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  1. Thoughts on Leo 1, Leo Pta and STB now they're on the liver server? Thinking about buying back one of the first two, and maybe taking the STB out for a spin after not playing it for years.

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    2. LamaLeif


      The Leo1 gun stats are bonkers right now, you'll do more than fine without vert stab at long ranges, and definitely up close. Try it, the movement bloom makes for a surprisingly small aim circle.

    3. tajj7


      Both Leo 1 and Leo PTA are very nice, very very good guns, high pen, good punch (seeing those 500 rolls), snap and aim super quick, and no real loss of mobility and DPM. Both still paper as fuck though, so will still struggle at times. Both now have 105mm pen HE as well, which with their gun handling/accuracy is nasty, you can snipe like other med lower plates, sides, side turrets etc. for 510 average damage hits, so you can roll like 600 with it. 

      Not played STB-1 enough to comment, only had time to one game and it was a horrible loss. 

    4. nabucodonsor


      When my PTA will have the top supensions and stop missing shots that should hit (like a 50m shot to the side of a Polish tank) I'll say something about it.

      I never had in my life such shitty rng with a tank before. It's retarded. I keep missing killing shots like its a t49 with a broken gun.

      Still I cant figure out the way to carry with it.

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