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  1. I've decided to finally start playing TDs and Lights again to complete the 260 missions, having got 3 orders on the black market. Lights are fine at tiers 8/9, but the TD missions will be easier at tier 10 I think, due to the high dmg requirements.

    Seen as though nearly all tier 10 TDs are turretless and I CBA grinding the E4, which tier 10 TD would you recommend for someone who hates turretless tanks, and mostly plays fast meds with gun depression or heaviums?

    I have Grille, and have researched 268, 268v4 and the Jagd E-100, but I can use blue prints/free XP if I need to for other lines.

    1. hazzgar


      It depends. For the "dont get spotted missions" Udes line is best. For the rest just go with the bobject

  2. I can't normally stand to play turretless tanks, but this is intriguing me. I kind of wanna finally complete the 260 missions (recently bought the 13 90 to grind the 13 105 whilst doing the light missions and so far it is piss easy grinding those missions) and I need a fun TD to play. I'm completely put off by the tier 10s right now (own Grille, have 268, 268v4 and Jagd E-100 unlocked), but have held off buying them because, again, fuck turretless tanks. Kind of holding out hope of the Skorp G coming on sale, but should I just use loot box gold to buy this?
  3. I 3 marked it back in the day when it was OP (but it came with a side of super high requirements - it almost killed me), but it's not what it was. The meta has simply left it behind (although not as much as other tanks). I recently stopped playing tier 10 for a while for the sake of my own sanity, and i've found a comfortable rhythm with tier 9 meds (Leo Pta, Standard B, M46), tier 9 lights i'm grinding (13 90, 132A) and tier 8 prems (progetto, Defender, Emil 1951, LT-432), and they're all better for the meta than the Skoda, save for maybe the M46 and 132A. It is still middle of the pack I guess compared to some tanks, but the the 310 HEAT let's it down. The bigger issue which meant that I had to take the Skoda out of my rotation is that it is just a poor Standard B, which is better in nearly every way except DPM if you're fully clipping. It's a shame, as I do like autoloaders as a rule of thumb and it has things which make it stand out on paper (speed, inter/intra clip comfort), but every game you play in it is a game that could be spent in the Standard B. As for the tier 10, it is a classic example of only a slight upgrade on the previous tank making it tier for tier worse (same as tier 10 Progetto and Standard B). I always found the tier 10 harder to make work when it was in meta, but nowadays your HEAT ammunition is so situational at 310 pen with terrible velocity (real fun loading it then getting side shots in meds, or need to hit EBRs) that it drives you mad playing it. I wish they gave you the option at tier 10 to have 3 shell clip with a better reload than the tier 9, as you really notice the difference between clips when you move from the tier 9 to tier 10. Other than that, you're intra clip goes down .3 seconds and you get an extra 10kmh - not worth it.
  4. Normally I only read your posts after they've been edited and therefore don't really notice your idiosyncrasies, but fuck me that post gave me ebola.
  5. Yeah, isn't that the point of the low tier HP increase? Unless he meant gold spam, which, it's the test server with new gold rounds, so of course that will happen. I'm not saying WG will do this, but if they actually balaned low tiers correctly so it prepares newer players for higher tier gameplay, that's surely a good thing? Higher tiers have their issues which are well documented, but most people who have more than 5k battles would rather play tier 8+ for a reason.
  6. Yeah FL was great for grinding out stock modules or shitty tanks. Got both the Swedish tech tree med and heavy from stock to fully researched so i could then play in randoms without spending any free XP. It was also insane as a crew grinder and credit farm mode. I got numerous crews basically 1 full skill increased, if not more, and it allowed me to grind 2nd crews basically from scratch (both Swedish crews were girl crews not used before). I also found it a good place to just mindlessly play and relax, without worrying about winning too much or even getting capped fast or whatever. You just drive and shoot, and it was reasonably fun. Yeah, it was grindy particularly when I was focused on getting the AE Phase 1 at the end, but that's assuaged by the credits you're making hand over fist. Each week it was on I made a note of my credits and crew levels of the tanks I would focus that week, and then tally the progress at the end of the week - with boosters applied to crew xp and credits, the progress was amazing. The FL specific boosters they added towards the end were also really useful. All in all, I guess I'm a really big fan of FL. Couldn't get into Steel Hunter whatsover though, that will be a grind for me I think.
  7. Yeah, tomorrow morning. I'm guessing it will be 365 days of prem time (they sold that last year), but this year has been hard to predict so who the fuck knows.
  8. It's been so bad this year. Was holding out hope for something better and not getting anything (except a min bid for the Caern AX, which yeah it's not great in the current meta but compared to the rest of the Black Market feels like a win), but it's been shit across the board. Guessing the last offer will be 1 year's prem time as well?
  9. I thought it was only skip 1 mission of the 14 for a token, and it is 4 to skip mission 15 on any of them?
  10. Does anyone remember if they released the better tanks in the evening slot last time? Because there is no way i'm getting up at 04:00 GMT.
  11. Full Stats: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Tank:S28_UDES_15_16 Summary: Intro So, I recently made great use of the all the free blueprints we got for reaching Festive tier 10 and some free XP to research the UDES 16 (the tier 9 Med) gun so I could instantly research the UDES 15/16 and bypass the tier 9 completely (which seems to be a stinker compared to the tier 8, tier for tier). However, I was surprised that there was no topic dedicated to the tier 10 - most of what I've found has been comments in other threads (e.g. the tier 8 and 9 threads), but I think this deserves a thread of its own. From what I've seen, a few streamers tend to play this tank as one of their rotation of meds, and get great results in it. I guess this is the combination of great alpha damage for a med, good mobility and a hugely exploitable/unique strength with the -12 gun dep + autobounce hull/turret to other meds/most heavies. I only played my first games in it yesterday, but initial thoughts are that it punishes people who don't aim and is actually quite good in a dog fight (a Standard B bounced all 3 rounds trying to circle me), and the gun is very comfortable, although the temptation to switch to HEAT early is there. As I play more games and get more of a feel for it, I plan to update and edit this post in an attempt to review the tank as best as I can. In the meantime, please share feedback, thoughts and comments (both good and bad), as well as any tips or things to note. Review *To follow
  12. Another 25 boxes, and still no tier 8s.
  13. More than on occasion - he's pretty active right now, the most I've seen in years. He's not at his peak (which is not really a criticism - his peak was insane. He was to ESL at to what Kolni was to randoms).
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