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  1. If you ever needed proof of how much of a tool QB is, watch tonight's stream when he plays SH with one of his fanboy clans:

    It's hilariously and cringeworthy at the same time every time he blames them for his bad calls.

    "Kill those tanks at all costs" "Why did you throw your life away to try and kill those tanks"

    "Rush middle road [attack] on Lakeville (defence cap was at 25)" "Defend the base but don't rush in, group up" *gets capped out "Why didn't you rush the cap?"

    "Why don't you have repairs on the T54 LW?" *Has 54% repairs on one crew member on his own T54 LW*

    Such a cunt. No wonder he had to mail order a bride.

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    2. It's_Matra


      Yeah I just saw... "if those tanks don't die in 15 seconds then I'll be mad" "Why did you die chasing those tanks?!" - LOL

      He can't be the bigger man though as he's not much over 5ft tall


      Hurts my brain to watch anymore so I have to stop

    3. Fulcrous



      Delusional aren't you.

    4. Sapros


      I've raged far worse.

      But what I find hilarious is how hard he's worked to take down all the footage of this accident.