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  1. Sorry if I've missed it in another thread, but Italian heavies:

    1. Are any of them worth it; and

    2. In what order do they stack up tier for tier? 

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    2. lavawing


      tier 7: tier 6 in disguise and free-exp sink par excellence

      tier 8: fast, semi-armoured with a shallow clip that's slow to load and slow to unload (this sets a trend). what makes the tank less than competitive is the terrible DPM, bad bloom compounded by speed, and the low prem pen at 242. on the bright side, it can reach and keep 49kph with turbo making it a very good med bully, at least when it has a full clip loaded.

      tier 9: the 'highlight' of the line is merely decent. I free-exped this thing while drunk and somewhat regret it.

      • the armour might as well not exist on flat ground, and only offers 50/50 resistance to 320+ pen gold rounds. the real strength is that it's a very small tank for a tier 9 heavy and can use cover/bushes that most of its peers can't. no weakspots to speak of, either.
      • it's slower than the 8 and especially sluggish at low speeds.
      • the gun is the best in the line, with a decent AP round with 242 pen, and an Emil-tier HEAT round with 303 pen. the base round is decent in the sense that it's got high-ish shell velocity and doesn't lose much pen over distance (230 pen @ 500m), making this tank fairly cheap to run as a tier 9.
      • the gun handling, on paper, is worse than on the tier 8. in practice the tank is so sluggish at low speeds that the gun handling winds up being actually better.
      • the aimtime is long, but the accuracy is very good. as with most other tanks with bad bloom and low dispersion, it helps to aim your shots a half second or more than you usually would in Soviet supertanks. or just cruise control.
      • The DPM is low and you need 39 seconds to refill the clip, which, by the way, only deals 1.2k damage. The auto-reloader discount is a lie, and you should not use it unless you're as sloppy at managing clips as I am. The best reload you can get for single shots is 11.2 seconds which is T34 levels of bad.
      • 3.5 intra clip.
      • -9 gun dep slaps on a tank with a profile this low and allows you to bully tier 8 heavies and tier 9 meds with impunity.
      • incidentally all tanks in the line have -12 reverse speed and these being hill humping heavies it hurts.

      tier 10: paging @Deus__Ex__Machina

      IMO 9>8>>10>>>>>>7

    3. Deus__Ex__Machina


      unless ur a collector the entire line is a waste of time/xp/credits 

    4. Bobi_Kreeg


      I thought tier 7 might be ok. It supposed to be a "transitional" tank from medium to heavy. But I don't see how?!

      Unless... with "transitional" people mean it has armor of a medium, and speed of a heavy, length of a TOG, with no DPM on top of it.

      The so called "DPM gun" has trash pen, it's 168 I think. Trash.

      Everywhere you look: trash.

      It's a free exp dumpster. What a shame. 

  2. Apparently Fadin's medals are like buses - 40k battles without any, then 2 in a month, both with the 13 57 on the SAME MAP:



  3. Got blocked out on Highway in the city, so I couldn't help our team push (it was too narrow to go around). The guy reversed into me and 3 allies died. I send a report to WG w/replay and I get banned for 3 days for pushing him.

    You can't make it up. 

    P.S. he did 0 dmg, I did 3k, after I gave up and retreated. 

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    2. Snoregasm2


      I wouldn't normally, but he was an arse and completely unapologetic. I've found that physics abuse (i.e. blocking) does usually lead to bans, so i've sent a couple in the past - I feel like it helps the pond scum realise that yes, they are in fact in the wrong and need to learn.

      More fool me.


    3. PityFool


      I miss back in the day when you could just TK them and use their wreck as cover while you carry.

    4. lavawing


      @PityFool i still have fond memories of travelling all the way from the enemy spawn to TK your arta at base

      'sry. it be lag.' I said.

  4. I thought you can only buy old camos after you complete the 4 sets for this year?
  5. I agree broadly with @Deus__Ex__Machina - both Chieftain and 279 are broken and OP, and trying to say the Chieftain isn't is wrong - but I think what @GehakteMolen is trying to say (although maybe not clearly) is that the Chief has the lower floor/higher ceiling, and the 279 is vice versa. The Chief is a super unicum's dream with it's turret armour, mobility, gun handling and gun depression. A 279 is a pubbie's dream in that they can RRR and autoaim HEAT and still do their own hitpoints in damage without blinking, without other pubbies doing much beyond HE spam if you keep them in front of you. Good players will obviously know how to take down both, but all things being equal a Chieftain playing to it's strengths by a great player is, to me, more annoying/harder than a 279 in the same scenario, at least one on one/end game. Early game, 279s are better at rolling/holding entire flanks and pushing the tempo in tier 8/9 games.
  6. I don't platoon, so take what I say with a pinch of salt, but I imagine the ideal comps at tier 8 will be as 1. Vision, 2. Burst/DPM/Penetration, 3. Stopping power. So I guess: Vision - EBR/LT-432 (active) or ELC/preferred lights (passive). Maybe Bourrasque if you have optics. Burst - Progetto/autoloader of choice. If you want pure DPM/ability to use it, LIS/Progetto. If you want to hedge against tier 10s, SU/Skorp/STRV, each with gold. Stopping - 703/E75 TS/other heavy of choice. I also guess in platoons tanks like Progetto and Bourrasque are great as they can perform multiple roles well, as they are OP. Renegade too, could fall under both DPM and Stopping power. Am I doing this right?
  7. I will admit, although the E 75 TS gun handling is trash compared to Renegade, there are some things that a Renegade just can't do - http://wotreplays.eu/site/5683054#fjords-snoregasm2-e_75_ts. In I think any other tier 8 there is no way I carry this situation.

    Pleased to know 1,861 base XP is an Ace at last - this thing is almost as hard to Ace as the Bourrasque.

  8. I just bought the Jagd E100. I think I need help.

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    2. Rexxie


      at least its fun for the first dozen battles

    3. Snoregasm2


      @lavawing yeah, I only solopub.

      @Rexxie I must be doing it wrong, got to 8 games with it and didn't really enjoy it.

      I felt like I was just chasing damage in all my games so far, or too slow to do anything. I think I need to just be more aggressive, but the one time I did that on Himmels an S Conq just farmed 1600 HP from me whilst I was hull down. I reckon I'll play it looking for that "perfect" game and probably never find it.

      On the bright side, 420 HEAT is just . . . just the tops. I was shooting UFP for fun/testing purposes. I want them to know that I could have shot weakspots, but chose not to as a fuck you.

    4. PityFool


      Nothing is more annoying than casually farming a JPE through his superstructure with gold, and then they have the AUDACITY to post a round through the thickest part of my perfectly positioned tank with 420 HEAT.

  9. I'd identify with the rationale of these two posts more than any others: Anyone saying Mali or Prok needs their head examined. Unless you play a Maus, they're two of the best maps in the entire game - win or lose, if you play semi-competently they're guaranteed farms. I also saw Karelia mentioned - literally the best Assault map in game, and decent on Standard. Paris is fine IMO - if you avoid field, you can enjoy it. I go to the heavy corner in everything except maybe lights. Paper meds, TDs etc. - all belong in heavy corner for the free farm. Berlin is poor overall, but in a Russian med/other armoued med/heavium, on Encounter, it's almost a guaranteed Ace Tanker. Just rush cap and farm - simple. A lot of people hate Fisherman's Bay but there are worse maps to ban. I agree with heavies though - it sucks to play. How do people not enjoy Ghost Town? Assault is maybe the 2nd best after Karelia. Literally just pulled a casual 6k on Asaault with the LIS in between typing this - http://wotreplays.eu/site/5680509#ghost_town-snoregasm2-cs-52 (check the time stamp) Abbey and Airfield both share single map ban slot for me, on rotation. Both stagnant, arty death traps with limited flex and, once locked into a flank, hard to disengage. Also, limited early vision makes it hard to know which flank to pick, making it a dice roll at the start of each game (also why sometimes you can get big games on them, despite their flaws). My other ban is Minsk. I just don't know it, and I will not learn. Every time I unban it to try it I seem to have horrific teams, which lead to horrific games, which leads to banning again. It seems that pubbies playing it for years still don't know how to play it, so I don't see why I should have to either. One thing no one has mentioned (that I can see) is that Encounter/Assault impacts this a lot. If bans got rid of those modes too, it would make Mines and maybe Erlenberg viable map bans as well. As is, no point banning either when you can still get them in the rotation.
  10. Is E 75 TS worth it? Where does it sit in the tier 8 pecking order?

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    2. lavawing


      @CandyVanMan that was my initial opinion as well

      but the bloom/armor profile/speed encourage you to rush points and leverage hulldown which is not exactly optimal in this meta IMO. I say it's not optimal, largely because of maps 1.0 meta - where before something like a T-10/430 II could win you games with next to no effort/skill 

      also the armor is easy to leverage but shit against high pen, i.e. >250 pen rounds and only strong around a very small angle of fire. the armour works well against non TD stuff at mid range - but then the gun doesn't like to perform past 200m or so

      much better just to load APCR and lase tanks from across the map in a Renegade/CS-52, and less stressful too

      plus it has a lot of trouble against 9s because of the armour/exposure issues, whereas, again, a Renegade can spam APCR and do its usual thing from like 500m.

    3. CandyVanMan


      @lavawing E75 TS can do that just as effectively as the Renegade though, it's only behind it in terms of track dispersion, which is not really that impactful unless you drive like a mong.

      E75 TS is also more mobile than Renegade, yes, seriously.

      I can much more easily leverage the armor in TS compared to Renegade, as fascist box tanks are less rng on armor, but more reliant on perfect angling. 
      It just feels more comfortable for my playstyle, which is kinda weird as I play mostly burger tanks.

      Oh, and the ammo on TS is far superior to the Renegade's ammo.

    4. lavawing


      E75 feels a lot more janky because of how fast it accelerates which makes the already middling bloom on movement worse

      agree with the mobility and armour and gold pen

      Renegade's armour is shit but you it's not fatal since you mostly do weird pokes at the edge of viewrange. It's kinda like the M46 in this regard - your armour is not great but your exposure time is tiny

      OTOH the 75TS's armour profile is really nice, but it mostly bleeds when relocating and from ultra high pen TDs which good positioning/angling can't mitigate. the Renegade has a weird/patchy armour scheme which mostly just buys time for you to swing your gun on target

      The E75 TS is comfy in the sense that there's always something you're meant to do in any given match, i.e. rush B and hold B. In the Renegade a lot of the time you're just waiting and sniping and ducking behind your heavies. 

  11. 25 boxes, 18 days of prem, 8k gold, low tier tanks, Maus/60tp skins. Fuck.
  12. Oof. Feels like me last year, I got 3 x 25 in a row chasing the 703 or E 75 TS, got neither. Should have just bought the 75 package. Not sure what to do this year - I only care about the GSOR and Bisonte as well.
  13. 25 and both the Bisonte and GSOR is the dream. Not sure how many to buy myself - I chased the Object 703 and E 75 TS last year and got neither, which was disappointing. I did get the Defender the year before though, so swings and roundabouts.
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    2. Snoregasm2


      I understand it's a good tank, but even factoring that in 1,500 seems insanely high to not get an Ace. The highest i'd seen before this was like 1,400.

    3. ZXrage


      I remember getting a 1.5k on the bourrasque and only getting 1st class, i still dont have an ace tanker on that thing XD

    4. Snoregasm2
  14. Literally this - it's such a stupid hill to die on in today's meta. You're purposefully harming your team not firing premium ammo in tier 9/10 games, and literally anyone can buy it for credits since, what, 2013? I just don't get the arguments against it. You still need to know where to shoot so it doesn't take the skill out of the game, just some of the RNG. Yeah, WG ultimately make more money in prem time/premium tanks etc., but that's literally their business model so it comes with the game as is.
  15. Out of curiosity, who are the two?
  16. Yes and no. It can make it enjoyable to play or not. But giving it terrible bloom and/or terrain resistances doesn't make it any less broken to play against. It just means it's shit for everyone, e.g. FV4005.
  17. That's true - i'm up to 90+ but that's still after this in my last 78 battles, with good assist: In nearly any other tier 8 tank that alone is 3 marks. That shit is hard to mark man.
  18. That's really interesting - I use that site but I didn't realise it had these tier lists. The tiers 9 and 10 lists are also interesting: T-54 6th easiest to mark - I need to buy it back apparently, as there is no way it is worse than BC-AP. 277-II confirmed worst reward tank at tier 9. Reward tanks at tier 9 make up 4 of top 5 hardest to mark. Type 5 is the 5th hardest tier 10 to mark, ahead of the VK and S Conq, and even the Progetto. Speaking of, the Progetto is still very high - not played it since the nerf, but is it still better than average? I didn't realise the 279 ebola is 400 dpg better than the Chief - is this because it is more idiot proof?
  19. Make sure you turn encounter off then as map bans only work for standard mode, meaning you can still get Ensk on encounter if enabled.
  20. I'd agree with a lot of that. To be fair to Daki, he deliberated over a lot of choices and often listed alternatives you have above, before explaining why he didn't pick it in the end. He noted that some stuff would be flat out better for randoms in a way that it wouldn't for competitive, with a lot of that being vision modules. Out of interest, what would you put on the Renegade? It's terrain resistances are so horrific that it genuinely seems to be a candidate for grousers? Compared against other tanks I'm thinking of playing for the PL med marathon:
  21. Wow, they all seem OP in current form (measured against same tier peers), but the British TD in particular is a tier 9 Skoda T50, but faster!??? Even if they balance all 3 tanks by way of gun performance, all that means is they're both horrible to play and play against.
  22. That was a really useful video. For those who didn't watch (and bearing in mind these set-ups are for competitive, not randoms - although they discuss random set-ups in the video). Bond/bounty equipment where you have it: 0:38 - Leopard - improved aiming, rammer, vents 4:02 - Object 907 - v-stab, vents, rammer 5:49 - Chieftain - v-stab, vents, rammer 10:49 - Object 279(e) - v-stab, rammer, improved configuration 19:05 - Object 260 - v-stab, vents, rammer 20:10 - Object 277 - v-stab, vents, rammer 21:16 - EBR 105 - lots of options, but settle on rammer, vents, optics 30:15 - Objet 268v.4 - again, they discuss lots of options but end up with improved rotation, vents, rammer 38:18 - T110E4 - improved rotation, vents, rammer 42:00 - AMX 50B - hardening, vents, v-stab 45:15 - Kranvagn - improved rotation, vents, v-stab 47:35 - STB-1 - v-stab, vents, rammer 50:37 - TVP 50/51 - turbo, vents, v-stab 54:34 - Strv 103B - camo net, rammer, vents 57:41 - Conqueror GC - rammer, vents, gld 1:01:12 - CS-63 - rammer, vents, v-stab 1:03:01 - 60TP - hardening, rammer, v-stab 1:08:21 - T-100 LT - binocs, vents, optics (again, worth stressing this is competitive and not random set-up) 1:18:11 - Explanation on Commander Vision System 1:28:45 - BatChat 25t - hardening, vents, v-stab 1:35:15 - Insights on tier 8 tanks starting with Progetto 46
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