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  1. I just bought the EBR 105. I'm assuming that Rammer and Improved Optics are a must - what should I get as the 3rd choice - Vents or Vert Stab? I know it has good bloom values but if it is always moving does that mean Vert Stab is a must?

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    2. sr360


      What @TheChang said. Ideally iVents/iOptics/iRammer.

    3. Snoregasm2


      Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback. Played one game before the status with v stabs, but will switch up to vents. I do have iVents, but doubt i'll play it enough to make it worth applying them.

      Vents will help as I have a less than 5 skill crew, so currently view range is 443.

    4. sr360


      Basically VR is key, you want to squeeze every meter (metre?) of VR out that you can. An ideal EBR setup is full purple equipment, with a crew with full vision setup, food, and vision directive.

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