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  1. Not played properly since August 16, have some questions:

    - Swedish tanks - good or bad? WTF with the TDs? How are the heavies? OP, balanced or shit?

    - Is a new patch imminent? What's changing?

    - Is cancer still, you know, cancer? I played some games yesterday and it seemed the same as before.

    - Anything else that I've missed?

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    2. leggasiini


      Maus now has great gun as opposed to shit gun it had. it now has 500 higher DPM, best bloom on turret traverse, better accuracy and aim time. Its turret has better armor (you need gold to get through cheeks reliably even when unangled), lower side is utter bullshit and it has 200 more HP now.

      Kranvagn is in middle of T57 and 50b in terms of mobility. No, it just doesnt have better turret, it has best turret in the game. The gun is much worse tho at pmuch everything

      Arty has notably less alpha and pen but much bigger splash and bit faster reload. And arty has only stunning shells.

      Tanks before maus are pretty solid. dunno about T9 but tier 8 is pretty nice. The PZ7 after VK 4502 B is ok, thick frontal armor and bit nerfed JT gun (550 alpha)

      E5 tumor got nerfed. Its now just marginally stronger than pre-HD tumor. Grille 15 got all around nerfa. TVP is still unnerfed

    3. ZXrage


      -Their guns are locked to the hull, so they need to be standing still to press X to rotate the tank and depress/elevate the gun through the suspension, look up the Strv 103 to see it work IRL
      -Used to be, but they nerfed mobility so it's sluggish. It's really small and light for a heavy, though.
      -Overmatch, but they have a small cupola at the top. If you can get past the screen shoot HEAT because HEAT ricochets at 85 degrees
      -TL;DR new tier 10 lights are trash, nothing they do a batchat or leo 1 can do better
      They're new tanks, they bumped up the old lights to match their actual tier spred (i.e. T49 to tier 9), only the WZ-132 stayed
      -All their round stun, but they nerfed alpha
      -They're still collecting data for WN9, but even then they might just scarp it because of the changes
      -Buff to HP, armor, and DPM. They replaced it with Pz. VII whick is just a VK 72.01 with a nerfed JT gun
      -Their all a Maus at their tier basically. The tank that replaced the Maus after the VK B is the Pz. VII, see above.
      -No map changes, but T110E5 and Grille got nerfed. E5 is less troll with reduced cupola armor and the Grille is just a meh-ish TD now.

      Also, new premium trifecta of Patriot/Liberte/Defender and buffed Lowe killed T8 MM.

    4. Snoregasm2


      Thanks for the tip RE HEAT - seemed to help when using the M48.

      I've seen lots of these Defenders - is it a reward tank or something? I've not seen any Patriots or Libertes I don't think - I'm guessing they're US and French respectively? Reward tanks?

      I'm glad thr Grille got nerfed, but nerfing the cuppola on the E5 makes it shit again, surely? You could pen it with HEAT even when it was buffed - it looks like you have to play Maus if you want to bounce at tier 10.

      I played a few games today and yesterday, seems like the meta is pretty much the same. Lots of platoons with arties - I guess they're trying to do whilst they still can. Still an extraordinary amount of shitters, which is comforting, in its own way.