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  1. Before I equip the 279, is it a tank that needs Improved Config? I've heard it gets ammo racked a lot, and I noticed Daki runs that in randoms (and uses Hardening in competitive games).

    I've got the other 2 slots as purple Rammer / V stab, but again, is it slow enough to drop V stab?

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    2. CraBeatOff


      That's the most defensive setup. I've also seen rammer vents and hardening, vstab rammer and hardening. And mod config, vstab and rammer. All on good players 279es. It does get racked since the only place you can pen the front is where the ammo rack is. It's one trick is to take beatings so the defensive loads work well. But all those equipment are valid. I run ivstab and irammer and swap the 3rd piece between hardening and mod config.

    3. sr360


      Improved config is more necessary on this tank than almost any other tank -- IMO. You lose your rack 2-3 times a game. The other setups are valid, but it's a defensive tank and can manage without VStab. For CW purposes its often required to run hardening/mod config/rammer. 

    4. Snoregasm2


      @sr360 what would you run in randoms - the same, or would it be config / rammer / vstab?

      I'm leaning towards improved config (the purple version) / rammer / vstab to begin with.

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