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  1. Before I equip the 279, is it a tank that needs Improved Config? I've heard it gets ammo racked a lot, and I noticed Daki runs that in randoms (and uses Hardening in competitive games).

    I've got the other 2 slots as purple Rammer / V stab, but again, is it slow enough to drop V stab?

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    2. sr360


      I think that's a decent start. I used to run iVS/iRammer/iMod Config for randoms, then got pressed into service for CW and was asked to put hardening, and then just left it as such.

    3. kolni


      I made do marking it without config, I just hade to save repkit for racks instead of repairing track to get the extra shot off

      I did rammer, stab and hardening

    4. GehakteMolen


      i went with rammer / stab / hardening, however track repais seems suprising slow, so perhaps hardening would help with that also (so far my driver dies more as ammo so for ammorack its not that bad)

      ps: HE rework should help this tank a lot, that seems to be main weakness (met an E3 and 60Tp head on, it didnt end well for me...)

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