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  1. What's the current 907 meta? Never use Improved Aiming before but i just got a bounty version of it - i've heard it makes the 907 a much better sniper?

    Would it be Vents, Aiming and Rammer?

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    2. sr360


      Caveat: I'm not great at hte 907, just looking at numbers. Assuming your tank is fully kitted out with good crew skills, it depends on the ranges you engage in. A quick look at the numbers shows with purple vents, food, improved sight, and additional observational devices, you're sitting at 0.31 acc and 0.12/0.12/0.09 bloom. BIAU drops the accuracy to 0.28, whereas iVS drops the bloom to 0.08/0.09/0.06. 0.31 is marginal long range accuracy, 0.28 is much better. OTOH if you're brawling off quick snaps, the iVS is solid.

    3. Snoregasm2


      Yeah I currently use bond vents, rammer and v stab. Great crew skills, including all vision and camo you can get.

      I guess it's whether to ditch the vents or the vstab. I'm leaning to ditching vstab, but it might make brawling trickier. @kolni, what are your thoughts on this? What setup do you run on 907?

    4. kolni


      improved stab/ram/vents and bounty optics/iau/rammer are my setups, should be fairly easy to figure out what setup goes where

      did try hp but not useful on enough maps imo, same with turbo

      did try the iau but i felt better with stab in quick peeks and stuff which is where a lot of my damage comes from

  2. This is amazing, thank you for the detailed response. I'd never considered stacking mods 4 and 8 like that. I'm going to trial it today to see how bad the first shot penalty is vs the bloom benefits and accuracy increase.
  3. Thanks both, there's some useful insights there. I have around 210k free XP and deciding what to do with it. I've unlocked the Tortoise, Progetto C50 mod. 66 and AMX M4 mle. 51, and i'm trying to decide which of those to play / drop free XP on to unlock modules (acknowledging for each that the tier 9 is better tier for tier than the tier 10). I've done most other lines, and grinding marks feels like a chore after playing Ranked recently.
  4. I've not seen much beyond the announcement and a quick look in Tanks.gg. The tier 10 looks like it will be very powerful hulldown, but has a bigger turret and worse gun depression than the Kran, and is slower. It's hull armour looks trollish from the front, but it can't sidescrape. Gun handling seems decent? The track mechanic is a nice gimmick I guess, but most of the time decent players do anything they can to avoid getting tracked in a situation where they can get free farmed, so it's not like people will change their playstyles when using this tank.
  5. I feel seen and attacked haha. Seriously, on the Kran it's better to increase accuracy for worse aim time?
  6. Firstly, thank you for the amazing content. Secondly, I've been catching up with field mods myself and in many cases so far i've gone for the mode that reduces bloom but decreases accuracy by 0.01. Based on the comments, I'm guessing that's wrong? Should I get the other mod, or leave it entirely? Take the Vz. 55 as an example of where i've been doing this.
  7. This forum is so dead i've taken to trying r/WorldofTanks.

    A guy there refuses to back down from his claim that the 122 TM is better than the Progetto 46.

    I can't even. I'm losing braincells just trying to think about it.

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    2. kolni


      Depends on the sub tbh, r/league is  so bad that unless it’s fanart or montages you’re pretty much going to get your topic deleted with reasons that don’t apply to the post they’re deleting at all simply because the mods are apes 

      r/punchablefaces was really funny until some mods also effectively killed that sub

      but the ones that mostly rely on relaying information (and aren’t subject to much criticism) work great imo, but gaming subs suck universally and you can’t have a voting system deciding what gets visible in political system as it can’t do anything but circlejerk itself even if it wanted to as the consensus will just keep being the most agreeable and shut everything else out in the process



    3. FlorbFnarb


      From what I remember of a few Skyrim and Skyrim modding subs, those seemed to go alright, although it's been literally years since I was spending much time in Skyrim.


      r/EliteDangerous was godawful.  So many people permabanned from that place because of crying Carebears, they started r/Elite_Dangerous so people would have a sub that was tolerable.

    4. MagicalFlyingFox


      Unironically prefer 4chan for warthunder.


      The takes are actually not brain dead retarded and sometimes retards just get bombarded with  "Skill Issue" replies.

  8. I can only advise with the latest changes to HE that this has become an almost mandatory skip. I know that's not ideal, but the excess orders are there for that reason, and if you have any left over i would genuinely recommend you save yourself the headache of trying to complete that mission. Failing that, engine fires are your friend. High ROF, fast tank to get to the side / rear of a tank, Deadeye perk if you can get it and just hunt those engine shots.
  9. If your preferred tanks are Bloc tanks, 100% go down that route. I did it by completing the Bloc missions as well - it was fun to play and so many of those missions were very easy in my favoured tanks. I basically did it playing a combination of HWK 12, tier 8 VK and Wt. Auf. Pz IV, with the best gun in the game. I tried to complete Bloc with honours, so I could skip 3 lines, but in the end I gave up, as getting 3 Ace Tankers is just too RNG. I would have completed it about 2 weeks quicker if I hadn't have kept trying that. So my advice would be to pick 2 lines (Bloc and, by the so
  10. I guess i've not played it enough / know enough about the maps to consider that angle, which is fair. Do you know any streamers who play it, so I can learn some of the meta without playing it myself?
  11. It's a good idea to make them available to the general populace to obtain feedback, but making them count towards random stats and MoE is IMO a mistake (and not very clear when you boot it up), and I know a lot of players who could provide good feedback (i.e. better players) avoid it for this reason. The whole point is the maps might be unbalanced, so why take a chance to ruin your grind if they are? If they were basically FL or a mode that just doesn't count towards random stats, i'd be inclined to play it.
  12. Ah fair enough mate, I did mis-read you! Yeah, agreed 100% it will be nerfed, it currently has no real downside beyond a shitty turret.
  13. Did @GehakteMolen really suggest running the tier 10 with single shot, or did I mis-read that? I don't know how anyone can run the single shot, given the 1k dmg in 2 seconds is the number 1 selling point of the tank, and I would argue the best thing about any tech tree tier 10 in the game right now. @sr360, you were completely right, this tank meshes with me really well. I wasn't sure after the first 4 or 5 games, but after a 5k DPG session yesterday and 4.5k for the week, I'm officially in love with this tank. I've never consistently broken the 4k DPG barrier with any tank (and have been
  14. 12 games, 0 wins. And that's with 4.9k average dmg in the Vz. 55.

    Why did I start playing again?


  15. Yeah I'm generally high on autoloaders - all my first higher tier 3 marks were in them (tvp, Proh 65 etc.). I played 5 games last night. I'm stil pretty rusty as i've only played FL in the last 3 months or so, but it's definitely got potential. I managed to sidescrape reasonably well, and it's definitely fast for how good it's armour is. Probably small sample size, but arty definitely focused me, maybe because they're already aware it's dangerous + the armour relies on angles, not thickness? When you blam 2 shots it feels nice. My 5th game was a defeat on Ghost Town, but managed to g
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