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  1. Not played properly since August 16, have some questions:

    - Swedish tanks - good or bad? WTF with the TDs? How are the heavies? OP, balanced or shit?

    - Is a new patch imminent? What's changing?

    - Is cancer still, you know, cancer? I played some games yesterday and it seemed the same as before.

    - Anything else that I've missed?

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    2. leggasiini


      - TD line is absolutely garbage until tier 10. Tier 5 was fun but arguably still bad and its lowtier. Tier 6 has 1,4k base DPM for 240 alpha and no armor, tier 7 is like tier 6 with better DPM but same alpha, WORSE accuracy and the engine damage is so unbearable that its basically engine with gun and tracks, and its tier higher. tier 8 has no armor, and its gimped with siege mode but can be fucking monster if it can camosnipe all the time, but that happens only in select maps, so if you get into any citymap you might aswell quit the battle. Tier 9 is fat tier 8 with armor that works against 120 or less caliber guns but against anything higher its basically bit slower UDES with 500 HP tier higher. Tier 10 is pretty good apparently but you still gotta camp like bitch and have shitton of patience to do well.

      Heavy line is odd. Mediums are meh expect for tier 6 which is fun with the gun handling and -15 depression it has, EMILs have retarded turret armor + depression but aids guns, tier 10 has bit less aids gun but the pen feels anemic against superheavies. Heavies are good but not very fun to play.

      - Next patch will bring tier 10 LTs, new MM and new arty. Tier 10 LTs after nerfs are pretty useless, new MM is basically some kind of template system, or "3-5-7" system. On match with two tier difference, there are no more than 3 top tiers and 5 midtiers, to make life of bottom tiers easier. No more than 3 arties per match, and arty platoons are banned. Yea, not only arty platoons are gone, but arties cant platoon at all anymore. New arty is basically the stun arty you might remember from sandbox, with few differences. Consumambles are rechargeable.

      - You mean next patch arty? Opinions varies alot. Its still "cancer", because of the fact they still sit on base and click shots that come from sky, but lets cancer than old cancer, IMO. Other than that, until next patch, arty is exactly the same. Bit worse probably because shitters plays their Obj 261s and T92s with AP shells, because AP and HEAT are gone next patch.

      - Not much else apart from superheavy buffs. Maus got disgustingly overbuffed. Its so good its even seen in WGL despite its shitty 20kph top speed. Yes, we live a day where Maus is one of the most overpowered tanks in its tier. Type 5 heavy got armor buffs; its even more retardproof (more front armor, much better side armor and cheeks are now as thick as front so not even those are weakspots anymore). It also has now derp gun with two HE shells: 1100 alpha 75 pen HE, and gold HE that is exactly the same but has 1400 alpha instead of 1100. Yeah, NOT pay2win at all. Type 4 has same gun but with shittier soft stats.

    3. zapyoug


      If xvm/tag sniping is a problem for you, arty is beyond cancer now. 
      I heard you like being stunned literally the entire game by accuracy and reload buffed arties.

    4. Snoregasm2


      Thanks for the responses. Just to ask some follow up questions:

      - What is 'siege mode'?

      - How is the mobility of the Swedish tanks? Is the tier 10 heavy a 50b with worse gun and better turret armour?

      - How do you shoot the tier 10 TDs with that armour angle? Lower plate, or flank?

      - Shit, tier 10 LTs?! Are they nerfing medium.heavy view ranges to compensate? Do the tier 10 LTs have decent guns, or are they just moving up tier 8 LTs like they did way back when with tier 8 arties?

      - Arty have a choice of rounds now- stun, and normal? Do the noermal HE rounds do the same damage as before? Same reload? Removing AP/HEAT is long overdue at least, but otherwise it sounds like it could be worse (some of the info I've read from NA seems to indicate the splash radius is far too wide?)

      - I've seen some snippets about WN8/XVM not working with latest changes - surely no more purple hunting? Did WN9 ever get off the ground?

      - Haha Maus is actually good?! No way - is it just an increase in armour? I faced more of them the last couple of days- they still seemed easy to kill.

      - What's the new German heavy line like? I saw that Maus has it's own line now that has new tanks in it.

      - Any map changes? Significant nerfs/buffs to existing tanks? For context, the last time I played the meta was still 50/51s, Russian meds, M48 masterrace and T110E5 tumour buff.

      Thanks again for replies/future replies.

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