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  1. Stock engine makes me wanna fire the gun outta its beautiful Soviet arse. It's frustrating. Without mobility the tank just can't avoid getting hit....
  2. Damn, what a nice tank in terms of gameplay. The reloading mechanism keeps me on my feet. What’s my next plan? How many potential shots will I have in the next 15 seconds? Shall I spend HP now and become a single-shot med to save my meatshields, or wait for a full burst? It takes sometime getting used to, but the added layer of complexity that is auto-reloading gives you incredible tactical versatility and stake (in the form of shite dpm). Hesitation is defeat. You have a plethora of options in any engagements, but only one of them is the best. No other than making that one true kin
  3. Just wanna document my proudest ever setup on a butt shot: (1) It all happened on Erlenburg South spawn, about 1 min into battle. I was in the city looking for shots when I noticed that because our heavies were making hardcore pressure, Cent AX wanted to escape. He could either run towards me, or retreat along the riverbanks. (2) For reasons that would make sense in a moment, I wanted to "convince" him to come across the bridge. So I put an HE round to his turret for 300 something dmg. (3) My boy Cent AX was not amused. I successfully attracted his attention, and he d
  4. Either I'm really unlucky, or the engine catches fire like a stable full of dry manure under Arizona sun. 4 games, 3 engine fire, GGs ================================== Arty shot: frontal engine fire 122 pen: frontal engine fire HE at tracks: frontal engine fire ????? what is this
  5. I think what @Rexxie means is that: the contriburion of "early carry" is not well-reflected by WN8. Why is that? My personal theory is that "early carries" rally your baddie teammates. Following your lead, they are unwillingly put into situations that purples are so deliberately trying to create. As a result, when your 14 teammates maximize their damage dealing potential, they kill the enemy faster than you alone can farm. Yes, your team wins more often. Is that what you really want? Whereas in late game Rambo moments, every drip of damage usually comes from the unicum himself. Help
  6. You are absolutely right. If you allow the enemy to aim, the tank is naked against tier X gold rounds in close range fights. Turret mantlet is only 300 vs. HEAT. UFP under maximum depression (-7) is also around 300 vs. HEAT. Sidescrape doesn't work consistently on 5A, nor should it be your best method of protection. The tank is not built for real man shit like Malinovka spawn suiscouts. You have just enough turret armor and agility to dissuade enemies from shooting you. IMHO the armor is just a part of 5A versatile package. It gives a possibility to switch gears between MT and HT wh
  7. I'm not the best WZ player and am too lazy to do a voice recording, but here are some things, good or bad, that I've seen in the replay. In chronological order: 1st and 2nd shot, on E4: good opening play, I encourage you to do that more often. Note: this position is bad when the 0 line mill is lost. If you don't have 0 line control, you should then retreat to... 3rd shot, on WZ5A (missed): where you've died. I believe with all these hull-down cover and bushes you already know the reason. That shot on WZ's turret is bad though -- a low-percentage shot that telegraphs your position and
  8. Abbey - 12 Airfield - 12 Cliff - 15 El Halluf - 16 Empire's Border - 6 -3 = 3 Corridor in all of its braindead glory, where the optimal strategy is to tap 22. Outside of corridors, the map is (mostly)decorative -- unclimbable hills and a bowl of the forsaken. Flexing & switching lanes is counter-productive when there are 7-8 enemy tanks at one corner. Flanking only happens when you capture enemy base, or win the middle hill brawl with brute force. This is a hallmark of lazy corridor map design. The cerebral part of the game is rendered nonexistent when all you need
  9. A brief list of changes to be expected in 2019: Premium Ammo Rebalance -- gold ammo will be nerfed to deal less damage (by 25%-30%). Rebalance will be made on a case-by-case basis. Matchmaking -- "Put simply, we would like players to be top of the list more often". More flexible templates: for +/- 1 battles there will be 6-9 and 7-8, for +/-2 battles there will be 4-5-6 and 5-5-5. Tank Rebalance -- E-100, IS4, STB-1, Leo 1, and Kranvagn are specifically mentioned. Return of Frontline -- Begins Q1 of 2019. Will be available every month for a week. New Tanks -- Swedish M
  10. Thoughts? Here are some of my personal observations: (1) I noticed (after 4 bounces) that they removed the cykaPershing's hatch on the left-hand side (the "tubes"). Lower-tiers can go shit themselves now? (2) "Buffed" IS-6 and KV5 gets improved 186 pen to fight E75, VK100P and defenders! Nice memes WG (3) JT.88 gets extra 200 HP and even more DPM (I think max 3.6sec reload). New IS6 aka low-tier destroyer? (4) FCM gets p-to-w ratio of 23 and -1 sec reload. Very much needed change and it's legit fast now, but as a support tank it's not on the level of Progetto/Skorpion/L
  11. This sounds quite bad! Internet explorers are mostly CPU-intensive. GPU does a tiny bit of work (even with Hardware Acceleration) so you should expect around idle temp. From my experience 70 during idle translates to 90+ during gaming which leads to serious heat throttle. Potential hardware damage (HDD, WiFi card, etc) at this point. Try using gpu z to log the GPU temperature. I would look into your fans. Maybe the bearing needs lubricant (sewing machine oil usually does the trick). Maybe the fan is not getting enough power. Sometimes your BIOS mess with the fan speed curve so it doe
  12. Some translations of Chinese memes. These are doggerel verses so below is only accurate in meaning, not in rhythm: 一代版本一代神,代代都有查狄伦 -- "OP Batchat stands tall against powercreep". This refers to the pre-nerf Batchat with 6 rounds magazine, of course 近看炮塔吓死人,远看五队负重轮 -- "Tank has a scary turret but only 5 loading wheels". This one refers to the type 59 and needs a bit of historical context to understand -- During Cold War era, 59 was mass produced to counter the possible Soviet threat. Due to backward technology and industry, the T-54A ripoff was the only choice for the PLA armored
  13. I wouldn't say so? On paper, the dpm is almost identical with rammer (IS4: 2606.83 705A: 2553.14) but 705A has the bigger alpha of 650. The 705A has superior hull dispersion numbers which allows it to wiggle better, but I don't know if the terrible accuracy (0.42 vs 0.36) will be the dealbreaker in firepower department. Armorwise, both tanks have weakspots that can be overmatched by APCR in sidescrape mode (IS4: 30mm engine deck at the back, 30mm strip above the gun. 705A: frontal engine deck at 40mm). IS4 loses here because NATO 120 railguns and meds can punch through 30mm but not 40mm.
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