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  1. Apparently Fadin's medals are like buses - 40k battles without any, then 2 in a month, both with the 13 57 on the SAME MAP:



  2. Got blocked out on Highway in the city, so I couldn't help our team push (it was too narrow to go around). The guy reversed into me and 3 allies died. I send a report to WG w/replay and I get banned for 3 days for pushing him.

    You can't make it up. 

    P.S. he did 0 dmg, I did 3k, after I gave up and retreated. 

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    2. Snoregasm2


      I wouldn't normally, but he was an arse and completely unapologetic. I've found that physics abuse (i.e. blocking) does usually lead to bans, so i've sent a couple in the past - I feel like it helps the pond scum realise that yes, they are in fact in the wrong and need to learn.

      More fool me.


    3. PityFool


      I miss back in the day when you could just TK them and use their wreck as cover while you carry.

    4. lavawing


      @PityFool i still have fond memories of travelling all the way from the enemy spawn to TK your arta at base

      'sry. it be lag.' I said.

  3. I will admit, although the E 75 TS gun handling is trash compared to Renegade, there are some things that a Renegade just can't do - http://wotreplays.eu/site/5683054#fjords-snoregasm2-e_75_ts. In I think any other tier 8 there is no way I carry this situation.

    Pleased to know 1,861 base XP is an Ace at last - this thing is almost as hard to Ace as the Bourrasque.

  4. I just bought the Jagd E100. I think I need help.

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    2. Rexxie


      at least its fun for the first dozen battles

    3. Snoregasm2


      @lavawing yeah, I only solopub.

      @Rexxie I must be doing it wrong, got to 8 games with it and didn't really enjoy it.

      I felt like I was just chasing damage in all my games so far, or too slow to do anything. I think I need to just be more aggressive, but the one time I did that on Himmels an S Conq just farmed 1600 HP from me whilst I was hull down. I reckon I'll play it looking for that "perfect" game and probably never find it.

      On the bright side, 420 HEAT is just . . . just the tops. I was shooting UFP for fun/testing purposes. I want them to know that I could have shot weakspots, but chose not to as a fuck you.

    4. PityFool


      Nothing is more annoying than casually farming a JPE through his superstructure with gold, and then they have the AUDACITY to post a round through the thickest part of my perfectly positioned tank with 420 HEAT.

  5. Is E 75 TS worth it? Where does it sit in the tier 8 pecking order?

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    2. lavawing


      @CandyVanMan that was my initial opinion as well

      but the bloom/armor profile/speed encourage you to rush points and leverage hulldown which is not exactly optimal in this meta IMO. I say it's not optimal, largely because of maps 1.0 meta - where before something like a T-10/430 II could win you games with next to no effort/skill 

      also the armor is easy to leverage but shit against high pen, i.e. >250 pen rounds and only strong around a very small angle of fire. the armour works well against non TD stuff at mid range - but then the gun doesn't like to perform past 200m or so

      much better just to load APCR and lase tanks from across the map in a Renegade/CS-52, and less stressful too

      plus it has a lot of trouble against 9s because of the armour/exposure issues, whereas, again, a Renegade can spam APCR and do its usual thing from like 500m.

    3. CandyVanMan


      @lavawing E75 TS can do that just as effectively as the Renegade though, it's only behind it in terms of track dispersion, which is not really that impactful unless you drive like a mong.

      E75 TS is also more mobile than Renegade, yes, seriously.

      I can much more easily leverage the armor in TS compared to Renegade, as fascist box tanks are less rng on armor, but more reliant on perfect angling. 
      It just feels more comfortable for my playstyle, which is kinda weird as I play mostly burger tanks.

      Oh, and the ammo on TS is far superior to the Renegade's ammo.

    4. lavawing


      E75 feels a lot more janky because of how fast it accelerates which makes the already middling bloom on movement worse

      agree with the mobility and armour and gold pen

      Renegade's armour is shit but you it's not fatal since you mostly do weird pokes at the edge of viewrange. It's kinda like the M46 in this regard - your armour is not great but your exposure time is tiny

      OTOH the 75TS's armour profile is really nice, but it mostly bleeds when relocating and from ultra high pen TDs which good positioning/angling can't mitigate. the Renegade has a weird/patchy armour scheme which mostly just buys time for you to swing your gun on target

      The E75 TS is comfy in the sense that there's always something you're meant to do in any given match, i.e. rush B and hold B. In the Renegade a lot of the time you're just waiting and sniping and ducking behind your heavies. 

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    2. Snoregasm2


      I understand it's a good tank, but even factoring that in 1,500 seems insanely high to not get an Ace. The highest i'd seen before this was like 1,400.

    3. ZXrage


      I remember getting a 1.5k on the bourrasque and only getting 1st class, i still dont have an ace tanker on that thing XD

    4. Snoregasm2
  6. The constant beeping from the new ping/notification system is driving me fucking insane. 

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    2. Rexxie


      thank god they removed most of the beeping in the micropatch 

    3. Snoregasm2


      @Sylvansight but the beeping is the same category of sounds as 6th sense - not a great idea turning that off.

    4. Sylvansight


      There's a big lightbulb or something appearing on screen at the same time?  

  7. My first tier 10 3 mark. I know, pretty shit, but i've had a mental block for years - thanks to the community here for all the tips, and in particular to @kolni for his great feedback and analysis.



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    2. RC_Tank


      nice job bro, nothing shit about 3 marking a tier 10 with what i imagine are quite high reqs

    3. SkittlesOfSteeI


      3 marking is so funny. You spend so long trying to 3 mark something and when you finally get it they just keep on showing up and it's like "well, how did I get here?"

    4. Snoregasm2


      Thanks for the support guys. I picked the Prog 65 as: 1) I really enjoy it's playstyle; 2) I've 3 marked the tier 9; 3) It's getting nerfed soon; and 4) As some of you alluded to, it's actually got high requirements (one of the highest mediums I think). I wanted my first tier 10 3 mark to be "earned", not going and playing T-62A or something that has lowish requirements.

      I feel like I can average 4k in decent sessions now (today being a case in point, despite the shitty W/R), so I'm hoping that this is the first of many.


  8. I just bought the EBR 105. I'm assuming that Rammer and Improved Optics are a must - what should I get as the 3rd choice - Vents or Vert Stab? I know it has good bloom values but if it is always moving does that mean Vert Stab is a must?

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    2. sr360


      What @TheChang said. Ideally iVents/iOptics/iRammer.

    3. Snoregasm2


      Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback. Played one game before the status with v stabs, but will switch up to vents. I do have iVents, but doubt i'll play it enough to make it worth applying them.

      Vents will help as I have a less than 5 skill crew, so currently view range is 443.

    4. sr360


      Basically VR is key, you want to squeeze every meter (metre?) of VR out that you can. An ideal EBR setup is full purple equipment, with a crew with full vision setup, food, and vision directive.

  9. I don't get this game sometimes - weekend teams, yet I manage to hit 89% win ratio in 28 battles, all solo:


    I know winrate isn't luck, but it sure fucking is wildly variable in small sample sizes.

    1. echo9835


      I had an 80% one day, and a 10% the next. I don't understand. 

    2. sohojacques


      That’s the problem with averages: nothing is average until you reach some big numbers. I’ve got several wild anomalies WR wise in my garage with 50-200 games in them. I’ve got a 69% WR in the tier 7 Scorpion after 159 games. I’m worth 54-56% in it.

    3. Private_Miros


      Win rate is mostly luck, in small sample sizes. Even as a baddy that 89% streak would have been well over 60. It's just that those few extra battles you then win (or don't lose in a bad streak) translate to win rate over many battles when luck evens out. At that moment win rate is mostly skill. But luck does continue to play a roll for the error margin (something like 2.5% after 1k battles if I recall correctly - but that's from memory, I didn't calculate that myself).

      These are the reasons that pubbies have so much problems with the win rate concept. It's something long term. But in the daily experience, all they see is mostly luck based.

  10. I mean, not to spam the status, but after that monster Leo 1 session I followed up with a Pool's + Kolobanovs 430 game. It's getting silly now, 2 Kolobanovs in 2 hours. 



    1. hazzgar


      430 bad tank ;)

    2. Snoregasm2


      @hazzgar, yeah, I did remember that debate when I had these games haha. It is kind of what I expected - decent armour you can't rely on, terrible gun handling. I do like the DPM though - that is a pleasant surprise - although it is slower than expected.

      I still prefer the Pta and Standard Bae haha.

    3. hazzgar


      @Snoregasm2 I've made the PTA work and Standard B is love. I agree they have higher max potential but 430 is pure comfort and yeah it will probably result better in surprise carries and kolobanovs because even if the armor is not reliable you still have extra survivability. Also 122 overmatch memes. 


      In PTA and Standard i usually get more 6k+ games but 430 feels nice in that "constantly go forward and kill stuff way". A bit like t95 post speed buff (though now people know how to shoot it with geld) and old old Kv1s with 122.

  11. HomXmGC.jpg

    Pleased to finally have a 5k session in the Leo 1. Also, 1 Kolabanovs in 8 years and then 3 in 3 months.

  12. 2 quick games in light tanks to test the waters . . .  aaaannnnndddd I'm out. Fuck patch day.

    1. hazzgar


      It's cancer today. Corona virus attacked pubbie brains already and the game was bad now it's unplayable. The PC will go into the cellar

  13. 3,600 dpg over 23 games on Leo Pta, yet 47% w/r. GG.

    1. Private_Miros


      Teams are hit and miss in corona times. Bad luck happens. Rage, vent, move on.

    2. Snoregasm2


      Yeah taking a break. I don't mind too much tbh, provided I can late game farm, but some of these teams melt so quickly that i'm the last one standing on 2.5k dmg and I can't do anything.

  14. Now I can't wfh as I keep fapping to my new stats :cri:

    1. kolni


      e50 only 1k games solves ur problem :doge:  no credits left obviously but pretty wn8 stats :doge: 

  15. My first (legit - capping in an old school T49 on the Port map in 2013 hardly counts) Kolobanov's medal:


  16. Is the Polish line worth it? I have the 50TP Prot for 12 days with Prime, and 12 female crew members, so if I was going to do it this is probably the time.

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    2. Balthazars


      I just recently finished grinding out the 10. I started at tier 6, which is awful. Tier 7 is okay. Tier 8 is excellent, and tier-for-tier the best in the line. Excellent gun and DPM, usable armour, decent mobility. I use it in Frontlines too and it does well there. Tier 9 has a bit of a strange armour layout but a great gun and is also fun. I've only played 15 games in the tier 10 but I do also find it fun. Worth it if you like heavy tanks that aren't complete no-mobility.

    3. Snoregasm2


      Free XP'd/blueprinted to the tier 8 top gun, turret and tracks (no radio or engine yet).

      Fair to say I really like the tank - Ace'd it first game:


      I know what you all mean about the gun - SUPER comfortable. Fired a lot of prem as I was fighting tier 9 heavies, and that seems to be the weakness overall - the pen:


      Mobility was decent and I bounced 2k as well, although that was abusing hull down on Empire's Border. Looking forward to grinding it out fully, possibly in frontlines this weekend.

    4. Balthazars


      @Snoregasm2 Personally I find it does very well in frontlines. I'm grinding a fresh crew in that mode with this tank (I have a good commander, but the crew are all not even 1 skill yet) and it is still very competitive due to having a nice mix of decent mobility, some useable armour in the tier and a great gun. You won't even notice the pen issues much in the mode as there's very little you can't pen from the front with standard rounds with some aiming.

  17. I've decided to finally start playing TDs and Lights again to complete the 260 missions, having got 3 orders on the black market. Lights are fine at tiers 8/9, but the TD missions will be easier at tier 10 I think, due to the high dmg requirements.

    Seen as though nearly all tier 10 TDs are turretless and I CBA grinding the E4, which tier 10 TD would you recommend for someone who hates turretless tanks, and mostly plays fast meds with gun depression or heaviums?

    I have Grille, and have researched 268, 268v4 and the Jagd E-100, but I can use blue prints/free XP if I need to for other lines.

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    2. echo9835


      Strv is a pretty good TD, fast and sneaky, and the American lines are always solid.

    3. Snoregasm2


      So Swedish lines? They just seem so fucking campy though, although I guess that is what is needed for missions

    4. PityFool


      bobject v4 is good for the damage/pen missions because you can just get in peoples faces and slap them

  18. Thoughts on Leo 1, Leo Pta and STB now they're on the liver server? Thinking about buying back one of the first two, and maybe taking the STB out for a spin after not playing it for years.

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    2. LamaLeif


      The Leo1 gun stats are bonkers right now, you'll do more than fine without vert stab at long ranges, and definitely up close. Try it, the movement bloom makes for a surprisingly small aim circle.

    3. tajj7


      Both Leo 1 and Leo PTA are very nice, very very good guns, high pen, good punch (seeing those 500 rolls), snap and aim super quick, and no real loss of mobility and DPM. Both still paper as fuck though, so will still struggle at times. Both now have 105mm pen HE as well, which with their gun handling/accuracy is nasty, you can snipe like other med lower plates, sides, side turrets etc. for 510 average damage hits, so you can roll like 600 with it. 

      Not played STB-1 enough to comment, only had time to one game and it was a horrible loss. 

    4. nabucodonsor


      When my PTA will have the top supensions and stop missing shots that should hit (like a 50m shot to the side of a Polish tank) I'll say something about it.

      I never had in my life such shitty rng with a tank before. It's retarded. I keep missing killing shots like its a t49 with a broken gun.

      Still I cant figure out the way to carry with it.

  19. Any decent EU clans that will take a Superuni (by WN8 standards, which apparently has died since I last played regularly, so read into that what you will) who's not super active (back from a 9 month break, slowly incresing activity), but wants easy credits and premium/gold if possible?

  20. Not played properly since August 16, have some questions:

    - Swedish tanks - good or bad? WTF with the TDs? How are the heavies? OP, balanced or shit?

    - Is a new patch imminent? What's changing?

    - Is cancer still, you know, cancer? I played some games yesterday and it seemed the same as before.

    - Anything else that I've missed?

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    2. leggasiini


      Maus now has great gun as opposed to shit gun it had. it now has 500 higher DPM, best bloom on turret traverse, better accuracy and aim time. Its turret has better armor (you need gold to get through cheeks reliably even when unangled), lower side is utter bullshit and it has 200 more HP now.

      Kranvagn is in middle of T57 and 50b in terms of mobility. No, it just doesnt have better turret, it has best turret in the game. The gun is much worse tho at pmuch everything

      Arty has notably less alpha and pen but much bigger splash and bit faster reload. And arty has only stunning shells.

      Tanks before maus are pretty solid. dunno about T9 but tier 8 is pretty nice. The PZ7 after VK 4502 B is ok, thick frontal armor and bit nerfed JT gun (550 alpha)

      E5 tumor got nerfed. Its now just marginally stronger than pre-HD tumor. Grille 15 got all around nerfa. TVP is still unnerfed

    3. ZXrage


      -Their guns are locked to the hull, so they need to be standing still to press X to rotate the tank and depress/elevate the gun through the suspension, look up the Strv 103 to see it work IRL
      -Used to be, but they nerfed mobility so it's sluggish. It's really small and light for a heavy, though.
      -Overmatch, but they have a small cupola at the top. If you can get past the screen shoot HEAT because HEAT ricochets at 85 degrees
      -TL;DR new tier 10 lights are trash, nothing they do a batchat or leo 1 can do better
      They're new tanks, they bumped up the old lights to match their actual tier spred (i.e. T49 to tier 9), only the WZ-132 stayed
      -All their round stun, but they nerfed alpha
      -They're still collecting data for WN9, but even then they might just scarp it because of the changes
      -Buff to HP, armor, and DPM. They replaced it with Pz. VII whick is just a VK 72.01 with a nerfed JT gun
      -Their all a Maus at their tier basically. The tank that replaced the Maus after the VK B is the Pz. VII, see above.
      -No map changes, but T110E5 and Grille got nerfed. E5 is less troll with reduced cupola armor and the Grille is just a meh-ish TD now.

      Also, new premium trifecta of Patriot/Liberte/Defender and buffed Lowe killed T8 MM.

    4. Snoregasm2


      Thanks for the tip RE HEAT - seemed to help when using the M48.

      I've seen lots of these Defenders - is it a reward tank or something? I've not seen any Patriots or Libertes I don't think - I'm guessing they're US and French respectively? Reward tanks?

      I'm glad thr Grille got nerfed, but nerfing the cuppola on the E5 makes it shit again, surely? You could pen it with HEAT even when it was buffed - it looks like you have to play Maus if you want to bounce at tier 10.

      I played a few games today and yesterday, seems like the meta is pretty much the same. Lots of platoons with arties - I guess they're trying to do whilst they still can. Still an extraordinary amount of shitters, which is comforting, in its own way.

  21. So, I took the entire month of July and the end of June off from WOT - because fuck T92 top of the tree -  and played a couple of easing back in games over the weekend.

    My questions are:

     - what the fuck is wrong with the minimap?

    - why are these status updates fucked?

    @Kolni when did you become FAME-ous?

    1. Daezara


      - wargaming tried to improve / fix stuff :serb: 

      - never updated the forum or something i think?

      - he is lead badmin aswell, don't ask me how he got that.

  22. You sir, are a wordsmith. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts.

  23. Fuck the UK - time to learn a foreign language on TS. Something useful though, no Dutch or Swedish (sorry @Kolni).

    Anyone wanna teach me?

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    2. kolni


      "It's open! Theodor Elmar's alone!!!! 3V2!!!!!! GO2BOX!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEMMIIII YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES....etc we're final 16! we beat austria!" and the rest is completely ununderstandable for me :doge: 

    3. no_name_cro


      @Zinn Yeah but grammar and structure are pretty important when you're learning new language, having same pattern you're using already. Words are relatively easy to learn. I still have trouble with some English tenses for example, just because they are impossible to form in Croatian. :)

    4. Zinn


      It's not quite the same, though, just pretty similar. It's not like English and French, for instance, that are 75% the same - just pronounced differently :doge:

      Danish also has a shitload of contextual words that change meaning with how you use them, plus foreigners can never tell when to use en/et :serb:

  24. I live in a nation of retarded, xenophobic twats.

    I am ashamed.

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    2. Folterknecht



      An independent Europe for me means no more NATO/US/GB bullshit dominating our foreign and economic policies. What do you think who came up with the retarded idea of including states like Greece or Turkey into the EU and NATO (encirclement)? Who keeps pushing and pushing towards the east, playing Europe against Russia or imitates soviet submarines in Swedens waters?

    3. Birkovic


      @Folter, you need to read up about the cold war regarding Greece and Turkey. They joined NATO in 1952, which at the time made sense due to the political climate. Being Danish I don't disagree that culturally it feels like some of the other NATO partners are culturally very different from northern euros, but I'm pretty sure that we shouldn't blame anyone for inviting them in to NATO back then.

      I do agree though that the aggressive inclusion of eastern euro countries has seemed to progress too fast. On the other hand I don't feel like a Scandinavian shares too much with the southern euro countries either. To simplify it; we seem to be very different from most non-protestant countries (that is south of the Nederlands and Germany if any Muricans are reading).

    4. Folterknecht



      Thats why I wrote encirclement and pointed to the present with eastern europe. There are not many things where german politicans in the last decades showed some spine, but keeping Turkey out was one exception despite the US pushing hard. They are nothing but trouble.

      The US pushed again hard (enough) when it came to Greece recently, Merkel is a spineless creature. They got their wish and Greece is still in.


      The US wants many things, a strong and independent Europe is not among those things.


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