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    December 2018 Map Elimination

    Abbey - 9 Airfield - 9 Cliff - 15 El Halluf - 17 Ensk - 12 Erlenberg - 10 Fjords - 12 Glacier - 13 - 3 = 10 As noted below, I am recently back after a long hiatus so for me this was a completely new map. WTF. Encourages one of 3 things: 1) western corridor poke fest; 2) try and poke middle ridge/make a run up the hill, at the risk of getting shit on by camping TDs or, worse, arty (also, yay for new stun mechanics. I am all for removing in most cases the 1 shot capabilities, but repeatedly getting splashed and stunned feels even worse, particularly when you get focused e.g. Malinovka hill); or 3) be on of those base camping morons aiming for middle ridge/waiting for your team to lose the heavy area for a couple of shots of damage. I've never seen either team really push the eastern side of the map properly yet, but that may be because I'm still new to it. When I have gone that side I quickly get rekt through not knowing the firing spots/no support. No thanks. Himmelsdorf - 15 Karelia - 16 Lakeville - 15 Live Oaks - 6 Malinovka - 16 Mannerheim Line - 6 Mines - 3 - 3 = 0 I have recently come back after 2+years away and I can't believe this is still in the game, at least on high tiers. Still broken, still shit and still way too team/composition dependent. Also, it's so bad I am tempted to turn encounter off, despite generally enjoying the rest of the encounter map rotation. Minsk - 15 Murovanka - 21 Overlord - 13 Pilsen - 3 Prokhorovka - 21 Province - 13 Redshire - 18 + 1 = 19 I liked this before the rework, and it still works now. There are ways to approach the TD spots without getting murdered, and it rewards knowing vision mechanics without it being OP. Also, a decent heavy brawl area that has a decent amount of arty protection and cover from TDs, until one side or the other wins and pushes through, which is fair most of the time. It also allows a decent defence if your team loses one flank or the other, or even the middle, provided you set up correctly and see it coming. As someone mentioned for Murovanka, it feels like a noose tightening rather than a steamroll, which is how it should be to prevent 15-1 scores. Ruinberg - 15 Sand River - 16 Serene Coast - 15 Steppes - 19 Tundra - 12 Westfield - 17 Widepark - 15 
  2. Any decent EU clans that will take a Superuni (by WN8 standards, which apparently has died since I last played regularly, so read into that what you will) who's not super active (back from a 9 month break, slowly incresing activity), but wants easy credits and premium/gold if possible?

  3. Snoregasm2

    Europa Universalis IV

    Yeah, in answer to your post prior to this one, it's worth waiting out Ming and engaging in an arms race with them, so that in 30-50 years you'll be twice their strength due to conquests elsewhere. RE manufacturies,just turbo develop in Farmland near Paris - it'll soon spread elsewhere as France is super highly developed.
  4. Snoregasm2

    Europa Universalis IV

    Why waste Admin points/Diplo points (e.g. vassal feeding) on Europe until you hit administrative efficiency upgrades at techs 23 and 27? Europe (and China, for that matter) have lots of high dev provinces that should only be conquered late game. If there is no threat from Europe, don't waste resources there that you could be using to expand in key trade nodes/against weaker nations, which will also make it easier fighting simultaneous wars (which you'll need to do non-stop from tech 23 anyway, if you want to world conqest). I would advise that you leave Europe, concentrate on breaking Ming's power (but taking vassals/lower dev provinces, rather than 100% warscore in provinces), and maximising the cancer strat so you have bases everywhere, and focus on making every nation digestible in one or two wars (so you can roll them easily late game).
  5. Not played properly since August 16, have some questions:

    - Swedish tanks - good or bad? WTF with the TDs? How are the heavies? OP, balanced or shit?

    - Is a new patch imminent? What's changing?

    - Is cancer still, you know, cancer? I played some games yesterday and it seemed the same as before.

    - Anything else that I've missed?

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    2. leggasiini


      Maus now has great gun as opposed to shit gun it had. it now has 500 higher DPM, best bloom on turret traverse, better accuracy and aim time. Its turret has better armor (you need gold to get through cheeks reliably even when unangled), lower side is utter bullshit and it has 200 more HP now.

      Kranvagn is in middle of T57 and 50b in terms of mobility. No, it just doesnt have better turret, it has best turret in the game. The gun is much worse tho at pmuch everything

      Arty has notably less alpha and pen but much bigger splash and bit faster reload. And arty has only stunning shells.

      Tanks before maus are pretty solid. dunno about T9 but tier 8 is pretty nice. The PZ7 after VK 4502 B is ok, thick frontal armor and bit nerfed JT gun (550 alpha)

      E5 tumor got nerfed. Its now just marginally stronger than pre-HD tumor. Grille 15 got all around nerfa. TVP is still unnerfed

    3. ZXrage


      -Their guns are locked to the hull, so they need to be standing still to press X to rotate the tank and depress/elevate the gun through the suspension, look up the Strv 103 to see it work IRL
      -Used to be, but they nerfed mobility so it's sluggish. It's really small and light for a heavy, though.
      -Overmatch, but they have a small cupola at the top. If you can get past the screen shoot HEAT because HEAT ricochets at 85 degrees
      -TL;DR new tier 10 lights are trash, nothing they do a batchat or leo 1 can do better
      They're new tanks, they bumped up the old lights to match their actual tier spred (i.e. T49 to tier 9), only the WZ-132 stayed
      -All their round stun, but they nerfed alpha
      -They're still collecting data for WN9, but even then they might just scarp it because of the changes
      -Buff to HP, armor, and DPM. They replaced it with Pz. VII whick is just a VK 72.01 with a nerfed JT gun
      -Their all a Maus at their tier basically. The tank that replaced the Maus after the VK B is the Pz. VII, see above.
      -No map changes, but T110E5 and Grille got nerfed. E5 is less troll with reduced cupola armor and the Grille is just a meh-ish TD now.

      Also, new premium trifecta of Patriot/Liberte/Defender and buffed Lowe killed T8 MM.

    4. Snoregasm2


      Thanks for the tip RE HEAT - seemed to help when using the M48.

      I've seen lots of these Defenders - is it a reward tank or something? I've not seen any Patriots or Libertes I don't think - I'm guessing they're US and French respectively? Reward tanks?

      I'm glad thr Grille got nerfed, but nerfing the cuppola on the E5 makes it shit again, surely? You could pen it with HEAT even when it was buffed - it looks like you have to play Maus if you want to bounce at tier 10.

      I played a few games today and yesterday, seems like the meta is pretty much the same. Lots of platoons with arties - I guess they're trying to do whilst they still can. Still an extraordinary amount of shitters, which is comforting, in its own way.

  6. Snoregasm2

    Kolni does YouTube replay reviews, send replays!

    Thanks once again for the feedback. I'm fascinated by your thought process when advising that I should have gone after the Jagd/T32/Mutz solo. Surely, in an autoloader with 1,300 clip potential, that would have been an incredibly risky move, even if the game was won? I rarely overextend in any autoloader, as its so easy to get rekt, especially by yolo-retards who don't give a shit whether they die if they get two shots of damage in. That's the reason why I went back to the other flank to farm the enemy heavies with the rest of my team (although I only got 6 of 8 shots out). When would you say it would become too risky to push a flank alone in an autoloader? Just a few specific observations: Man, those marks of excellence criticisms That was only like my 40th battle in that tank!! I'm now 94 battles in and averaging 3,600 DPG and 800 APG, so its not TERRIBLE E5 miss - I was going for 2nd engine fire - I just missed. I never autoaim (except very occasionally when circling tanks or on arty when I want to dodge their shells), so the Jagdtiger shot was just rushing the 4th shot to get into cover. Would you have pushed into the heavy area directly at any point? I always avoid it on that flank from the North spawn as its easy for their heavies to go hull down and their TDs/meds too quick poke you and shoot you in the flank.
  7. And I offered the same for EU, in case that was easier. Message not even read
  8. Snoregasm2

    Kolni does YouTube replay reviews, send replays!

    Ok, I've tried to apply the advice/criticism you gave me in the last replay review. In this game, I attempted to be more aggressive early on (going for the spots, as we had no lights) and then, later, assassinating the 140. However, I think you'll still think I'm playing too passively We'll see. Also, I picked another game which looks good on paper but still wasn't played optimally. For example, there was a long period mid game when it was a massive heavy slugfest and I didn't know how to push the situation. Should I have gone to the other side of the river? Tried to flank the heavies, even with the Jagdtiger and 140 watching them? Or did I play it right by sniping then taking out the 140 (I doubt it)? I've found that I act like a pussy much more when there's arty and corridors for arty to destroy you. I think Erlenburg is a map I always kind of know what I want to do (if my team comp lets me), whereas other maps I'm more hesitant, which leads to passive play. Anyway, here you go. Thoughts once again welcome:
  9. Snoregasm2

    Kolni does YouTube replay reviews, send replays!

    That's exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for. I'll try and find more games where I was genuinely unsure as to what to do to push the situation. My main concern was the fact that I was against 2 same tier mediums on full HP, in a platoon. My team, in a middle engagement, would have been useless if they had both yolo'd me, provided they played it right. What would you have done if I pushed up the E line and engaged the Panther 2, and it turned out the CDC was supporting on the E or D line out of line of sight of my city campers? I got massively lucky that they were retards, but I also felt (at the time - it was pretty horrendous watching it back tbh) that the way I played was the only way to a) allow my team to support me if I got yolo'd and b) the only way that left me a clear line of escape without being sniped. Early game observations also spot on - (I didn't go to the left side of the house at E6 as it is quite easy to get spotted there in a no camo FCM even using the bushes, and the enemy reds who haven't made it to the city usually have nothing to shoot at except you when spotted. In a med or light I would always go to the left side though).
  10. Snoregasm2

    Kolni does YouTube replay reviews, send replays! Right, I picked this replay for 3 reasons: I haven't played in near enough 2 months and you can see that with my shitty accuracy I never know what to do on Fisherman's bay at the start if your meds don't support - fortunately, our city heaves pushed getting spots for me to snipe, but I admit I played passively here. How should I have played aggressively in the first half of the game? In the 2nd half of the game, I was worried about vision. They had a platoon of medium tanks who, fortunately for me, fucked up. Against better players (although one of them had a better w/r than me, go figure), I would have easily lost this game. How should I have actually played this once the ELC died? So yeah, it looks impressive on paper but I felt like I got lucky and played poorly in partshere. Interested to here your feedback @Kolni.
  11. Snoregasm2

    Kolni does YouTube replay reviews, send replays!

    This thread is a great idea. I need to actually start playing again to get a replay that is just good enough to not be boring to watch and also shit enough at the end to the point where the game is thrown/almost thrown/becomes unwinnable. So business as usual for me then.
  12. So, I took the entire month of July and the end of June off from WOT - because fuck T92 top of the tree -  and played a couple of easing back in games over the weekend.

    My questions are:

     - what the fuck is wrong with the minimap?

    - why are these status updates fucked?

    @Kolni when did you become FAME-ous?

    1. Daezara


      - wargaming tried to improve / fix stuff :serb: 

      - never updated the forum or something i think?

      - he is lead badmin aswell, don't ask me how he got that.

  13. Snoregasm2

    X3N4 | Half man half amazing

    Post the replay here (unless I missed it?) so us plebs can watch it and read @X3N4's thoughts so we can learn too.
  14. Snoregasm2

    Vetro's AMA and Advice Thread

    Thanks, again, very helpful. I'm surprised you mentioned the CAX at all - most people's opinion of it is pretty terrible, as the things it does well either the M48 or STB do better, except maybe final accuracy which is (fairly) meaningless. Are there any heavies which are good to learn heavy tank skills in, E5 being except? My thoughts are that most of the heavies at tier 10 are gimped one way or another, making them fairly inflexible (E 100 too slow and gold vulnerable, 113 module damage poor-ish armour, IS-7 LOL that gun and also butter armour for anyone with a brain, autoloaders are too different). I guess it really leaves the IS-4 and FV215B, both of which are still pretty unique with playstyles which probably don't transfer across to other vehicles very well.
  15. Snoregasm2

    Vetro's AMA and Advice Thread

    Thanks for the responses, they're really helpful. In relation to the one above, I probably didn't word the question appropriately. What I actually meant was what 3 tanks should someone play at tier 10 which will teach him the most and help him improve? Everyone always answers 'RU Meds or E5', hence why I excluded them.
  16. Snoregasm2

    Vetro's AMA and Advice Thread

    If you could suggest 3 tanks to improve in at tier 10 (or tier 9) - not including the RU meds and the E5 - what would they be? When trying to improve and take the next step, do you: focus on maximising W/R (including doing boring shit, low DPG maneuveres which ultimately spur your pubbies to win etc.); maximising DPG and by extension survival rate; or trying unusual/trial and error strategies to test your limits and work out shit on the fly, which naturally impact on the other two? Related to the above, what is a good survival rate % and how closely should it be linked to W/R? I.e. should it be W/R - 5%, the same as W/R or not linked at all? At what point is your survival rate too high and you need to adjust your playstyle, particularly allied to a shitty W/R and playing solo all the time (obviously asking for a friend . . .).
  17. Snoregasm2

    X3N4 | Half man half amazing

    A rather useful (also selfish tip) - post your feedback on here (if the player who's paying for it agrees) to generate some interest and so people can see what they could get if they pay for it, but in relation to their own gameplay.
  18. You sir, are a wordsmith. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts.

  19. Fuck the UK - time to learn a foreign language on TS. Something useful though, no Dutch or Swedish (sorry @Kolni).

    Anyone wanna teach me?

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    2. Kolni


      "It's open! Theodor Elmar's alone!!!! 3V2!!!!!! GO2BOX!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEMMIIII YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES....etc we're final 16! we beat austria!" and the rest is completely ununderstandable for me :doge: 

    3. no_name_cro


      @Zinn Yeah but grammar and structure are pretty important when you're learning new language, having same pattern you're using already. Words are relatively easy to learn. I still have trouble with some English tenses for example, just because they are impossible to form in Croatian. :)

    4. Zinn


      It's not quite the same, though, just pretty similar. It's not like English and French, for instance, that are 75% the same - just pronounced differently :doge:

      Danish also has a shitload of contextual words that change meaning with how you use them, plus foreigners can never tell when to use en/et :serb:

  20. I live in a nation of retarded, xenophobic twats.

    I am ashamed.

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    2. Folterknecht



      An independent Europe for me means no more NATO/US/GB bullshit dominating our foreign and economic policies. What do you think who came up with the retarded idea of including states like Greece or Turkey into the EU and NATO (encirclement)? Who keeps pushing and pushing towards the east, playing Europe against Russia or imitates soviet submarines in Swedens waters?

    3. Birkovic


      @Folter, you need to read up about the cold war regarding Greece and Turkey. They joined NATO in 1952, which at the time made sense due to the political climate. Being Danish I don't disagree that culturally it feels like some of the other NATO partners are culturally very different from northern euros, but I'm pretty sure that we shouldn't blame anyone for inviting them in to NATO back then.

      I do agree though that the aggressive inclusion of eastern euro countries has seemed to progress too fast. On the other hand I don't feel like a Scandinavian shares too much with the southern euro countries either. To simplify it; we seem to be very different from most non-protestant countries (that is south of the Nederlands and Germany if any Muricans are reading).

    4. Folterknecht



      Thats why I wrote encirclement and pointed to the present with eastern europe. There are not many things where german politicans in the last decades showed some spine, but keeping Turkey out was one exception despite the US pushing hard. They are nothing but trouble.

      The US pushed again hard (enough) when it came to Greece recently, Merkel is a spineless creature. They got their wish and Greece is still in.


      The US wants many things, a strong and independent Europe is not among those things.


  21. Snoregasm2

    Elimination: Maps

    What I said, Gehakte just reduced the level of grammar I'll mix up my choices today. Special hate reserved for the endless corridors WG keep adding/keeping: Westfield - 31 Pearl River - 31 Karelia - 32 Live Oaks - 30 Siegfried Line - 16 Lakeville - 22 Malinovka - 37 Mittegard - 18 - Murovanka - 31 Mountain Pass - 15 - Wow, very dynamic gameplay to be found here with literally 3 grid squares being useful. What's that, if you win the brawl you then get shit on by arty and TDs? Yayyyyy!!! Port - 27 Province - 28 Prokhorovka - 17 Redshire - 35 - Proof that WG has some people, somewhere, who can change maps for the better. An always enjoyable map and great in any med, light or heavy (if there's arty it's easy to push the 1/2 lines instead of the heavy alley east). Ruinberg - 21 Fisherman's Bay - 17 Northwest - 31 Hidden Village - 15 Steppes - 34 Serene Coast - 27 Swamp - 18 Tundra - 12 - I actually feel depressed when I get this map, it's so team dependent. Why add a nice brawl area that allows you to be shit on by arty and rekt by TDs if you move forward to shoot? Widepark - 30 Cliff - 27 Fjords - 24 Highway - 21 Himmelsdorf - 32 Dragon Ridge - 29 Ensk - 20 South Coast - 31 Overlord - 19 (fixed from 20) Arctic Region - 27 Sacred Valley - 18 Severogorsk - 15 Kharkov - 18 - Terrible corridor map #2 (Stalingrad has already gone) Erlenberg - 28 Sand River - 27 El Halluf - 17 Pilsen - 19
  22. Snoregasm2

    X3N4 | Half man half amazing

    I'll check Mailand out. What I meant by name-checking Kolni was that he is the best person I know at my kind of level who can 3 MoE tanks (no offence intended!). He plays shit which I would never be able to 3 MoE and, just, does it somehow. I know he works at it and it doesn't just happen, but it's massively impressive how many tanks he has done it on. That's in contrast to players like X3N4, Carbon or Mailand can 3 MoE stuff just by playing it enough games, they're that good.
  23. Snoregasm2

    Elimination: Maps

    This is my first foray into the map debate, and bloody hell are there a lot of bad ones. I'm not going to vote on maps no longer in the game, because there's no fucking point, nor will I vote for low tier maps (Mittengard, Widepark) because, again, what's the fucking point? On to the votes: Westfield - 31Pearl River - 31Karelia - 32Live Oaks - 30Siegfried Line - 18Lakeville - 25Malinovka - 36 Mittegard - 24Murovanka - 31Mountain Pass - 18Port - 27Province - 28Prokhorovka - 17 - 3 = 14: Again, another map completely reliant on teammates if you end up in the wrong tank, like a heavy or a camo-less medium. Also, it needs road signs pointing people away from the 1/2 lines to the 3-0 lines. So many fucktards go 1/2, especially from the North when you literally have to be losing horrendously before you can even shoot anything. Any map which empowers reds and allows them to dictate how it plays out is a fucking travesty.Redshire - 33Mines - 6 - 3 = 3: Why is this map not limited to tier 6 and below? Pointless in higher tier games, makes multiple tank classes reliant of other tank classes (heavies on meds, TD's on heavies etc.) and is cancer for getting hit by arty. Also massively imbalanced spawns and the easiest map in the game to cap out on Encounter mode. Fuck off.Ruinberg - 24Fisherman's Bay - 23Northwest - 31Hidden Village - 18Steppes - 33 Serene Coast - 27Swamp - 24Tundra - 18Widepark - 30Cliff - 27Fjords - 27Highway - 24Himmelsdorf - 32 Dragon Ridge - 29Ensk - 23South Coast - 31Overlord - 28 - 3 = 25: No, just no. A map that a) empowers TDs camping, b) empowers arty with literally 0 arty cover anywhere and c) encourages your retard pubbies to lemming to the worst place on the map is the definition of bad map design.Arctic Region - 27Sacred Valley - 21Severogorsk - 18Kharkov - 24Erlenberg - 28 Sand River - 27 El Halluf - 16 + 1 = 17: Why the hate for this? It's reasonably arty safe and dynamic in the northwest, and it's very easy to consistently farm 4k damage plus regardless of tank. Yeah. it can be a pain to push out once you've won the fight, but it allows any tank to be useful pretty much, and has decent arty cover. Rest of the map is pointless, but a lot of maps are like that too. Pilsen - 22
  24. Snoregasm2

    Expected Values updated to v27

    Makes a change something working on EU and not NA. I'm always sad that the damage whores site only shows NA players. On a positive (negative?), I am now 1 WN8 away from being XVM target numero uno by being dark purple overall. Yay (I think) me!
  25. Snoregasm2

    X3N4 | Half man half amazing

    Fuck you both, you're two of the guys who make me want to keep improving, something to aspire towards - if you quit it makes the game less interesting knowing (IMO) the best player on the EU server and the best 3 MoE padder on the EU server aren't playing anymore I never even got a chance to 'toon with Kolni either! @X3N4, in all seriousness, a break is probably a good thing - the combination of summer and T92 makes the EU server pretty fucking shit right now. Give it a couple of months and let all the kids go back to school then start playing again? It'd be a shame to quit so close to 4k I know, TCAmir was actually quite different to some of the other top players, in that he played ballsy as fuck even on the EU server (doesn't work as well as RU or NA) and made it work more often than not. Also, someone needs to give @CarbonWard permission for him to upload replaypacks when he's padding their account, so we can see how he plays. Right now it's like: 1. Someone pays him to 3 Mo3 a tank 2. ???? 3. 3 MoE achieved with fucking insane results which we can't see