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  1. I think they do this to all perceived weaker tanks. Case in point, I'm in my AMX M4 vs. a KV-4. An ST-I is helping me. ST-I goes around the corner, bounces the shell, and hits the KV-4. I poke around the corner, shoot the KV-4, and tuck in back. He still has the ST-I sitting right in front of him. He then proceeds to YOLO me, dying in the process, but leaving me on low HP so I had to play conservatively for the rest of the match. While the ST-I was shredding him up that whole time, his turret was pointed at little ol' tier 7 me. Bet he felt like a big stronk man though!
  2. Carry half gold rounds to compensate for the anemic penetration light tanks have. Train 6th sense and camo on all your crews, then go for view range skills. If you have 3 skills on a crew, one should be BIA to improve view range. Running camo is extremely important since you get the camo bonus of being stationary while you are moving in a light tank. Run optics on all of them. Sample: Commander 6th / BIA / camo...get recon if you can start a 4th Gunner camo / BIA / designated target Driver camo / BIA / off road or clutch braking Radio camo / BIA / situational awareness Loader camo / BIA / repair (yeah loader skills are useless) Situationally spot early, hope your team isn't too potato/tomato to hit the targets, and vulture late when the enemy is focused on your teammates. If you don't have proper support with your initial deployment, don't wait too long...GTFO and live to partake in the rest of the fight. Unlike clan wars, pubbies don't see a lone scout and go "damn I wonder what's behind him" or "oh crap...here comes arty"...rather they fall all over themselves going for the "easy kill". Cuz YAY 200 AVERAGE DAMAGE WHEN YOU CAN RACK UP A WHOPPING 0.7 KPG!!! Oh, and try not to play the tier 4 light tanks any more than you have to. In high tier battles, those are a special kind of torture.
  3. Well I'm on vacation for 2 weeks so hopefully more tanks in my future (and platooning with more wotlabbers)...really wish Crab's ISP issue had gotten sorted out as I could probably learn quite a bit from him. As for the past few months...I...can't...even... The harder I try the harder I fail... (60day and 1k battles) - my win rate has dropped over 0.33% in 3 months which with 11k battles is not easy...
  4. TBH I look for platoons late at night when this occurs too, but all of the Relic guys I run with semi-regular are in bed generally, and most of the ones I don't know are too (usually there are 1-2 platoons, but they are full). WOTlabs channel has been rough of late too. I generally don't mind running with players with lower stats than me as they can be good teammates (and I do this from time to time to help them) and I can show them things, but if my stats are terrible for the day, I really don't want to do anything but a carryhard platoon in tanks where I feel the winrate is low based on the statistics I've generated in the tank (AKA I hate running the same OP tanks, I prefer more variety to gameplay, and while KV-1S spam may equal wins, it's boring). Generally these guys are in the 48-51% range but have much improved 60 day stats from their earlier ones, and are definitely yellow, and probably pushing green. I'll help them when I'm not in a "I need wins now" mode. But WOTlabs channel of late, I've observed many more orange and red players eager to platoon, and I have no interest in that. TBH if I was going to help them, the first thing I would do is put them in a training room, and through some replays, not in a platoon... Of course I've received many generous offers for players to platoon with me here on the forums, and I've even run with a few of them, but it's hard to do as those players are on during the middle of the day, have numerous platoon offers, and so I have to be on at the same time AND both be available... Basically I wish I had better hours to tank, so I could run with gudplayers moar often. Just punched in my name on WOTlabs (sig is slightly out of date): Overall 52.75% / 1377 (scrub city) 60Day 49.02% / 1539 (better, but losing A LOT more...not even winning half my battles apparently) 30Day 51.76% / 1683 (still losing more than my overall with even better stats) 7Day 48.51% / 1666 (got ragey yesterday and played 27 M60 battles with 10 wins, otherwise it'd be better, still, throw that out and my improvement is not translating into wins)
  5. Interesting to see the responses so far in this thread. I really thought it was me, or players playing differently, and TBH was mostly looking for tips from solopubbers who play during these hours for how they carry with the retard meta that comes out...but I find it VERY interesting that other players have experienced this phenomenon as well. TBH I didn't expect this many other players on NA to agree / have noticed the same thing. And I am taking heart that the majority of the advice seems to simply be not playing during these hours. I have so far, 3 theories: #1 - Given the recent FTR on botting, it also bears monitoring, if there really are that many bots, and most of them are online at night (since the general population decreases), perhaps that could explain something...perhaps the bots battle "logically" and thus an undpredictable human player would easily get caught in the gears and destroyed as a human's actions don't jive with the flow of the battle...causing that person to stick out like a sore thumb and the enemy to focus on them. This could also explain the phenomenon of blues, greens, and even purple players appearing to P0TAT0 often at night while bad players stay alive and decide the battle. #2 - There really are masses of terribads that all hit battle and speak no English at the same time. They suck so much, and go to such random and stupid places, that conventional map control is pointless as taking "key" positions yields nothing of value since your pubs won't take advantage of it, and you'll be alone in trying to exploit your position while the baddies on the other side are not deterred by this, even though you have terrain in your favor, and continue pushing. With no support, and a horde of enemies coming, you quickly die. You basically need devastating alpha damage or armor to carry, as other tools such as mobility and vision are negated. #3 - some combination of 1 and 2. Today I took the first step. Even though I didn't play particularly well tonight (although I did have a carry hard game in my IS-7...wound up with 5 kills, could have had 8, and SHOULD have had 6 except for an artyfag clicker that finished off a <100 HP arty as my shell was loaded and the breach was closing), I logged off before 12:30AM EST and avoided the hordes. The end result was 5 wins in 8 battles, which I'll take, despite the poor WN8 of ~1450.
  6. I truly believe there needs to be a Latin American server to get some of the late night trash off of NA, and the SEAsians...just wow at how terribad they are (late night players). Even on test server.
  7. Specifically 1AM - 6AM eastern, on the east server. Late nights have cost me my stats, as work forces me to play late. I generally win 53-57% of my matches during day hours with about 1600 WN8, regardless of solo pub or platoon. But at night, this torpedoes to in the 44% range and 1100. I have been tracking this for some time, and made the following observations during these hours: -The overwhelming majority of players during these hours are orange and red. Yellows are rare, and greens are as hard to find as non platooned unicums. I am often the best player on my team. This is a typical team composition: -The gameplay is beyond retarded. The majority of tanks, 2minutes into battle, will have barely moved out of base. Aggression and map control are unsupported, and tanks on both sides will often YOLO. Generally whichever team falls behind early loses the battle. Being in the front to force the outcome is disadvantageous as you will lack support and die, and be unable to do anything further. -The majority of players are foreign. Many speak little to no English. There is no coordination OR communication. Even map pinging is minimal. Despite this, these players have thousands of battles and horrible stats. -There are more idle/bot tanks. Makes sense given less people are on and bots are 24 hour occurrences, thus they'd be seen more frequently than during the day. To those unfortunate souls who play during these hours: how do you deal with this? What possible strategy in the blue hell can counter this? Should I just sit at base like a useless baddy and use these fucktards as meatshields? Oh, and fuck Komarin.
  8. Yes. I did think it was worth it, and I did take quite a bit away from it. I recognize that my biggest weakness in nonheavy tanks (since I have primarily played heavies through my first 9000 battles and have only begun to grind mediums in the last 2000 or so, and I have limited experience in tier 10 with meds) by far, bar none, is POSITIONING. I felt about 3 steps behind you and Canadian, and for good reason. I learned that when I played forward spotter/active/aggressive scout in a medium, I did not always have an exit strategy, frequently took poor routes, or lacked good access to cover. A mistake easier forgiven in tier 9 fights than tier 10 fights with huge alpha TDs. And, when I was spotting the enemy, my deployment was not always such that I am lighting the enemy in an advantageous position to have supporting tanks have fire, or to spot them in the open in such a way that even if I had zero support, an enemy team unaware of that would still be denied a key map area because of the riskiness of pushing the unknown against my vision. Thus there is a fine line between aggressive early map control/being a pest and staying alive, and YOLO. I'm also realizing that I need to rely far less on "Soviet turret" armor in a medium, and just simply not get hit. And in mid-late game, I'm often far too passive still. Rather than reacting to where the enemy has last been spotted, and trying to thread the needle to create flanking opportunities where I rely on friendly tanks to spot, I need to be more unpredictable and all over the map, such that the enemy can't pin me in one place. I need to dictate play and create opportunities, rather than simply react to the opportunities the other team may or may not be giving me. And when I DO do this, I need to be far quicker at doing it when I decide to. I also need to stop being a baddy and fire more APCR and less HEAT.
  9. Rest assured you'll be the go to for the Pattons/Pershings as I know you're one of the more experienced and skilled Patton players. I'll be on again tomorrow if you're around. Will look for you in game.
  10. Of course. I run with Navy when he's on, interested in running same tier, and not already tooned up. Have run with Dlur as well, although TBH I'm usually running 5s/6s when I do. Basically trying to get serious face and get better at Tier 10, and get tips from the pros on dealing with the TD meta when I don't generally drive those. Relix always welcome
  11. Thanks to all who've replied or sent me messages so far. I believe everyone has something different to offer and I want to utilize your offers for help as much as I can. As such, I will follow up with each of you on an individual basis in game. For those who've replied or just in general, here's some more so when I contact you you'll know what I'm looking for. This is an exhaustive list, so obviously whatever you can help on would be appreciated...these are all things I've identified as weaknesses in my play and I'm posting as much for my (future) reference as anyone here's. Specific tanks I'm looking to improve in: T-62A (how to best utilize that DPM when I can no longer pick apart tier 8s and 7s as frequently) M46 Patton (hulldown sniping with no turret armor and limited camo) M48 Fatton (hulldown sniping with an underpowered tank that only has view range - I will wait to run this until I unlock the top gun in 15k free XP). Until I do, we can do the M60 since it uses the same crew. I have difficulty exploiting view range when I don't have camo. Thus I'm better at "scouting" in my T-54 than my M46, for example. M26 Pershing (remedial hulldown sniping if needed, since you'll probably find I suck ass in my M46) VK7201K (I'm decent in my E-100 and know about sidescraping, but I just cannot make this thing work. Need to refine my angles) Panther 1 (sniping and relying on DPM) AMX M4 (playing as a sniper in a camoless paper tank) - as someone that probably will need to pick up an FCM 50t as a crew trainer since all my French crews are ghetto AMX 13 75 (scout, damage vulture) I've also begun the slow grind to the Leopard 1 and any tactics that will serve in the Indien Panzer and up would be welcome...can practice them with my 3001D. Specific maps I'm looking to improve in: -Hidden Village when driving anything other than a heavy, or heavily armored TD -Malinovka (going hill, staying arty safe, and brawling effectively)...I already run the ridge edges extremely well from both sides. Also exploiting K3 to full effect from north. -Fisherman's Bay (map control from the middle - I need to get better at avoiding enemy fire from undetected tanks when going this route while still getting in my own damage) -South Coast north spawn - all routes....options, options, options and how to exploit -Murovanka - how to play A1/B1 from north spawn (and stay arty and return fire safe....I potato every time I go here but see good players routinely carry from here) -Sand River - south spawn what to do once you take the hill (how to exploit getting hill when north side turtles in the dunes/doesn't YOLO into you). North spawn how to counter hill when your pubbies insist on pushing into it, or when they camp behind you what the best secondary position is to use. -Serene Coast - help me. I suck ass at this suck ass map. -Fjords - west spawn in a medium. I usually go to spot the enemy "sniper" tanks that went north, but this sometimes leaves me out of the fight in middle or keeps me pinned down too long to assist them. -Lakeville - help staying alive when going mid (I usually at minimum take heavy damage), attacking through low town properly (8, even 9 line) -Highway - northwest of the map, particularly as a pest/bait/spotter when I'm north spawn (aka countering a strong medium push there when I have sniper support) -Mountain Pass - medium from south spawn...options that don't involve YOLOing across bowl as I can't count on pubs to support it -Pearl River - firing lines in general, particularly on the west of the map (best way to isolate enemies and continue to attack when you push into them, then everything stops and both sides are camping with several tanks to each side of a choke point... thus peekabooming is not at all an option, and low road (4 line) has no shots on the now turtled enemy tanks.) -Siegfried Line - how to go field without dying like a retard. Good support angles/positioning in city while minimizing exposure to return fire. The gameplay on this map has really evolved and city has become much more of a standoff than it used to be, thus pushing is always penalized. -Redshire - how to spot K line effectively and stay alive
  12. I've hit a really nasty plateau. I'm aware of what I'm doing in battle but the execution is not always there. That said I'm not looking to stat pad or get carried. I could give two shits about getting my WR up if *I'm* not actually improving. I'm looking for someone who is a very good player (purple) who is willing to platoon with me and TEACH me how to lift moar when I solopub. Tell me when I'm fucking up. Tell me how. Tell me how not to next time. Point it out when I'm doing something well, and when I should be doing something different. Show me all the OP spots on all the maps...some of which I play very well, some of which I suck ass at or may not even be aware of. -Must speak English well -Must be on TS -Must have a decent selection of tanks in their garage such that they can match me on tier, type, and playstyle -Must have experience tutoring in tanks, with some results (AKA other people on this forum will vouch for you) -Must be very skilled at medium tanks in general So... Why would you do this? Simple: You love this game and want to see one more green turn blue or purple. Or you want mad goaldz in which case I'll compensate consistent with the quality and quantity of tutoring time I get, but only for the right person. Yes I'm a dirty whore. Pay2win? More like pay2learn2carryharder. I am willing to do whatever you want - maptactics, training rooms, replay review...as long as we get a good number of battles in. What am I looking for specifically? -Hulldown medium tanks (especially the US line, but also the light german Medium line), and the "sniper" playstyle. I really struggled with this. When I play sniper I rely on alpha, and using DPM tanks as snipers is difficult for me in high tiers. -Abusing view range. -Advanced map/vision control and camouflage. Heightened focus on some maps rather than others. -Making winning decisions in the heat of battle. Right now my biggest obstacle is REALIZING something bad is about to happen before it happens, but being UNABLE TO COUNTER IT AS AN INDIVIDUAL. My other obstacle is taking a key position early and establishing control over an important point, but losing a lot of HP in the process. I survive as a one shot, but AM UNABLE TO SURVIVE THE FIGHT and once I do die, the team collapses. Plz teach me how to fairly consistently carry in a medium tank while solopubbing. Purples and blurples only please. Time that we would have the session(s) is not set in stone. I'm generally around on weekends, and late nights during the week. East Coast server please. Thanks for looking.
  13. It's never OK in WG's eyes. I will do it if someone has been harassing me, blocking me or my shots repeatedly in close range (vs pubs that have no idea where I'm set up) pushing me out, or team shooting me in battle repeatedly or intentionally. But I try not to do it too often as I've already gotten a 24hr once for TKing a fail platoon that was called out and decided to all start shooting me (they couldn't pen but I could).
  14. I have these swings generally nightly of late. I had been on a nice winning streak with good stats over the previous 3 days, mostly tier 5s and 8s. Tonight 7/19 playing Tier 3 (doing good damage every game in my Locust, except the first game, which was rage inducing as I burned my repair kit on ammo rack and then got permatracked by a T18 I was one shot from killing with my gun behind a dead tank...we lost by 7 HP, and their baddy D2 who I would have assraped, survived as the last tank with said 7 HP and 8 kills). Got frustrated, started playing arty (Diss playing arty? WTF? Must be a rage night), and every team suicided, but lit almost nothing of use. Got Lakeville for one battle, and they didn't even keep the valley lit...they just suicided into it while I was still setting up. And of course town got rolled too... Switched to VK3001D and AT2, got a Tier 7 fight in AT2, did OK damage, but died. At least we won. VK took 4 tries to get my x3 due to suicidal idiots and AFK baddies trying to get a million free credits...finally got a good team on #4...lit them as they went city in Lakeville, got some early damage and kills, and good spotting damage, and split their force in 2. Died, but we won. TBH for the past month, matchmaker has seemed less "random". Over the long haul, with a 53% WR that is now down to 52.77, my average "odds" should be around that, yet I'm finding more often than not my team is the underdog in most matches. I'm often the only green (or better), or one of two, and the other team often has more. When I play low tiers, frequently 2/3 of my team is red, while the other side is orange or yellow. I can't often remember ANY battles where I died stupidly and the team came back and won. Feels like the onus is on me to carry literally every game, or we will lose. There are exceptions of course, but wading through 4 horrible losses just to get that one decent team every 5 battles is extremely frustrating. I am starting to believe MM is not truly "random" but tries to match teams based on a variety of things which include player stats, but only in the context of either global rating, or # of battles. For example, I was platooning Tier 2s to seal club with some friends a few weeks back, and with over 60 tier 2 tanks in queue, it took forever to get a match. Each time, we encountered a seal clubbing platoon on the enemy side. I do not believe that to be mere coincidence. When I queued up solopub, I still had to wait a while to get a battle with lots in queue, and always an enemy player at or above 51% with 10k+ battles on the enemy side, but never mine. Meanwhile when I dropped a tier 8, instantly in battle. That said, the swings and the pressure to carry every game is extremely frustrating. I know I'm far from the best player on here (in fact I know I suck, but am well above average compared to the average wot player) and there are a lot of things I need to work on, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to improve where improvement comes from aggression, spotting, dealing damage, learning maps better, and the majority of teams just want to hug the same rock in the back of base and let you die. I've never seen less coordination among teams than now. And that is, to be honest, simultaneous to what I believe has been a general INCREASE in player skill (believe it or not). The skill gap between a good and bad player is less than it used to be. The AWARENESS gap, however, has never been greater. What I mean is this: It is far more rare nowadays to see bad players spamming HE, not carrying consumables or equipment, running bad crews, sitting in the open turning their turret while they get shot, carrying autocannons on tier 5 scouts, missing easy shots in close quarters, or trading frontal shots with tanks they cannot pen rather than running away. It is also far more rare to see player suggesting crackpot tactics like "everyone push valley" or "rush malinovka field, they'll never expect it", although individual players will still idiotically do it. However, it is far more common to see tanks in completely stupid places where they are not even in the fight. Full health tanks sitting 100 meters from a heavily damaged teammate who is alone vs a heaviliy damaged enemy, and they won't pop out to kill said enemy. Fast tanks sitting 300 meters from base who see the cap siren go on and drive TOWARD...the enemy base. Tanks that win a flank, see another has crumbled, and keep pushing into the 5 TD's that were spotted near their base, rather than trying to salvage the crumbled flank and make a proper, coordinated push towards those TD's. Tanks that are in 1v1's where they also face sniper and/or arty support YOLOING out into the open and repeatedly getting shot by an invisitank, and sitting there to die. To be honest, I've hit this nasty plateau, and my stats have really flatlined, and I'm not sure what to do at this point. Would have loved to do the Crab lessons in hulldown mediums, but with his internet messed up that's not an option anymore, and I don't feel I'm really learning anything from platooning, just benefitting from having 2 more competent teammates as most of what I feel I'm learning/doing is platoon tactics, not individual tactics that will help me carry these uncarriable teams when I solopub. Plus I like to run all tiers, and there is only a very small number of players on the server that keep a ton of tanks like I do from tiers 1-10. At the moment, I've paused all my grinding cuz I'm actually kind of sick of it, and I'm trying to improve crews and my own play in ways that do not involve spamming OP tanks.
  15. Kill stealing as I see it: -Shooting an enemy that is on fire and about to die to get the kill, rather than shooting another target that is very much not on fire and a threat to the team -Denying someone a top gun when the battle is already well in hand by actively witholding their fire to take the killshot. -Denying someone a kill during the flow of battle by actively witholding their fire for an extended period of time to take the killshot. In one battle in my M103, I faced a Conqueror head on and damaged him for 95% of his health while a Super Pershing hugged his side and could have easily helped damage him and conserve some of my HP. Not only did the SP not fire a single shot during the entire time I whittled the Conq down from full health, he waited until I left the Conquereror on about 150 health to fire the killshot.
  16. I actually like the idea of having lights able to equip 6th sense. Only issue with this is the mechanic. I like the idea of keeping it as a crew skill, perhaps even one that could be purchased for silver. But then the issue becomes closing the loophole created when you can take a light tank crew, train 6th sense, then convert them to a different tank and poof free 6th sense as first skill for every commander in your garage (expensive but effective). If it's not a crew skill, then any commander that has 6th sense that is placed on a light effectively loses a crew skill, which doesn't seem quite right either. Obviously, there need to be tier restrictions as well, as you don't want every tier 1 running around with 6th either. Tier 4+ seems fair.
  17. All the tier 10 TD's have a bit too much HP., and every one of them requires a small to moderate nerf (263 being towards the smaller end of that scale obviously). IMO the nerfs to the other TD's will make it more competitive as it will be less outclassed.
  18. Too OP if that's their ability. But I agree scouts need a buff, and the buff is giving them the best view ranges in game, followed by mediums, then heavies, then TDs last (except for the glass cannons, which should have view range about on par with heavies IMO)
  19. It's not as bad as people say and can be easily corrected. The problem is primarily at tier 10. These are the changes I suggest for tier 8-10 vehicles, notice the bulk of the major ones focus on the tier 10 TDs: Tier 8 ISU-152... reduce camo when firing gun significantly, increase track repair time Type 59... fights in battle tier 10 again, gets improved terrain resistance T34... reduce dispersion and terrain resistance T28... buff lower plate armor significantly so it can be a proper roadblock, buff side armor (either spaced armor or increased thickness) T26E4 SP... buff AP penetration to 180 M26 Pershing... buff top gun AP penetration to 200 T-44... buff 100mm AP penetration to 190 Panther II... buff all 3 camo ratings FCM 50t...buff all 3 camo ratings slightly Tier 9 M46 Patton... buff turret armor (increase size of mantlet), increase camo when firing gun, small buff to accuracy, small reduction in dispersion when turning turret Jagdtiger... nerf track repair time Tier 9 Waffle... nerf track repair time and reload time Object 704... decrease camo when firing gun, increase track repair time, decrease HP slightly Tortoise... decrease ROF slightly, increase track repair time, decrease HP slightly IS-8... increase HP to 1850 M103... increase HP to 1875 VK4502B...increase ROF slightly, remove frontal MG weakspot from upper hull, increase HP to 2000 E-75...increase HP to 1950 Tier 10 Foch 155...nerf frontal armor (especially on the rangefinder "weakspot" and cupola) but let it keep its mobility. Nerf camo when firing gun. Nerf track traverse. Nerf HP. Jagdpanzer E-100... Nerf HP slightly. T110E3/E4... nerf track repair time, and (E3 only) camo when firing gun. Nerf HP (both) slightly. Waffle... nerf track repair time, intra drum reload rate, dispersion, camo when firing gun. Nerf HP. IS-7... buff terrain passability, buff acceleration slightly, slight buff to HP IS-4... buff rate of fire, slight buff to HP Maus.... buff rate of fire M48 Patton... buff rate of fire, buff all 3 camo ratings, buff terrain passability, buff turret armor T110E5... slight buff to camo, slight buff to HP T57 Heavy... increase reload time slightly Object 268... nerf camo when firing gun, track repair time. Nerf HP very slightly. Object 263... nerf track repair time, track traverse. Nerf HP slightly. FV 215b 183... nerf alpha, nerf dispersion, nerf track traverse and track repair time. Nerf HP. Batchat... reduce HP very slightly M60... buff camo and ROF
  20. I'd rate myself: Reaction Time :★★★★★★ 6 I react quickly to changes in the battlefield and have an idea of what's going on, but depending on the tank I'm playing often am not there. While I do try and keep my platoon mates alive, I do find ocassionally that I'm just a hair late to save them, or my reload finishes and I kill the threat after my platoon mate is dead. And yes, I feel bad when this happens and realize it was something I did. Independent Action/Initiative:★★★★★★★★ 8 I like to play offensively/aggressively as opposed to campy, so when a flank has been crushed and the onus is on us to push I enjoy either spearheading the charge in a heavy, or pushing up to light enemy tanks, or get behind enemy lines in a medium. My TD style depends on what I'm driving. And yes, like Carbon said, this does make me prone to derping, especially in nonheavy tanks. Close Quarter Awareness :★★★★ 4 I'm guilty of tunnel vision when focusing on a particular target leaving me open to flank attacks if I don't have teammates watching out for me when I'm in sniper mode. I struggled to prioritize targets when more than 3 enemy tanks present themselves at the same time in a close area (ie a coordinated pubby push). This is one of my biggest weaknesses in clan wars too. Map-Wide Awareness :★★★★★★★★ 7 I am a good minimap reader and generally know what's going on map wide in the battle, although I may ask a platoonmate who can see the health of enemy tanks for info on occasion. The trouble is usually getting there in time to save a flank about to fold. My initial deployments could be better in certain tanks, however. Artillery Avoidance :★★★★★★★ 7 Now that there aren't 5 clickers per side, I'm better at avoiding them. I'm aware of where they tend to set up and can generally protect myself or dodge shells. Map Deconstruction :★★★★★★ 6 I'd give myself an 8 except I don't know all the ins and outs of all the maps. I swear I wish WOT had a sandbox mode where you could just go into a map and drive around. There are specific spots I am absolutely dominant from on certain maps, and others I am completely unaware of, or fail to utilize to their full potential. Stress Management :★★★★ 4 I hate losing streaks. They usually are indicated by long runs of battles where the entire team except the platoon is yellow-red, and there is a good platoon on the enemy side. MM does seem to string these battles, and it's extremely frustrating. After a few battles in a row of dying while trying to carry hard, it WILL affect my gameplay and make me more impatient, either making me risk HP early, trade health to get damage/kills early (bad), or try to take key positions without proper support and die instead of accepting my team is retarded and using a secondary position to deal as much damage as I can. Still one of my biggest weakpoints as a player. Total=42
  21. For me, I loved the T-43. Thought I would hate it but wound up with unicum stats in it and my only Pool's medal. Good mobility (not great), trollish mantlet, excellent gun handling, incredible DPM, good traverse, and decent gun depression. The T20's gun handling isn't great, but the acceleration is great (I don't know how it is nowadays though as I last played it pre 8.0). It was great to quickly peek out from cover (behind camo), let the reticle settle, then quickly fire a shot and immediately reverse back to safety. Plus the mantlet can troll on occasion. I didn't like it when I first got it either but did well in it once I got the hang of it. Unfortunately since I prefer mobile mediums, the finer points of the Pershing and Patton have been much more difficult for me to master. Someday when I have a good string of time and money to blow, I intend to do a tutoring sesh with someone here on the finer points of the tier 8-10 tanks on that line (I've unlocked the 48 but it's not elite, I haven't played it yet, and I won't until I get the crew on their third skill and free XP the top gun).
  22. So that explains it. I was wondering what in the blue hell was going on when I saw a guy with IOC tags with blue stats in battle.
  23. I got 35k away and finally sold it and free XP'd to the T95. Couldn't take it anymore. Over 100 battles and a 44% WR. By far my worst in any tank with that many battles.
  24. OMG LONG POAST!!! STOARYTYME! So for the past 60 days, I can say unequivocally that my play has not improved. I've been struggling with this for a while...largely because of numerous factors, a few of which relate to meta. I hate playing "flavor of the month" tanks, and am generally a slow but steady grinder who will grind a line to completion once he puts himself to it. As such, I've never played a battle in a tier 10 TD (excluding test server of course), for example. I also refrain from seal clubbing, as I don't particularly enjoy it, and as a tank collector, I enjoy collecting the tanks and learning to play them (aka I have shit crews in all tonks except my 8+). I've been able to maintain my combat effectiveness in tiers 7 and below, although most of the tanks I've been playing in those tiers have been shit tonks (AMX M4, ARL V39), but I still grind them...the only exception being the T28 which I finally free XP'd past once I got within 35k of the T95. So, why is this in the "addons" thread? Well we all know the meta has changed to make "sniping" far more important than it needs to be, and thus what I call "twitch skills" - the ability to accurately track, aim, and hit a moving tank at range...which requires both precision and speed IMO - you must capitalize quickly when enemies are spotted, quickly aim on them, quickly zoom on them in sniper mode, and accurately click and lead the target (if necessary) to score a hit...sometimes aiming at weakspots is a luxury when sniping. I'd consider my gameplay stalemated since probably 8.7 or so. Anyway, when 8.10 hit, for the first time in quite a while, I played a few games without XVM, and dialed back my settings considerably. The game felt a lot smoother, and my accuracy improved tremendously. Sure enough, FPS consistently around 60 or so. Then, I installed a basic config of XVM that I've been using for quite some time: Minimap mod, reload timer, displays win rate and WN rating only. FPS consistently down to under 30, and to my horror I noticed, often hovering around 20. My ping is usually manageable, with the exception of lag spikes, almost always under 50 (usually around 30), so it would seem to be a hardware issue not a connectivity one. I've played the game on the same laptop since my first battle over 2 years and 10k battles ago, and have done so on a touchpad, using settings that aside from a few early patches where they caused my computer to run extremely hot, have been on the low side of things. My computer does not heat up excessively when playing WOT since the graphics "optimization" in one of the early 7.x patches that corrected this, which seems to indicate my hardware has room to spare in terms of rendering. So why is my FPS so low, and more importantly, what can I do about it? I hate running without XVM and the minimap mod.
  25. "Glass cannon" TDs: Moderate view range, no armor. If they have a gun that relies on DPM, good camo. If they have a gun that relies on alpha (ISU, Obj. 704), some camo but as soon as they fire they light up like a Christmas tree. From Tier 8+ reduce their HP...especially the ISU, FV, and Foch. Heavily armored behemoth TDs: Significantly reduce view range, and somewhat reduce camo. Nerf track repair rates and track traverse rates. These things should not be able to repair tracks before a medium can reload twice. A medium should be able to permatrack them and alternate track shots with damaging ones, rather than requiring the medium to 100% hit the drive sprocket for track and damage every time. From Tier 8+ reduce their HP a decent amount (somewhere less than a tier 10 medium), except for the JPE100 which could use a small nerf to HP, but not as much as some of the others. Nerf Foch and Foch 155 frontal armor. Enlarge the rangefinder weakspot. Extremely high alpha TDs. Modify the way accuracy works. Accuracy 1 is the same as the "accuracy" value displayed in game. Accuracy 2 is sigma two or sigma three. AKA give the super high alpha high tier TDs for their tier that are supposed to be inaccurate (FV, 704, ISU) the old accuracy. Buff HP for the IS-4, IS-7, and only slightly for the T110E5. Buff ROF for the Maus, M48 Patton, and M60. Buff terrain passability slightly for the M48 Patton, IS-7, and the E-50M. Buff camo slightly for the M46 Patton, M48 Patton, M60, Lorraine 40t, E-50M, and E-50. Camo skill has 2x effect for mediums and TDs, 2x effect for light tanks, 1.8x effect for TDs and heavies. Light tanks get a significant buff to their camo when firing their guns, and significant buffs to view range. Rework camo loss on firing gun. Higher alpha guns (>150mm) "reveal" bushes within a larger radius of 20-25 meters. Bushes continue to "go solid" in sniper view at 15, making it harder for a player to hide these guns when using them as they have to either fire and risk being detected, or back further up to conceal their shot, which can cost them the angle necessary to take it without being seen in some cases. In practice, this will just make high alpha guns far easier to detect on the battlefield. Balance Tank Destroyer quantity between the teams just like artillery (IE one team doesn't get 5 and the other 1). Rework radios to cut down on camping. The draw range of enemy tanks could limited to the TANK'S radio range (thus radio range would be adjusted to reflect the tanks actual range) except in cases where the tank was spotting the enemy itself, and then it would be limited to view range. Thus a friendly tank spotting an enemy outside of your draw range would appear in minimap, but would not be drawn, although it would receive an over target marker (like some of the earlier versions of WOT). It would also provide a purpose to signal boosting, relaying, etc. and make these skills useful. Therefore tanks designed to snipe which are largely obsolete (IE Panther I, E-50M) would have relevanance and be balance as they are intended to snipe. Blind tanks like the KV-1S or KV-1/2 would be horrible at sniping. This would also mean low tiers would get significant buffs to radio range, but not quite on the par with high tier tanks. IMO the usefulness of radios in game is a severely underutilized game mechanic. Those simple changes would do a lot to balance the TDs and gameplay overall, as well as cut down on the amount of camping we've been seeing for the past month.
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