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  1. Credited with the Concept 1B tonight. Has anyone got theirs yet? Thoughts?

    EDIT: Nevermind - http://wotreplays.eu/site/5859757#karelia-snoregasm2-concept_1b 

    1 battle, 1 Ace tanker. Has insane armour, is fast as a medium, has no weakspots frontally from what I can tell, has insane gun handling. WTF WG?!

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    2. Snoregasm2


      Yeah had tokens from previous seasons. I just finish the qualification and ended with 10 - couldn't force myself to play further in the leagues.

    3. sr360


      @Snoregasm2 I punished myself for the Bonds. 

    4. kolni


      4200 average 10 games in, standard purple equips

      Doesn’t feel as OP as it felt playing against one tbh

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