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  1. I think they do this to all perceived weaker tanks. Case in point, I'm in my AMX M4 vs. a KV-4. An ST-I is helping me. ST-I goes around the corner, bounces the shell, and hits the KV-4. I poke around the corner, shoot the KV-4, and tuck in back. He still has the ST-I sitting right in front of him. He then proceeds to YOLO me, dying in the process, but leaving me on low HP so I had to play conservatively for the rest of the match. While the ST-I was shredding him up that whole time, his turret was pointed at little ol' tier 7 me. Bet he felt like a big stronk man though!
  2. Carry half gold rounds to compensate for the anemic penetration light tanks have. Train 6th sense and camo on all your crews, then go for view range skills. If you have 3 skills on a crew, one should be BIA to improve view range. Running camo is extremely important since you get the camo bonus of being stationary while you are moving in a light tank. Run optics on all of them. Sample: Commander 6th / BIA / camo...get recon if you can start a 4th Gunner camo / BIA / designated target Driver camo / BIA / off road or clutch braking Radio camo / BIA / situational awareness Loader camo / B
  3. Well I'm on vacation for 2 weeks so hopefully more tanks in my future (and platooning with more wotlabbers)...really wish Crab's ISP issue had gotten sorted out as I could probably learn quite a bit from him. As for the past few months...I...can't...even... The harder I try the harder I fail... (60day and 1k battles) - my win rate has dropped over 0.33% in 3 months which with 11k battles is not easy...
  4. TBH I look for platoons late at night when this occurs too, but all of the Relic guys I run with semi-regular are in bed generally, and most of the ones I don't know are too (usually there are 1-2 platoons, but they are full). WOTlabs channel has been rough of late too. I generally don't mind running with players with lower stats than me as they can be good teammates (and I do this from time to time to help them) and I can show them things, but if my stats are terrible for the day, I really don't want to do anything but a carryhard platoon in tanks where I feel the winrate is low based on
  5. Interesting to see the responses so far in this thread. I really thought it was me, or players playing differently, and TBH was mostly looking for tips from solopubbers who play during these hours for how they carry with the retard meta that comes out...but I find it VERY interesting that other players have experienced this phenomenon as well. TBH I didn't expect this many other players on NA to agree / have noticed the same thing. And I am taking heart that the majority of the advice seems to simply be not playing during these hours. I have so far, 3 theories: #1 - Given the recent FT
  6. I truly believe there needs to be a Latin American server to get some of the late night trash off of NA, and the SEAsians...just wow at how terribad they are (late night players). Even on test server.
  7. Specifically 1AM - 6AM eastern, on the east server. Late nights have cost me my stats, as work forces me to play late. I generally win 53-57% of my matches during day hours with about 1600 WN8, regardless of solo pub or platoon. But at night, this torpedoes to in the 44% range and 1100. I have been tracking this for some time, and made the following observations during these hours: -The overwhelming majority of players during these hours are orange and red. Yellows are rare, and greens are as hard to find as non platooned unicums. I am often the best player on my team. This is
  8. Yes. I did think it was worth it, and I did take quite a bit away from it. I recognize that my biggest weakness in nonheavy tanks (since I have primarily played heavies through my first 9000 battles and have only begun to grind mediums in the last 2000 or so, and I have limited experience in tier 10 with meds) by far, bar none, is POSITIONING. I felt about 3 steps behind you and Canadian, and for good reason. I learned that when I played forward spotter/active/aggressive scout in a medium, I did not always have an exit strategy, frequently took poor routes, or lacked good access to cover.
  9. Rest assured you'll be the go to for the Pattons/Pershings as I know you're one of the more experienced and skilled Patton players. I'll be on again tomorrow if you're around. Will look for you in game.
  10. Of course. I run with Navy when he's on, interested in running same tier, and not already tooned up. Have run with Dlur as well, although TBH I'm usually running 5s/6s when I do. Basically trying to get serious face and get better at Tier 10, and get tips from the pros on dealing with the TD meta when I don't generally drive those. Relix always welcome
  11. Thanks to all who've replied or sent me messages so far. I believe everyone has something different to offer and I want to utilize your offers for help as much as I can. As such, I will follow up with each of you on an individual basis in game. For those who've replied or just in general, here's some more so when I contact you you'll know what I'm looking for. This is an exhaustive list, so obviously whatever you can help on would be appreciated...these are all things I've identified as weaknesses in my play and I'm posting as much for my (future) reference as anyone here's. Specific t
  12. I've hit a really nasty plateau. I'm aware of what I'm doing in battle but the execution is not always there. That said I'm not looking to stat pad or get carried. I could give two shits about getting my WR up if *I'm* not actually improving. I'm looking for someone who is a very good player (purple) who is willing to platoon with me and TEACH me how to lift moar when I solopub. Tell me when I'm fucking up. Tell me how. Tell me how not to next time. Point it out when I'm doing something well, and when I should be doing something different. Show me all the OP spots on all the maps...some of
  13. It's never OK in WG's eyes. I will do it if someone has been harassing me, blocking me or my shots repeatedly in close range (vs pubs that have no idea where I'm set up) pushing me out, or team shooting me in battle repeatedly or intentionally. But I try not to do it too often as I've already gotten a 24hr once for TKing a fail platoon that was called out and decided to all start shooting me (they couldn't pen but I could).
  14. I have these swings generally nightly of late. I had been on a nice winning streak with good stats over the previous 3 days, mostly tier 5s and 8s. Tonight 7/19 playing Tier 3 (doing good damage every game in my Locust, except the first game, which was rage inducing as I burned my repair kit on ammo rack and then got permatracked by a T18 I was one shot from killing with my gun behind a dead tank...we lost by 7 HP, and their baddy D2 who I would have assraped, survived as the last tank with said 7 HP and 8 kills). Got frustrated, started playing arty (Diss playing arty? WTF? Must be a rage
  15. Kill stealing as I see it: -Shooting an enemy that is on fire and about to die to get the kill, rather than shooting another target that is very much not on fire and a threat to the team -Denying someone a top gun when the battle is already well in hand by actively witholding their fire to take the killshot. -Denying someone a kill during the flow of battle by actively witholding their fire for an extended period of time to take the killshot. In one battle in my M103, I faced a Conqueror head on and damaged him for 95% of his health while a Super Pershing hugged his side and could have e
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