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  1. Some tips probably stated above: Use and abuse the gun, Russian heavies from the KV-1S to the T-10 (old IS-8) rely upon their gun and mobility to out trade opponents, and preferably outplay by flanking, baiting a shot, etc. The armor is good, for a medium. These heavies are pseudo heavies also named heaviums due to having the best of both worlds. They retain some mobility from mediums while gaining a punchier gun and better armor. However this armor should not be relied on too heavily unless you have placed yourself in an advantageous position as it can pull some bounces off but i
  2. Might have something to be with chrome auto blocking low downloaded/new files? If you want it internet explorer doesn't block it.
  3. I guess the question now is how do I win more in heavies? Specifically baiting shots as people seem to have caught on a bit to autobounce and will refuse to shoot my heavily angled side. If you poke out normally you will likely be punished and if you do nothing but hold the corner, you are now at the fate of the other players to win flanks.
  4. Across practically my entire wot play time I have had a 30% survival rate. I primarily play heavies and I generally try to get to a brawl spot, angle my armor and let some of the other players take the hits to rotate the hp pool. I am wondering how to increase survival rate in those tanks due to proximity to enemy shells.
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