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  1. Now I can't wfh as I keep fapping to my new statsĀ :cri:

  2. Hey mate, not @kolni but he's been kind enough to give me a lot of advice in the past, and also reviewed my replays, and I see a little of myself in you, so I wanted to add some other takeways after watching the video: Always use large meds/first aids/food at tier 10. Always. If you burn, use the firefighting directive. If you don't (especially food, but all 3 really), you gimp yourself unnecessarily. I mean, you got ammo racked so many times and a couple were tracks at the same time - large rep kit helps with that. You also lost to crew to one arty shell - again, large first aid kit helps. You've been shit on so many times in the past for being over aggressive that it has made you hyper cautious - I know the feeling exactly. What Kolni told me in the past is really good advice - always think "where is the damage?". It's essential. You're going to a flank to fight hull down heavies - why? There's no damage there. You're staying behind a rock waiting to either get artied or heavy tanked? Why? There's no damage there. An easy trick if you can't see the enemy team positioning is to just follow your lemming train, whichever is the biggest one. You can play around your heavies for at least some reliable damage if you don't know the good farming spots. Which leads me on to the next point - i can see you're clearly out of the meta. On all 3 of Karelia (the rock Kolni mentioned - only real weakness is arty and blind firing, and hard to fall back from if you wait too long), Tundra (The bush Kolni mentioned - try and watch a replay as this is worth 2 shots reliably at the start of each game) and Serene Coast (There is a bush between the small houses where you can cross the spot and get damage/spotting - just today i got 2.5k combined in the first minute in my Borrousque) there are amazing early game spots for meds. If you're struggling for 3k dmg in tier 10, these are all super easy spots to autopilot too and get some free dmg. This will take time if you're out of the meta - you might not care enough to take it this far, but i'd watch CarryBarry or Nial from FAME, or other good streamers (even Daki will show you) for these spots - it is easy enough to copy once you know them. Actually thinking is hard. That's not an insult - i'm the same. I'll often be on Chrome whilst the game counts down. The upshot i 99.99% of players don't analyse line ups like Kolni did in the video. Trying to 2nd guess the enemy and - more importantly - paying attention to your own team's early positioning, can make or break early damage and frustrating steam rolls. The Tundra game was a case in point - you guaranteed yourself a shit game in the first 5 seconds. Most people play tired, or not wanting to pay that much attention, but the only way to really, really improve on that shit is to treat it almost like a job. Paying a little attention early is a really useful tip that i take into account when tryharding. That is the hardest balance I find at tier 10. And it still is. It is so easy to die quick, get farmed etc. It is such a weird mental block for me - i can smash tier 8 and 9 (Even in tier 10 games) all day long, but playing a tier 10 (Especially in an all tier 10 game) I either do jack shit or die too easily. Relatively - i'll still pull 3k+, but that's pretty shit in a tier 10 considering I now pull 3.5k+ in tier 9 meds. If you've recovered from your not corona i might try and send some tier 10 replays for review, if you're up for it? Also, thanks again for this - you're basically keeping this forum semi-alive with this type of insight/commentary.
  3. My first (legit - capping in an old school T49 on the Port map in 2013 hardly counts) Kolobanov's medal:


  4. Because I'm playing Ranked I'm getting PTSD flashbacks to recently playing tier 10s in randoms. So much camping. Mistakes punished so hard. So much cancer focus if you push forward. Yeah, yeah, I know Ranked is even more ebola than randoms due to the incentive structure, and I know I sound like a tin foil hat wanker but the meta at tier 10 does feel so fucking different to everything else.
  5. A FL game can take 20/25 min max and I make 600,000 credits (all prems, + General rank) with clan and individual credit boosts. To make that in randoms you probably need 3 really, really good games, not firing prem, and even then if the games are that good they're probably 30 mins total (factoring in loading in and out and queue times), and again that's not assuming dud games (which FL mitigates against with respawning/game length). It is definitely better making credits in FL than anything else except maybe tier 8 SH with credit boost (but fuck that). I played 54 FL games last week and made just shy of 20 million credits, plus 43k free XP and a chunk of bonds. EDIT: For reference, this is the kind of game you need to get 200,000 gross credits with clan boost in randoms. 1,800 base XP, and as others have said that is firing a decent amount of gold. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5200518#stats
  6. I think quoting @kolni himself from past threads, this is also common when the focus is just to get the maximum damage you can - you go to the area with most damage. This is often with the heavies when you are playing a med, or rolling with the meds as heaviums. Speaking for myself, I nearly always go to heavy areas at some point in the game in paper autoloaders, as they are easy to track/farm if they poke wrong or when my team pushes in.
  7. That made me check out Russian streamers and Stanlock_MERCY is just filthy. 5k DPG on average across all his tanks in his recents, which includes tier 8s and 9s.
  8. I mean, obviously Progetto shits over any tank, but this is very fun to play. I've been alternating between both to farm General, but I'll use the mode to actually grind crews later in the week. Only downside is you still need to gold spam in this, whereas Lorraine/Progetto you don't.
  9. It absolutely dominates Frontlines. Filthy.
  10. I'd 2nd this. Barry has kind of stopped as he is waiting for FL credits, but he plans to 3 mark Chieft after next week, which will be a good watch. Both Barry and Niall actually explain what they are doing, unlike someone like Decha, and as Kolni says they both play fairly uniquely (Niall goes for a lot of snipes early, but can still play aggro, Barry relies on being reactive a lot, but makes it work really well). Neither of them are super aggressive, so they're good to learn from in this meta where too much aggression = death. Decha is good when he streams, but 1. He is silent, so no tips; 2. He tilts a lot/doesn't give a shit about the game, so isn't 'try-harding'; and 3. He tries really aggressive shit, because he is insanely skilled and can make it work half the time, but it's bad to learn from as mere mortals have 0 chance replicating his gameplay.He's the ultimate 10k dmg look easy kind of player.
  11. Thanks for writing that @kolni - I (and I'm sure the rest of the community) appreciate the detail you went into. My takeaways are: The meta isn't actually different, but acts of aggression/mistakes are more likely to be punished than tiers 8/9. In that way, I guess it is more like low tiers where you can die in 3 seconds if you get rushed/peak wrong? Partly explaining the point above, you get punished harder because of the severe tank imbalance/likelihood the enemy team has a number of "meta" tanks which fuck you up without you being able to damage them back (430U, Chieft, Ebola etc.). I guess into this category also falls all the tier 10 TDs - they will rape you super quick with one wrong peak. Also partly explaining 1. above, most players at tier 10 are mechanically sound players. So much less likely to completely school someone/get cheeky damage. This is exacerbated by the tough survivability of the "meta" tanks (even a cheeky peak on Ebola won't guarantee a pen with gold). This goes even further as players play positions well (hull down, corner peaking, TD shitlord spots), so taking advantage of misplays is much harder. The MM. Because you are much more likely to get all tier 10 than anything else, there is no "easy farm", which makes the gameplay seem much harder/less fun to get high DPG. This can probably lead to taking more risks looking for damage, resulting in a shit play feedback loop/tilt? Arty/TDs. I do think a lot of normal gameplay goes off the table when you have half the team in arty/TDs, which makes finding a rhythm much harder. I think most people would agree that 3 marking some tier 10 tanks (Chief, Ebola) is a lot more RNG than anything tier 9 and below, because you need the MM to be kind otherwise there is just no way you can reach the dmg you need due to the HP pool imbalance + requirement to play passive. I guess in terms of further questions (and there might not even be an answer), I still don't know what can be done to counter hard camps/everyone in the "right place", beyond be passive. E.G. Mines or Airfield, every position locked down - what do you do in a Leo 1 or Prog 65 - just wait and hope for the best? Is the only way to get the DPG you want to ride out those games as much as possible and get dmg in other, easier games? I find that the campiness in all tier 10 gets ratcheted up to 11 - I do feel like the meta is different, although it may be me misreading points 2, 3 and 4 above. There are a lot of games when I am too passive and find that I get shit dmg at the end - this may be the tier 10 shitfest, or it could be more of the other topics people flagged (recognising a roflstomp, when to save HP/spend HP).
  12. Defender best sniper with APCR
  13. I got through the Mauschen by only playing when it was x3 or better for the first victory, and using the premium boost on that. It meant that I only had to play 59 games in it. Probably doesn't really answer your question. I did get some good games in it and Ace'd it, but it was very situational. Still not bought the Maus despite researching it - it holds no real appeal tbh.
  14. Is the Polish line worth it? I have the 50TP Prot for 12 days with Prime, and 12 female crew members, so if I was going to do it this is probably the time.

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    2. Balthazars


      I just recently finished grinding out the 10. I started at tier 6, which is awful. Tier 7 is okay. Tier 8 is excellent, and tier-for-tier the best in the line. Excellent gun and DPM, usable armour, decent mobility. I use it in Frontlines too and it does well there. Tier 9 has a bit of a strange armour layout but a great gun and is also fun. I've only played 15 games in the tier 10 but I do also find it fun. Worth it if you like heavy tanks that aren't complete no-mobility.

    3. Snoregasm2


      Free XP'd/blueprinted to the tier 8 top gun, turret and tracks (no radio or engine yet).

      Fair to say I really like the tank - Ace'd it first game:


      I know what you all mean about the gun - SUPER comfortable. Fired a lot of prem as I was fighting tier 9 heavies, and that seems to be the weakness overall - the pen:


      Mobility was decent and I bounced 2k as well, although that was abusing hull down on Empire's Border. Looking forward to grinding it out fully, possibly in frontlines this weekend.

    4. Balthazars


      @Snoregasm2 Personally I find it does very well in frontlines. I'm grinding a fresh crew in that mode with this tank (I have a good commander, but the crew are all not even 1 skill yet) and it is still very competitive due to having a nice mix of decent mobility, some useable armour in the tier and a great gun. You won't even notice the pen issues much in the mode as there's very little you can't pen from the front with standard rounds with some aiming.

  15. Eh, I know what you mean, but I think people are overrating the Bourrasque's gun a little, as it still is terrible 200m+. I agree that the Bourrasque is the better platform, but let me ask everyone in the thread this - would you rather have the Lorraine gun on the Bourrasque platform, with the 4 clip, accuracy, better gun dep and pen, or the current gun? For me, it would be the Lorraine gun. It's just more flexible and useful in a greater number of situations.
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