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  1. Before I equip the 279, is it a tank that needs Improved Config? I've heard it gets ammo racked a lot, and I noticed Daki runs that in randoms (and uses Hardening in competitive games).

    I've got the other 2 slots as purple Rammer / V stab, but again, is it slow enough to drop V stab?

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    2. sr360


      I think that's a decent start. I used to run iVS/iRammer/iMod Config for randoms, then got pressed into service for CW and was asked to put hardening, and then just left it as such.

    3. kolni


      I made do marking it without config, I just hade to save repkit for racks instead of repairing track to get the extra shot off

      I did rammer, stab and hardening

    4. GehakteMolen


      i went with rammer / stab / hardening, however track repais seems suprising slow, so perhaps hardening would help with that also (so far my driver dies more as ammo so for ammorack its not that bad)

      ps: HE rework should help this tank a lot, that seems to be main weakness (met an E3 and 60Tp head on, it didnt end well for me...)

  2. Well, 279(e) is get. Time to update the guide!

    1. hazzgar


      Enjoy it. Got it only a few days before you and I while I knew its uber OP jesus. I never realized how easymode it is. Just know where enemies with sub 330 premium pen are. Go there. Laugh.

  3. Is it obvious I'm tryharding missions? On the plus side, finished Bloc-15 (without honours - despite getting 1st class every 3rd game or so in the HWK 12, apparently I'm bad at farming Aces with it), and i've unlocked Coalition-15, so all that's left is 3 1sts in some fun tanks to play (Skoda T 50, Progetto 46, Bourrqaue) and I will have the Ebola at last.
  4. Why the fuck is Mines still allowed at high tiers?

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    2. hall0


      Mines is cancer. Only worth playing in lowtier. 

      I have it banned for ages and I don't miss it. And you know why I don't miss it? This worthless programmers at WG will let me play this shit again when playing other game modes. 


    3. kolni


      I turned off everything just so I would never have to see erlenberg ever again

    4. Snoregasm2


      Yeah the problem is Mines isn't worth banning due to how shit some of the other maps are, plus you have to turn Encounter off.

      I couldn't even ban it when I did have Encounter off and I was doing scouting missions for the 279, as I needed to ban Himmels and Ensk.

      Minsk is pretty much a perma ban unless doing scouting, and right now I have Overlord banned because it's so inconsistent/team dependent. I did have Airfield for a long time, and I sometimes ban Abbey. All of those allow you to play Assault / Encounter still.

      Mines would be after those 4.

  5. I did it over the weekend with the Manticore. The trick is to reset until you get a good first game. I got Malinovka and got 7 assisted kills, meaning I only needed 13 over 9 battles. For me, tier 10 is better for the assisted kills missions as your team is usually more clinical.
  6. It looks really fun ... for Frontlines.
  7. I've fully read through and thanks again for this @kolni. I've had a lot of feedback from you over the years, and it's nice to see i've improved because of it. There is no way i'd 3 mark tier 10s 2 years ago, or some of the harder tier 8s, yet now I can, which is really rewarding. A couple of observations: I really struggle to stay in battle after I die to watch teammates and/or watch my own fail replays. On the first one, i'm often tilted that my team did fuck all and allowed me to die, which is completely stupid as the only person to blame is myself. That's a personal failing th
  8. Thanks man, I knew the basics (like EXNOM) but not the level of detail you have there, it was an interesting read. I guess that's kind of my point though - you look at FAME (or other tryhard clans) through the lens of that schism 8/9 years ago. That was before WGL, before tourneys for $/prizes, whilst the game was still very much young. It made sense back then that randoms were still fulfilling to good players, as the game was only a few years old and what could be done was still unexplored (w/r, DPG etc.). That was 8 years ago. Any player at the top of the game back then would pretty muc
  9. I think you're both missing the point of a clan like FAME (or other top "competitive" clans). They exist to give players an end game and goal to work towards and to be able to actually have some kind of competitive goal, as randoms is not a motivation for them. I watch a few FAME streamers - a lot of them have pretty much marked every tier 10 (Chief, 279, Carro included), often to 100% MoE - what's the point of playing randoms after that? Sure, you can push DPG, but that's small gains and the 100% MoE kind of acts as a proxy for that anyway. Even streaming / making money that way (which a lot
  10. Mate do the High Caliber - it was very easy with the Wt auf Pz IV. I reckon any of the paper TDs (Borsig, Skorpian) would also work. You have 20 games, and in reality it's 3 in 19 if you keep resetting. I'd rather skip the block or scouting tbh.
  11. Yeah I've been trying the tier 8, but maybe I should just buy the tier 9. Or skip.
  12. Yeah I'm finding Bloc-2 (4 Shellproofs in 10 games) INCREDIBLY difficult. You need to: 1. Do it 4 times in 10 (rather than like 2 in 5, like other missions). 2. Get people to actually shoot you. So many shots, including not damaging HE, don't count, which is bullshit. 3. And, last but not least, Shellproof means you need to SURVIVE. So you need to basically win half your battles, without dying, and getting shot enough to get it.
  13. Just got 16k spotting in the EBR. I wish the mission was get 15k in 10 battles.

    On the bright side, 2 Patrol Duties in 2 games, and something i've never seen before - my mark went up 5% from 75% to 80% in one game. This tank is fucking broken.

    1. sr360


      Yeah, I have lots of thoughts about the EBR, none of them good. It's a tank that rewards GOFASTYOLO more than careful positioning and knowledge of terrain, maps, and lines of vision.

    2. Snoregasm2


      I literally just drove around the ridges all game, until I cleared out a flank (too late, although my team were super passive). Not once did I have to use a good spotting bush, or dogfight anything: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5891575#prokhorovka-snoregasm2-panhard_ebr_105

      You know me - I'm not a good LT player by any stretch. When I got 13k spotting in the Manticore I was super proud, as I worked for it. In this I did less but got more - it's just ridiculous really.

    3. sr360


      While there's a difference between a good player in an EBR vs a bad player in an EBR, I've seen far too many games dominated by players who just run around randomly changing direction. The other issue is the insane escalation in power from the tier 8 Lynx to the tier 10 EBR 105 -- I struggle to think of another line where there is such a sharp rise in power from T8 to T10, and of another tank which so defines/dominates the meta of the tier. I suppose on NA the next closest thing is the M44 at tier 6, but that's more about dictating how you have to play while three M44 mains pound your team every 7 seconds, but even then it's not the same thing. It also dictates how every other tier 10 light, and indeed medium, is played -- either you're an EBR or you set up specifically to counter EBRs. There is no 3rd way.

  14. Damn @kolni, you're still pumping out great content for the community, and I for one really appreciate it. I think we all take for granted all the great stuff written years ago and how much there is (or was, at the time), and the level of effort that goes in to pulling something like this together. I hope it isn't your last serious content piece (there's still a lot you've got to offer, on more individual subjects like tank reviews, maps etc.), but if this is it a good way to go out. Looking forward to parsing through fully after work.
  15. FML just spent 20 mins updating the 279 OP and i accidentally clicked a bookmark (my Wotlabs stats, ironically) and lost it all

    1. CraBeatOff


      This will teach you to look at your own stats!!!  :QBSeal:

    2. kolni


      wait what

    3. Snoregasm2


      Sorry, lost my updates, not the full post. 

      I spent like an hour tonight sorting it, so all good now.

  16. If you have a decent camo crew, that helps. Rammer, IRM, Optics (as you can't use vents or vstab). Use the camo directive as well - if you're like me, you have 100s you've never used. It has good camo values already, but the crew + camo directive + chocolate means you have basically light tank camo, and tier 9 does allow some vision abuse when top tier / end game. Generally play it like a leo or other bitch sniping meds. Because your gun is 1) sooooo accurate, 2) has insane APCR pen and 3) great velocity, you can basically snipe / brute force your way through heavies front on, from the se
  17. I'd honestly recommend the Wt auf Pz IV. I have 7 Top Guns in it and I think all 7 are since I played it for missions. I was averaging 2.22 kills in it, and the 560 alpha let's you finish off a lot of fairly high HP tanks that a 390 gun wouldn't, and it reloads about as fast as most 390 guns, which always surprises people. Outside of that, low alpha (e.g. Kpz) doesn't work great, so I'd go either of the Leos (Pta worse tier for tier since nerf, but better MM, and both have 420 alpha) or the E 50. E 100 would be too slow / inconsistent. For the main thread, i'll update the OP tonight.
  18. This annoys me how this has been something people have said since pretty much I started playing early 2013. I guess it's kind of come true on NA, but on EU there's still plenty of people playing, including new players (bots at lower tiers scares me though). How have you adapted to playing tier 10 again? Do you like that the main yardstick to measure success has moved from W/R to DPG / marks? I remember back in 2013 to say 2016 or so that the DPGs people pull nowawdays were just pipe dreams, and anyone chasing DPG / WN8 / stats generally were frowned upon (especially here) as peo
  19. Some good shouts, including some I had no idea on (Chimera, really? Might save me free xp-ing up to the FV). I'll add in and credit when I get a chance.
  20. Yes, they do - I remember tracking progress when I was doing the missions.
  21. No rush. I might try and complete all 4 missions' tank picks, so you and @GehakteMolen can feed in all at once. I'll then move to the individual missions (although not sure on the format yet). The scout missions I'll definitely need help on, as I've not done many yet. Same for blocking.
  22. It'll follow - there's a lot to cover! In short though, it will be VK 100P, KV-4 and Object 268v-4. It's easier in tier 8s as you can get tier 6 games where even your lower plate is tough angled, and the v4 is good due to lower hp pool and you essentially yolo with it and invite shots from mid to long range.
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