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  1. This forum is so dead i've taken to trying r/WorldofTanks.

    A guy there refuses to back down from his claim that the 122 TM is better than the Progetto 46.

    I can't even. I'm losing braincells just trying to think about it.

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    2. kolni


      Depends on the sub tbh, r/league is  so bad that unless it’s fanart or montages you’re pretty much going to get your topic deleted with reasons that don’t apply to the post they’re deleting at all simply because the mods are apes 

      r/punchablefaces was really funny until some mods also effectively killed that sub

      but the ones that mostly rely on relaying information (and aren’t subject to much criticism) work great imo, but gaming subs suck universally and you can’t have a voting system deciding what gets visible in political system as it can’t do anything but circlejerk itself even if it wanted to as the consensus will just keep being the most agreeable and shut everything else out in the process



    3. FlorbFnarb


      From what I remember of a few Skyrim and Skyrim modding subs, those seemed to go alright, although it's been literally years since I was spending much time in Skyrim.


      r/EliteDangerous was godawful.  So many people permabanned from that place because of crying Carebears, they started r/Elite_Dangerous so people would have a sub that was tolerable.

    4. MagicalFlyingFox


      Unironically prefer 4chan for warthunder.


      The takes are actually not brain dead retarded and sometimes retards just get bombarded with  "Skill Issue" replies.

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