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  1. Post the replay here (unless I missed it?) so us plebs can watch it and read @X3N4's thoughts so we can learn too.
  2. Thanks, again, very helpful. I'm surprised you mentioned the CAX at all - most people's opinion of it is pretty terrible, as the things it does well either the M48 or STB do better, except maybe final accuracy which is (fairly) meaningless. Are there any heavies which are good to learn heavy tank skills in, E5 being except? My thoughts are that most of the heavies at tier 10 are gimped one way or another, making them fairly inflexible (E 100 too slow and gold vulnerable, 113 module damage poor-ish armour, IS-7 LOL that gun and also butter armour for anyone with a brain, autoload
  3. Thanks for the responses, they're really helpful. In relation to the one above, I probably didn't word the question appropriately. What I actually meant was what 3 tanks should someone play at tier 10 which will teach him the most and help him improve? Everyone always answers 'RU Meds or E5', hence why I excluded them.
  4. If you could suggest 3 tanks to improve in at tier 10 (or tier 9) - not including the RU meds and the E5 - what would they be? When trying to improve and take the next step, do you: focus on maximising W/R (including doing boring shit, low DPG maneuveres which ultimately spur your pubbies to win etc.); maximising DPG and by extension survival rate; or trying unusual/trial and error strategies to test your limits and work out shit on the fly, which naturally impact on the other two? Related to the above, what is a good survival rate % and how closely should it be link
  5. A rather useful (also selfish tip) - post your feedback on here (if the player who's paying for it agrees) to generate some interest and so people can see what they could get if they pay for it, but in relation to their own gameplay.
  6. You sir, are a wordsmith. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts.

  7. Fuck the UK - time to learn a foreign language on TS. Something useful though, no Dutch or Swedish (sorry @Kolni).

    Anyone wanna teach me?

    1. kolni


      "It's open! Theodor Elmar's alone!!!! 3V2!!!!!! GO2BOX!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEMMIIII YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES....etc we're final 16! we beat austria!" and the rest is completely ununderstandable for me :doge: 

    2. no_name_cro


      @Zinn Yeah but grammar and structure are pretty important when you're learning new language, having same pattern you're using already. Words are relatively easy to learn. I still have trouble with some English tenses for example, just because they are impossible to form in Croatian. :)

    3. Zinn


      It's not quite the same, though, just pretty similar. It's not like English and French, for instance, that are 75% the same - just pronounced differently :doge:

      Danish also has a shitload of contextual words that change meaning with how you use them, plus foreigners can never tell when to use en/et :serb:

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  8. I live in a nation of retarded, xenophobic twats.

    I am ashamed.

    1. Folterknecht



      An independent Europe for me means no more NATO/US/GB bullshit dominating our foreign and economic policies. What do you think who came up with the retarded idea of including states like Greece or Turkey into the EU and NATO (encirclement)? Who keeps pushing and pushing towards the east, playing Europe against Russia or imitates soviet submarines in Swedens waters?

    2. Birkovic


      @Folter, you need to read up about the cold war regarding Greece and Turkey. They joined NATO in 1952, which at the time made sense due to the political climate. Being Danish I don't disagree that culturally it feels like some of the other NATO partners are culturally very different from northern euros, but I'm pretty sure that we shouldn't blame anyone for inviting them in to NATO back then.

      I do agree though that the aggressive inclusion of eastern euro countries has seemed to progress too fast. On the other hand I don't feel like a Scandinavian shares too much with the southern euro countries either. To simplify it; we seem to be very different from most non-protestant countries (that is south of the Nederlands and Germany if any Muricans are reading).

    3. Folterknecht



      Thats why I wrote encirclement and pointed to the present with eastern europe. There are not many things where german politicans in the last decades showed some spine, but keeping Turkey out was one exception despite the US pushing hard. They are nothing but trouble.

      The US pushed again hard (enough) when it came to Greece recently, Merkel is a spineless creature. They got their wish and Greece is still in.


      The US wants many things, a strong and independent Europe is not among those things.


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  9. What I said, Gehakte just reduced the level of grammar I'll mix up my choices today. Special hate reserved for the endless corridors WG keep adding/keeping: Westfield - 31 Pearl River - 31 Karelia - 32 Live Oaks - 30 Siegfried Line - 16 Lakeville - 22 Malinovka - 37 Mittegard - 18 - Murovanka - 31 Mountain Pass - 15 - Wow, very dynamic gameplay to be found here with literally 3 grid squares being useful. What's that, if you win the brawl you then get shit on by arty and TDs? Yayyyyy!!! Port - 27 Province - 28 Prokhorovka - 17 Redshire - 35 - Proof t
  10. I'll check Mailand out. What I meant by name-checking Kolni was that he is the best person I know at my kind of level who can 3 MoE tanks (no offence intended!). He plays shit which I would never be able to 3 MoE and, just, does it somehow. I know he works at it and it doesn't just happen, but it's massively impressive how many tanks he has done it on. That's in contrast to players like X3N4, Carbon or Mailand can 3 MoE stuff just by playing it enough games, they're that good.
  11. This is my first foray into the map debate, and bloody hell are there a lot of bad ones. I'm not going to vote on maps no longer in the game, because there's no fucking point, nor will I vote for low tier maps (Mittengard, Widepark) because, again, what's the fucking point? On to the votes: Westfield - 31Pearl River - 31Karelia - 32Live Oaks - 30Siegfried Line - 18Lakeville - 25Malinovka - 36 Mittegard - 24Murovanka - 31Mountain Pass - 18Port - 27Province - 28Prokhorovka - 17 - 3 = 14: Again, another map completely reliant on teammates if you end up in the wrong tank, like a heavy or
  12. Makes a change something working on EU and not NA. I'm always sad that the damage whores site only shows NA players. On a positive (negative?), I am now 1 WN8 away from being XVM target numero uno by being dark purple overall. Yay (I think) me!
  13. Fuck you both, you're two of the guys who make me want to keep improving, something to aspire towards - if you quit it makes the game less interesting knowing (IMO) the best player on the EU server and the best 3 MoE padder on the EU server aren't playing anymore I never even got a chance to 'toon with Kolni either! @X3N4, in all seriousness, a break is probably a good thing - the combination of summer and T92 makes the EU server pretty fucking shit right now. Give it a couple of months and let all the kids go back to school then start playing again? It'd be a shame to quit so close to 4
  14. V.27 pushed my overall to 2899.

    SO. CLOSE. :wao:

    1. Zinn


      Hurry before WN9 hits :serb:

    2. Snoregasm2


      @Zinn already superuni on that scale, this is just making sure I dot the I's and cross the T's before it hits :disco:

    3. Siimcy


      160 points away from superunicum in wn8 but only 5 in wn9, dawaj wn9 come out :serb: 

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  15. This game man . . . this game is the last thing anyone needs when they're going through any sort of issues, let alone mental health issues. I like to consider myself a reasonably well adjusted individual in my life outside of WOT, but I've raged harder than Schnitzel did in that status update in random battles chat (obviously without the self-loathing and suicidal thoughts), so much so that I have to lie to my GF when she asked me why I was chat banned again. I hope he has people around him in his real life to help him through this period in his life.
  16. Haha it would be boring watching it from your perspective - I know you rape face anyway. I want to hear how he blames his team like the little bitch he is. I'll find his stream to watch the whine Edit: Watched his stream, was boring, now I have to watch your replay. I would guess stronk FAMU credit boost.
  17. Which past broadcast and minute? I need to see that, QB schadenfreude best schadenfreude.
  18. I think hate-boner is a little excessive, and you literally posted that comment directly under @Jesse_the_Scout's post also calling out the CAX for not being great. TBH, your comparison of CAX w/o food to STB with food is decent - the gun handling will probably be very similar in that situation, with better final accuracy on the CAX. The reason why the CAX isn't, IMO, worth investing time or effort into as it has two direct competitors (the STB and the M48) that do the things it does well better than it. If you want a fat, capped out speed medium, with a fairly un-troll turret and bu
  19. Although I never really go there, the field in the east is a lot more viable for the North spawn, as once it is won the buildings are a lot more favourably positioned for poking/killing any retards who have been sitting near the entrances of the middle warehouse all game. What tends to happen is that the North spawn invests 6 or 7 tanks to the East, against say 3 or 4 from the South. They get overrun, possibly with an arty or 2 in the corner. The big difference here is that the campers in the middle also get overrun relatively quickly, as they have multiple avenues of fire against them (assumi
  20. Welcome! Have fun, but be careful about expressing opinions which the majority of the community disagree with - this forum has become less open than the WOT forums for opinion sharing! But with 1 post a week you should be fine
  21. Not sure if you took the time to read all of those posts, but it was actually the other guy who asked 'who is your dealer?' to me. I'm just pointing out that he isn't making any sense whatsoever. Hate mail. Sure. I tried to take this offline, so you could save some face. You just asked me who my dealer was again. It's my fault, I forgot to give you directions. Here: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/
  22. I have no idea what you just said, but let's try and answer your incoherent ramblings with a very simple statement. The Pershing is better than the IS-3 in higher tier games. Got it champ? I gave you an example of why, but that was one example of many. If I was told I was loading into a random battle in a tier that was guaranteed to enter into a tier 10 game, I would pic the Persing (and T32) ahead of the IS-3. That is the point made 5 pages ago, and 1 page ago, that you can't see to grasp. Now quit whilst you're behind.
  23. Lol. You're really not making much sense. In the same post, you (quite rightly) point out that an IS-3 can't go toe to toe with a Maus (a +2 tank of the same class, heavies), then try and argue that the Pershing is worse somehow because it can't hold its own against a tier 10 medium. News flash! No tank in the game can go one on one against a tank two tiers higher than it. It just doesn't happen, especially against a vehicle of the same class. And the IS-3 isn't fast enough to do what a medium does all of the time. Sure, it can do it now and then, but late game on Malinovka (to use your e
  24. I've edited the post since you replied to add a question - because I really am incredulous - but by all means, keep digging. I honestly have no idea what point you're trying to make. If the point is that the IS-3 and the Pershing will be fighting the same opponents in a tier 10 game, then I don't think your opinion adds anything to this thread except official forum levels of stupidity.
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