 1 battle, waited 2 hours for the WoTLabs update :P. Pastr 24h WN8 is 0 because Mutz.56d1b57b5b2c83c91b44af0509706ca5.png

    1. RutgerS


      There is nothing left to achieve now in this game :doge:

  12. Many 9's, but I'm 1 win away from a landmark!d85c0d01c24d5590a37fd5bd7b0445f8.png

    1. Flaksmith


      man, I'd love to have those overalls...

    2. SZXT77


      don't you just loooooove the light green look. Who am I kidding. Still dreaming to become unicum.

  13. https://gyazo.com/311d3029c3f29a087f5cf859f47c0b82 First time I'm unicum aggregated over 33 games... I'm getting better!!!


    1. SZXT77


      PS. Thanks WoTLabs, I've learned a lot from here :D

    2. Serene_Potato


      Play the T-34-3 :)

      It gives ludicrous WN8 numbers.


      Simply because so many people can't handle the bad gun dep :)

      If you can, it farms WN8 like Garbad farms pubby tears

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