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  1. I can only advise with the latest changes to HE that this has become an almost mandatory skip. I know that's not ideal, but the excess orders are there for that reason, and if you have any left over i would genuinely recommend you save yourself the headache of trying to complete that mission. Failing that, engine fires are your friend. High ROF, fast tank to get to the side / rear of a tank, Deadeye perk if you can get it and just hunt those engine shots.
  2. If your preferred tanks are Bloc tanks, 100% go down that route. I did it by completing the Bloc missions as well - it was fun to play and so many of those missions were very easy in my favoured tanks. I basically did it playing a combination of HWK 12, tier 8 VK and Wt. Auf. Pz IV, with the best gun in the game. I tried to complete Bloc with honours, so I could skip 3 lines, but in the end I gave up, as getting 3 Ace Tankers is just too RNG. I would have completed it about 2 weeks quicker if I hadn't have kept trying that. So my advice would be to pick 2 lines (Bloc and, by the so
  3. I guess i've not played it enough / know enough about the maps to consider that angle, which is fair. Do you know any streamers who play it, so I can learn some of the meta without playing it myself?
  4. It's a good idea to make them available to the general populace to obtain feedback, but making them count towards random stats and MoE is IMO a mistake (and not very clear when you boot it up), and I know a lot of players who could provide good feedback (i.e. better players) avoid it for this reason. The whole point is the maps might be unbalanced, so why take a chance to ruin your grind if they are? If they were basically FL or a mode that just doesn't count towards random stats, i'd be inclined to play it.
  5. Ah fair enough mate, I did mis-read you! Yeah, agreed 100% it will be nerfed, it currently has no real downside beyond a shitty turret.
  6. Did @GehakteMolen really suggest running the tier 10 with single shot, or did I mis-read that? I don't know how anyone can run the single shot, given the 1k dmg in 2 seconds is the number 1 selling point of the tank, and I would argue the best thing about any tech tree tier 10 in the game right now. @sr360, you were completely right, this tank meshes with me really well. I wasn't sure after the first 4 or 5 games, but after a 5k DPG session yesterday and 4.5k for the week, I'm officially in love with this tank. I've never consistently broken the 4k DPG barrier with any tank (and have been
  7. 12 games, 0 wins. And that's with 4.9k average dmg in the Vz. 55.

    Why did I start playing again?


  8. Yeah I'm generally high on autoloaders - all my first higher tier 3 marks were in them (tvp, Proh 65 etc.). I played 5 games last night. I'm stil pretty rusty as i've only played FL in the last 3 months or so, but it's definitely got potential. I managed to sidescrape reasonably well, and it's definitely fast for how good it's armour is. Probably small sample size, but arty definitely focused me, maybe because they're already aware it's dangerous + the armour relies on angles, not thickness? When you blam 2 shots it feels nice. My 5th game was a defeat on Ghost Town, but managed to g
  9. What, because I'm more of a Med player normally? I'm gonna free XP it tonight and play a few games.
  10. Free XP is there so you don't kill yourself playing stock tier 9s. I need to play this before it gets nerfed, I usually only catch on too late (Type 5, for example).
  11. I've not played for around 2 months (surprised they went live with the Field Modifications too), so only just catching up. Bought it and played it in FL to get back up to speed. Only using standard AP because FL, but agree it doesn't feel stupid OP because the handling and aimtime is so trollish. Armour seems decent so far (a bit better than the tech tree counterpart? I've been switching between them every FL battle) but it moves vey sluggishly. Is the tier 10 properly mobile? How is the tier 9? I can skip straight to tier 10 with free XP, but I'm killing two birds with FL getting ba
  12. I traded in my T34 last week for the HWK 30, as I made the HWK 12 work so well with it's insane view range doing missions. The HWK 30 is better at literally everything except size (it can't fit in some bushes) - I like it more than the LT-432 TBH. I think you can emulate your tier 9 numbers, give or take, over a decent sample size in it. I'll let you know how I get on - back from my wedding this week so I'll be playing a bit before I go back to work Monday.
  13. This was already the most RNG-dependent mission of all 60 in the 279 mission set, due to lack of ideal tanks (Foch 155 being the best bet, pre-HE changes), but following the changes I would advise this as a must skip. I think the only way of completing it now is to go for engine fires multiple times with standard rounds, rather than spamming HE from any vehicle (even arty). Which missions with honours are you still stuck on to unlock additional orders?
  14. Now that is something i'd not considered - being able to avoid blind bush shots is actually the most useful thing about this new perk, i'd argue. There's a lot of maps / end game scenarios where a decent arty will know where you are more or less - if you position yourself arse forward (so you can drive quickly), i guess this will help avoid most/all damage, particularly if the bush is on the top of a hill. There's still a good chance the arty misses and hits you driving away, but it'll work out more often than it doesn't. The problem on lights is you need view range, so even with no
  15. Nah, tanks that burn you want 100% FF on all crew, then run the directive, which makes it twice as effective but ONLY if all crew are 100% trained (which is why you can't mix and match it). On those tanks, dropping FF on the commander means you either run the risk of burning every other game or you don't run food, which is a huge impact either way. Like I said, it's only some tanks you do this on, but for those tanks i'd say FF is more important than this new perk, meaning it would be 6th or 7th on the commander skill tier list.
  16. I can't think of many tanks were it would be above 6th, BIA, view range and repairs. That's at least 4 skills (or 5 if no radioman). If you're maxing view range, that means you want to max camo too, so that takes it to 5/6. If you're in a heavy, you might not have camo but will want FF usually (and I still have camo on heavy crews like Chief because i have 6 skills and it's situationally useful in end game scenarios). So yeah, if you're packing a 7 skill crew or don't care about view range at all (Maus?), then go for it.
  17. Before I equip the 279, is it a tank that needs Improved Config? I've heard it gets ammo racked a lot, and I noticed Daki runs that in randoms (and uses Hardening in competitive games).

    I've got the other 2 slots as purple Rammer / V stab, but again, is it slow enough to drop V stab?

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    2. sr360


      I think that's a decent start. I used to run iVS/iRammer/iMod Config for randoms, then got pressed into service for CW and was asked to put hardening, and then just left it as such.

    3. kolni


      I made do marking it without config, I just hade to save repkit for racks instead of repairing track to get the extra shot off

      I did rammer, stab and hardening

    4. GehakteMolen


      i went with rammer / stab / hardening, however track repais seems suprising slow, so perhaps hardening would help with that also (so far my driver dies more as ammo so for ammorack its not that bad)

      ps: HE rework should help this tank a lot, that seems to be main weakness (met an E3 and 60Tp head on, it didnt end well for me...)

  18. Well, 279(e) is get. Time to update the guide!

    1. hazzgar


      Enjoy it. Got it only a few days before you and I while I knew its uber OP jesus. I never realized how easymode it is. Just know where enemies with sub 330 premium pen are. Go there. Laugh.

  19. Is it obvious I'm tryharding missions? On the plus side, finished Bloc-15 (without honours - despite getting 1st class every 3rd game or so in the HWK 12, apparently I'm bad at farming Aces with it), and i've unlocked Coalition-15, so all that's left is 3 1sts in some fun tanks to play (Skoda T 50, Progetto 46, Bourrqaue) and I will have the Ebola at last.
  20. Why the fuck is Mines still allowed at high tiers?

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    2. hall0


      Mines is cancer. Only worth playing in lowtier. 

      I have it banned for ages and I don't miss it. And you know why I don't miss it? This worthless programmers at WG will let me play this shit again when playing other game modes. 


    3. kolni


      I turned off everything just so I would never have to see erlenberg ever again

    4. Snoregasm2


      Yeah the problem is Mines isn't worth banning due to how shit some of the other maps are, plus you have to turn Encounter off.

      I couldn't even ban it when I did have Encounter off and I was doing scouting missions for the 279, as I needed to ban Himmels and Ensk.

      Minsk is pretty much a perma ban unless doing scouting, and right now I have Overlord banned because it's so inconsistent/team dependent. I did have Airfield for a long time, and I sometimes ban Abbey. All of those allow you to play Assault / Encounter still.

      Mines would be after those 4.

  21. I did it over the weekend with the Manticore. The trick is to reset until you get a good first game. I got Malinovka and got 7 assisted kills, meaning I only needed 13 over 9 battles. For me, tier 10 is better for the assisted kills missions as your team is usually more clinical.
  22. It looks really fun ... for Frontlines.
  23. I've fully read through and thanks again for this @kolni. I've had a lot of feedback from you over the years, and it's nice to see i've improved because of it. There is no way i'd 3 mark tier 10s 2 years ago, or some of the harder tier 8s, yet now I can, which is really rewarding. A couple of observations: I really struggle to stay in battle after I die to watch teammates and/or watch my own fail replays. On the first one, i'm often tilted that my team did fuck all and allowed me to die, which is completely stupid as the only person to blame is myself. That's a personal failing th
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