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  1. Why the fuck is Mines still allowed at high tiers?

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    2. hall0


      Mines is cancer. Only worth playing in lowtier. 

      I have it banned for ages and I don't miss it. And you know why I don't miss it? This worthless programmers at WG will let me play this shit again when playing other game modes. 


    3. kolni


      I turned off everything just so I would never have to see erlenberg ever again

    4. Snoregasm2


      Yeah the problem is Mines isn't worth banning due to how shit some of the other maps are, plus you have to turn Encounter off.

      I couldn't even ban it when I did have Encounter off and I was doing scouting missions for the 279, as I needed to ban Himmels and Ensk.

      Minsk is pretty much a perma ban unless doing scouting, and right now I have Overlord banned because it's so inconsistent/team dependent. I did have Airfield for a long time, and I sometimes ban Abbey. All of those allow you to play Assault / Encounter still.

      Mines would be after those 4.

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