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  1. Just got 16k spotting in the EBR. I wish the mission was get 15k in 10 battles.

    On the bright side, 2 Patrol Duties in 2 games, and something i've never seen before - my mark went up 5% from 75% to 80% in one game. This tank is fucking broken.

    1. sr360


      Yeah, I have lots of thoughts about the EBR, none of them good. It's a tank that rewards GOFASTYOLO more than careful positioning and knowledge of terrain, maps, and lines of vision.

    2. Snoregasm2


      I literally just drove around the ridges all game, until I cleared out a flank (too late, although my team were super passive). Not once did I have to use a good spotting bush, or dogfight anything: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5891575#prokhorovka-snoregasm2-panhard_ebr_105

      You know me - I'm not a good LT player by any stretch. When I got 13k spotting in the Manticore I was super proud, as I worked for it. In this I did less but got more - it's just ridiculous really.

    3. sr360


      While there's a difference between a good player in an EBR vs a bad player in an EBR, I've seen far too many games dominated by players who just run around randomly changing direction. The other issue is the insane escalation in power from the tier 8 Lynx to the tier 10 EBR 105 -- I struggle to think of another line where there is such a sharp rise in power from T8 to T10, and of another tank which so defines/dominates the meta of the tier. I suppose on NA the next closest thing is the M44 at tier 6, but that's more about dictating how you have to play while three M44 mains pound your team every 7 seconds, but even then it's not the same thing. It also dictates how every other tier 10 light, and indeed medium, is played -- either you're an EBR or you set up specifically to counter EBRs. There is no 3rd way.

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