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  1. Oh boy tier 8 is reall going to shit, and it all started with the Skorpion G. I'm barely playing this game anyways, but i guess it's tier 9-10 only from now on, boys
  2. The Accuracy feels somewhat wonky. I only have 30 battles with it though, we'll see how it fares.
  3. De0finitely the same problems i am having with this ship; the dilemma seems always to be: either do some damage and get nuked the moment they notice you, or stay back and do nothing other than suppressive fire. I really have no clue how it's possible to hit at those ranges.
  4. Definitely no.2 imo i think no.2 I'm quite sure there is something to it.
  5. I think this is one of the worst tanks i have ever played. Basically a pleb WZ131, because everything this tin can does the WZ131 does better.
  6. They definitely are for me - so much that i completely stop playing on weekends, and have been doing so for the last few months. The thing during weekends is that you either finish the session with >60% or <20% wr, there is no in between. Also, even if you win, games are generally less challenging, less entertaining. Tomatoes are just unpredictable and you either do not need to think tactically or are not able to do so, as you team collapses in a couple minutes.
  7. They look fucking hideous. But they look boxy enough to be able to take HESH from my Charioteer
  8. The TVP has a significantly higher skill floor, since it has remarkably less survivability, higher exposer time (due to bigger clip), and less effective damage. Exposure time is something that one truly needs to master in this tank (and being my first tier 10 autoloader, i also need to improve): do not try to use your full clip at all times, since it most likely will result in an epic loss of hp, crippling you for the rest of the game. Try to sneak in 2, at most 3 shells during peeking. You can afford to not use the full clip since reload time is manageable anyways, so do not be scared to
  9. I´ll pray to the Gods lest this becomes another Death Star/Jägeru.
  10. Correct. 'I was one of those, and pretty much from the beginning i decided that the Jagdtiger would be my end-game objective, way before all classes had tier 10 vehicles. Of course, a lot has changed since then. Having played it as one of the first tier 6 vehicles (before any buffs some guys have talked about, i think i last played the tank in 2012 or so), i can tell you that i remember it as something between "meh" and "lousy". With my more recent experience, however, i can say that imo there are still tanks that are better than the Jagd: Achilles (turret>no turret, also great gu
  11. Maybe it´s just me, and please do take this with a grain of salt: imo 320 alpha guns have the most retarded rolls, they always seem to roll below average.
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