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  1. Fair enough. The M48 can be fun, but I find I get frustrated with it's speed and armour that trolls you more than the enemy. The gun is nice and comfortable, but again other tanks have nicer guns. The speed is the real killer though, especially as you don't have pocket heavy armour to compensate. The camo being trash hurts late game too, if you're down to a few left on each team. To each their own, but Super Conq is very nice to play, particularly with no arty, as you just load APCR, go to the heavy area, hull down/sidescrape and wreck face. You can do it fairly mindlessly, and easily rack up 5k damage fairly zoned out. It's much less situational i guess, although if heavy gameplay triggers you it probably doesn't offset the shitty feeling of playing it. Did you get the AE Phase 1? That's very comfortable for a heavy and you get less cancerous MM in tier 9s. EDIT: On that note, just play the M46 - super fun, much better tier for tier than the M48 and the gun with gold is snapshot pens everywhere, at tier 9. One of my favourite tanks.
  2. Fuck off, really? Did you WOTReplay it or anything? What tank etc?
  3. Given bonds are much more valuable than credits, I don't think the difference between the two (M60 being slightly more comfortable) is enough to justify spending the bonds. The M48 is fine I guess, but you won't enjoy it as much as the Leo (gun/speed) or STB (turret armour/lol DPM). If you just want the damage and don't care about fun, T57 or Super Conq is the better option, i'd suggest. Either can fall ass backwards into 7k games fairly regularly (say once a session), as they are both so OP in the right situation.
  4. Fuck me this makes me feel old, as I've actually played on all of these. Got my only Kolobanov's Medal on Port in a T49 (EDIT: read T67 now) when I capped out without firing a shot as a newbie. Also super depressing, as many (if not most) are better than some of the maps currently in rotation. Interesting take on human psychology though - it seems from this thread that Swamp is generally well liked by this player base, but i'm pretty sure it was removed because of how many people complained and how campy it was. Absence (and WG's map department) make the heart grow fonder.
  5. By the same token, arty is 'fun', but no one on here will defend that. Diriz0n makes a good point - players getting annoyed when they get splashed by arty for whatever is the same feeling that players get when they get one shot be a derp 49. It's not fun, it's random as fuck and it takes away a lot of the skill element from the game. I'm not saying the changes are good, or thought out, or will work (other people will look into it in more detail than I have time for - i'll gladly read the feedback on this thread) - but saying 'don't take away muh derp 49' is not a reason to keep the game exactly as is.
  6. Ah thanks, hadn't tried that. I'll give it a go tomorrow.
  7. No, when I tried yesterday there was no option to play, full stop. I assume it is an option where you click Random, Frontlines etc.? Yeah, no Great Race option.
  8. Best part is if you didn't sign up beforehand you can't even fucking play. Because every special mode in the past has required sign-up before . . .
  9. Thanks for the feedback. Is the fire situation so bad that you'd recommend fire extinguisher over food? Is the upper front plate gold resistant (there's no values on tanks.gg)?
  10. I actually really enjoy how he just ignores it so completely. The only time I've ever seen him react is to the poll.
  11. Before we can even begin to think about the content of your post, you need to put us out of our misery and explain why your 0 key is so unreliable.
  12. Finally got the Progetto 46 3MoE. Took me a long time and damn near enoughh 4k average in the last 2 days to get it - feels harder than a lot of tier 9s. Hardest part of the grind was making something of the 15-2 roflstomps, particularly when you lose. So many tier 10 games where I had around 2.5k dmg and the next highest teammate was 1.5k.
  13. Ok, fair enough. These are both a couple of defeats, where I tried to be aggressive but generally my teams either let me down (Ghost Town) or melted too quickly (Malinovka). http://wotreplays.eu/site/4961822#stats http://wotreplays.eu/site/4961817#malinovka-snoregasm2-progetto_m35_mod_46 I think i've improved being passive (although Malinovka I stayed on the hill too long), but you tell me. Also, TVP 50/51 and/or T55A gameplay?
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