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  1. Is the Polish line worth it? I have the 50TP Prot for 12 days with Prime, and 12 female crew members, so if I was going to do it this is probably the time.

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    2. Balthazars


      I just recently finished grinding out the 10. I started at tier 6, which is awful. Tier 7 is okay. Tier 8 is excellent, and tier-for-tier the best in the line. Excellent gun and DPM, usable armour, decent mobility. I use it in Frontlines too and it does well there. Tier 9 has a bit of a strange armour layout but a great gun and is also fun. I've only played 15 games in the tier 10 but I do also find it fun. Worth it if you like heavy tanks that aren't complete no-mobility.

    3. Snoregasm2


      Free XP'd/blueprinted to the tier 8 top gun, turret and tracks (no radio or engine yet).

      Fair to say I really like the tank - Ace'd it first game:


      I know what you all mean about the gun - SUPER comfortable. Fired a lot of prem as I was fighting tier 9 heavies, and that seems to be the weakness overall - the pen:


      Mobility was decent and I bounced 2k as well, although that was abusing hull down on Empire's Border. Looking forward to grinding it out fully, possibly in frontlines this weekend.

    4. Balthazars


      @Snoregasm2 Personally I find it does very well in frontlines. I'm grinding a fresh crew in that mode with this tank (I have a good commander, but the crew are all not even 1 skill yet) and it is still very competitive due to having a nice mix of decent mobility, some useable armour in the tier and a great gun. You won't even notice the pen issues much in the mode as there's very little you can't pen from the front with standard rounds with some aiming.

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