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  1. Who are you, and why are you upvoting my posts?

  2. Well, in exchange for being sportsmanlike and more gentlemanly in-game and trying to change others' perspectives on this overly used phrase, I get lots of negative replies. Alright, well played. I get your point, guys. You want to vent out and you want to tell your teammates that they suck harder than a hungry boy drinking his favorite juice. But my point is is that almost everyone deserves respect. Take note "almost everyone" - yes, fuck "10k battles + 500 WN8". But some others still can improve, just like me. All we can do is to motivate these scrubs a little more. If they want to stay as inadequate incompetent retards, leave them be. But my point is that I want everyone to respect those who still have a chance to improve! I've said enough. I'll just keep repeating points from now on.
  3. Alright, forgive me for putting life lessons onto this WoT post, but it's the small selfish acts that make us worse people. Let's take bad people as an example. It all started as a small, tiny little cheat on the grade school quiz. Sooner or later it evolved to copying high school final examinations. Then it'll evolve to something worse - something that'll keep others' jimmies rustle. Corrupt politicians, gangsters, they all evolve from these small bad habits. I'm just trying to get the community to be a little less harsh to those who don't play as well as us/you guys. I'm not trying to get the community to be 100% great, just a bit better. I'm trying my best to do my part. I'm not cleaning up all the trash in the earth; I'm just not littering and I'm putting the trash in the right place.
  4. But that is one of the sole reasons why the world a worse place to be in. Sure, it's human attitude. But as humans we can correct ourselves and others on the way.
  5. It's the kind acts that count as things that make you happy; that make others happy and that make the world a better place. I've edited the post a bit to shed light on some noobs that still can be un-noobed, but I've changed the post's message to shed no light at all upon those who can't improve (10k games 600 WN, etc.) or choose not to improve ("don't tell me how to play", etc.).
  6. Good point. I should edit the post in a way that should only shed light on players who are only on tiers 1-7. True, true. Both of you have given me a reminder that tier 10 noobs deserve disrespect. Let me edit the post.
  7. The only problem with us is that we all think that the overused statement just makes you say that single one of our teammates, all 14 of our allies, are fucking retarded mouthbreathing windowlicking subhumans. We filter them out with the respect that we can use. We can see by their responses to see if they learn. If they say "shut the fuck up purple unicorn let me play how I want to play", then treat them how they deserve to be treated. If they appreciate your effort on giving them advice and respect, then keep doing that. Also, some retards, as I've said earlier, have a chance to do better. Some are close minded retards, but some aren't. We have to be more open, and by that, it'll be easier to tell which one deserves the oxygen we breathe. I was a retard in-game, but I improved, thanks to knowing that 47% WR is a bad WR. And stat websites told me the sorcery of WN, which is currently making me improve on not just winning as well. Thanks for the honest opinion.
  8. True. But still, I just want to shed some light on some of the retards that still have hopes of redemption.
  9. Or you could say "Hey, STOP! Come on, you're pushing me forwards into the enemy team!" Honestly, some people do indeed only react to the worst circumstances. Indeed, the student only listens to the teacher once he realizes his job lists are only for McDonalds. Relating the analogy to your statement, yeah, insults+advice do pair well together for close minded retards. I'm actually happy you put some effort to at least get the performance factors up rather than the moral factors - you're still doing well on getting the community better. Kudos for that. But some people already are careful once they see that they have done something wrong. In almost most of the cases, that is what happens. Let's use insults+advice as a last resort.
  10. Then just say "You guys didn't play well. Try harder next time." There's a chance they will wonder why, and there's a chance they'll ask you for advice. The world's language doesn't revolve around insults. There's always a better way to say things, and there's always a kinder option rather than the insulting option that so much of us choose to say. Thanks for the good question, though. I'll add it on to the original post.
  11. Lad, I pressed some button that I didn't mean to press. I hope you're joking on this. You speak the truth. If he plays poorly just because he's not as good as one of you, that doesn't mean he's an actual noob in real life. I can't stand the disrespect in this world. If you're better than him on one aspect, then he may be good somewhere you're worse on. Just help him on where he needs help and he'll help you on where you need help. It's how the darn world works. Gosh darn, it's such a simple concept not everyone knows.
  12. I will say my most honest opinion on this phrase: "Noob team". Let's define this. This two word phrase is used when the user simply thinks his matched online strangers are incompetent, and for others, this phrase is used when the user does well on an online game, but his team doesn't. To note, I'm not a unicum or so. I'm not even on the standards of "above average/good", but rather on the joe average side of WoT players. I do play well, but I do make some careless mistakes here and then. But let's see some of the examples that we see very often. Bob is a great player. Today, he went on a Jackson on a tier 6 match on a city map. He did his best for his team, supporting the flanks, doing ~1k damage, but only seeing his team disintegrate very quickly. Since he's on a Jackson, he doesn't have the potential to carry his team with his bad traverse speed and his bad armor. And so, on the last few minutes of the game, he says "fuck noob team you all suck". Let's look at the perspective of other players, but on the same match Bob is at. Dan is an average player. He's on his tier 5 artillery, the M41 (155mm HMC). He's only played around a thousand matches. But since he was on a city map, he couldn't fire at places he wanted to, but even when he got the chance, he missed noting the horrible accuracy of his tank. He was only able to get ~200 damage done, and saw some random teammate saying "fuck noob team you all suck". Ryan is a bad player. He's on his tier 4 light tank, the M5 Stuart. He's only played ~500 matches. He tries his best to scout and to flank, using his good enough knowledge of the game, but he gets killed in the process. He, on the end of the game, sees the random teammate's message as well. Kevin is a good player. He's on his tier 6 heavy tank, the KV-2. He's playing this game for absolute fun. He always thinks that his shots will "be guided by the hand of Stalin himself", laughing every time he clicks his left mouse button. By doing this, he doesn't perform very well. But let's say Bob witnesses all of these happening. Supporting the team, he saw his artillery hitting buildings, his light tank suicide scouting and flanking, and his heavy tank missing his shots. When he says his overused statement, he insults, if not most, but all 14 members on his team. It's just wrong! But then, the question is: What should Bob do? Blame his team for his incompetence, demotivating them every time he says they are shitty players, and leaving a mark of bad motivation AND bad gameplay, effectively making them having a bigger chance to do worse on the next match, or Teach them what is right, trying to tell them the difference between mud and chocolate milk, giving some small but quality advice, and making them better players with the tiny baby steps that they need? See? We can make the community better and better, little by little! It's such a simple thing WE ALL can do. But before we make rushed conclusions/responses/comments, let's go back to Bob, and what he can do to do his part in helping the community. Bob can tell Dan (M41) better artillery positions, and to aim his shots well, and to try his best to aim them at the tallest spot of the tanks - their turrets or their superstructures. He should also tell him that the best targets to aim at aren't the ones that give the most damage rolls; light tanks shouldn't be aimed at, even if they guarantee oneshots or severe damage. Bob can tell Dan to aim at slow, sluggish, and big heavy tanks. Bob can tell Ryan (M5 Stuart) on how to scout effectively: passive scouting - good bushes to get quality spots off, active scouting - evasive maneuvers, good points/ridge lines to peekaboo/crest, and the tanks that are good to outmaneuver and the tanks that that shouldn't be attempted to try doing to. Bob can simply tell Kevin (KV-2) to aim his shots, sidescrape, and to fall back behind a good amount of teammates to derp effectively. But yes, Bob will have problems. They may not listen to his PM's, or they may just never be able to check them out by some odd chance. But there's a chance at least one of them will. One day, they will realize what they're doing is wrong, but we have the right to tell them before that "one day" comes. If you just want to vent your anger to prevent yourself from blowing up, then don't say noob team! Then just say "You guys didn't play well. Try harder next time." With the above, there's a chance they will wonder why they didn't play well, and there's a chance they'll ask you for advice. The world's language doesn't revolve around insults. There's always a better way to say things, and there's always a kinder option rather than the insulting option that so much of us choose to say. Besides, it's not always your team to blame. It can also be the enemy's good play, some of your misplays, etc. If you can change your perspective to this, you can learn more and you can, at the same time, be less insulting to your team. Wait, but yes, you can go rightfully insult. It is possible, and it is justice. If the noob is a tier 10 with thousands upon thousands of battles, then yes, go ahead. Retards like that stay like retards and should be treated as retards. If Bob still thinks this world has no hope for him - helping at least one player is too complicated, or that he's too lazy, the least he could do is shut his mouth. As my mother always told me: "If there's nothing good to say, don't say it. Keep quiet." It's simple. If you can't do what a good Bob can do, then at least do what a Bob with a mouth shut can do. Note: I'm just posting this for the community to be less harsh. People at tier 1~7 or don't have thousands of battles yet still deserve hope, and they should be respected. But if they don't like your respect or don't really improve over thousands of battles, then go ahead make your freedom of speech go blazing away. All I want to say is that some people deserve the respect you guys are capable of doing. Not everyone is a complete retard. Thank you for reading, and I hope you guys will learn from it. Go put all of your opinions on the reply/comment section below. Just please be civilized down there.
  13. Thanks for all of the advice, everyone. It was nice being with you all. I shall use most of these advice to my advantage, and as well as getting a better image from my parents. I'll go unfollow this post since I've got all of the answers I've needed. Go blabber on gracefully if you've got more stuff to discuss!
  14. I do think of it as a good "hey I found this on Google" for other newbies like me. But still, I was thinking maybe I could save some other people's time by saying, in a kind way, "shut up, someone has already done your part, thanks, have a nice day". But, I do see the good side of it now. You guys shall keep discussing it until there's nothing left to discuss, leaving more than enough information to supply for the next reader. It's a good plan. Thanks once again for the answers, everyone!
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