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  1. I've come away from this year's Black Market with just the E 50M skin for the min bid and . . . I'm happy. Only really wanted the T-22 for the collection (bid 40m), but as I'm terrible in RU meds I doubt I would have even played it much.

    Other than that, I would have got the FV if it was available for credits like Foch, and the only tier 8 prems I want that I don't have are the SU-130pm and the GSOR, neither of which were even rumoured.

    Glad I didn't spend for the sake of it.

    1. Expendable_Lad


      Me too brotha - EMIL 1951 was only thing that I wish I had picked up. 

  2. Just had a 0 - 15 game where every single one of my team was <50% w/r.  The botting in this game is systemic and ridiculous.

  3. I watched the video as well and my takeaways from that + platooning with you this week are as follows: You have really good awareness. You clearly notice things like tanks crossing, potential spotting angles, when a flank is falling etc. The Sand River game you could tell from where you were looking you noticed all the big game beats super early. That is a really hard part of this game and you're already very good at it. But . . . you react sub-optimally when you do notice these developments. You pick them up, react, but the reactions often aren't the best ones. You've either alr
  4. Just watched it - thanks again. To take the 4 games: Westfield/CS 52. The tank only has -7 gun dep so I didn't even consider playing the hills tbh. I find the village is useful for poking and lighting their camping TDs, but that flank melted very quickly. I retreated on purpose near the base, as between there and the ridge near our hill, it was the only spot where you can control vision from both angles. I wouldn't play there in a tier 10 game, but I thought I might be able to double bush in a tier 8 game. Of course I got massively lucky (As you kind of have to in any 1 vs 8 Kolba
  5. Thanks man. Only available at 360 right now so i'll wait for it to finish processing before watching in 1080.
  6. Yeah I felt the same way. I've had enough analysis from @kolni to know how he thinks, which is broadly similar to me (my skills are 90% awareness, only 10% mechanical) but he's just: 1) faster at recognising stuff; and 2) doesn't hesitate/deliberate too long when making those rotations/decisions. I enjoyed the game - as noted, those types of games are the best for learning I think. I'll watch more of your LT gameplay as well - i'm terrible there and i've just bought the Manticore!
  7. Fancy reviewing my CS-52 LIS carry? I got lucky with the retards at the end but I have no idea how to push the tempo of that game earlier.

    1. Snoregasm2


      Thanks man - it's here: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5766490#westfield-snoregasm2-cs-52

      I know you prefer tier 10 games when reviewing tier 8 gameplay, so there's these two as well if you want:


      http://wotreplays.eu/site/5764010#teams - could I have carried this?

      Bonus Kzp 50 t:

      http://wotreplays.eu/site/5772460#glacier-snoregasm2-kampfpanzer_50_t - how did I fuck up the end game?

    2. kolni


      I'm going to post these in the replay review thread I just made if you don't mind?

    3. Snoregasm2


      Of course mate

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  8. I hope you don't mind me commenting on the replay, but I find high xp games where you still didn't win the most useful for learning. I think @ProxyCentauri summed up a lot of my thoughts below: BTW, I just read this and this is meant as constructive feedback/criticism - apoligies if this is too much (happy for you delete if so). I would 100% have stayed near the forest rather than going West. It wasn't nearly lost yet, you had no competition on the upper side and you can easily get side shots and whittle down some of those tanks/spot for @CraBeatOff. I think you realised this
  9. Yeah spotted markers is all I really miss out on by not having mods (although total team HP might be useful) - this is a great change. Are all of those tier 8 prems getting buffed?
  10. Bullshit. Maybe now - no way when you got your DPG goals. How would you rack up that much dmg without late game farm?
  11. I'm probably too passive, even now - that is Kolni's main takeaway of my gameplay, which holds up. There's a happy balance. Yeah the last 3 are all Aces I uploaded. I have more games I could add - i'll try and do it later today. EDIT: I've added a bunch more if you want them.
  12. Yeah that survival rate is crazy low. My recent rate is 50%+, and my lifetime account rate is 44%. When I have good sessions they directly correlate to an increase in survival rate - you could argue it is a little chicken and egg (you only have good sessions because you stay alive, you stay alive because you have a good session), but ultimately you can't do damage if you're not alive. My recent session over the weekend with the C-52 LIS (all solo pubbed) allowed me to hit 76% w/r with a 66% survival rate: I'd definitely focus more on staying alive early game and making sure you
  13. The first thing i'd recommend is to watch good players play. Twitch has more people streaming than ever before. As a rough list, you have: the top EU streamers, who are both popular and good. It's easy enough right now as they are all featured in Team clash, but they include Dakillzor (https://www.twitch.tv/dakillzor), Orzanel (https://www.twitch.tv/orzanel - although I rarely watch him) and Skill (https://www.twitch.tv/skill4ltu). The last two play a bit of everything, whereas Daki as lots of CW gameplay and meta tanks. He does f2p on his Russian account though, grinding up from lower
  14. I played a few games yesterday. My first reaction is holy fuck tier 10 MM is still AIDS, but putting aside that unpleasant feeling (and the shitty performances stemming from it), it feels like a cross between a pre-nerf Progetto (due to better DPM), Char Futur 4 (due to 4 second intra-clip) and a Cent AX (due to troll turret armour). It's hull can bounce as well, but the turret is surprisngly good, and gets really good when using your gun dep. It's absolutely massive though (camo seemed fine however), and it is obviously arty bait due to that + new tank factor. Gun is surprisingly co
  15. I don't use any myself, but the most common one that isn't in the base game (which I would use if I wasn't so lazy) is the various variations of vehicles spotted, i.e. it shows if an enemy has been spotted or not yet, allowing you to quickly see if there are any bush campers you forgot to take account of.
  16. Sorry if I've missed it in another thread, but Italian heavies:

    1. Are any of them worth it; and

    2. In what order do they stack up tier for tier? 

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    2. GehakteMolen


      the t7 so far is playable, i use the stock gun though, 6 sec rld is quite good (T20 has 8 for example)

      Its just turns like a whale, with barely any armour...

    3. Spartan96


      Just gonna vent about the carro its standard round has a velocity of 960 m/s which is horrible for a tier 10. 

    4. Snoregasm2


      @Spartan96 literally no one who has the tank will be firing standard ammo, so that's not an issue.

      Or at least no one I know (myself included) does.

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  17. Apparently Fadin's medals are like buses - 40k battles without any, then 2 in a month, both with the 13 57 on the SAME MAP:



  18. Got blocked out on Highway in the city, so I couldn't help our team push (it was too narrow to go around). The guy reversed into me and 3 allies died. I send a report to WG w/replay and I get banned for 3 days for pushing him.

    You can't make it up. 

    P.S. he did 0 dmg, I did 3k, after I gave up and retreated. 

    1. Snoregasm2


      I wouldn't normally, but he was an arse and completely unapologetic. I've found that physics abuse (i.e. blocking) does usually lead to bans, so i've sent a couple in the past - I feel like it helps the pond scum realise that yes, they are in fact in the wrong and need to learn.

      More fool me.


    2. PityFool


      I miss back in the day when you could just TK them and use their wreck as cover while you carry.

    3. lavawing


      @PityFool i still have fond memories of travelling all the way from the enemy spawn to TK your arta at base

      'sry. it be lag.' I said.

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  19. I thought you can only buy old camos after you complete the 4 sets for this year?
  20. I agree broadly with @Deus__Ex__Machina - both Chieftain and 279 are broken and OP, and trying to say the Chieftain isn't is wrong - but I think what @GehakteMolen is trying to say (although maybe not clearly) is that the Chief has the lower floor/higher ceiling, and the 279 is vice versa. The Chief is a super unicum's dream with it's turret armour, mobility, gun handling and gun depression. A 279 is a pubbie's dream in that they can RRR and autoaim HEAT and still do their own hitpoints in damage without blinking, without other pubbies doing much beyond HE spam if you keep them in front
  21. I don't platoon, so take what I say with a pinch of salt, but I imagine the ideal comps at tier 8 will be as 1. Vision, 2. Burst/DPM/Penetration, 3. Stopping power. So I guess: Vision - EBR/LT-432 (active) or ELC/preferred lights (passive). Maybe Bourrasque if you have optics. Burst - Progetto/autoloader of choice. If you want pure DPM/ability to use it, LIS/Progetto. If you want to hedge against tier 10s, SU/Skorp/STRV, each with gold. Stopping - 703/E75 TS/other heavy of choice. I also guess in platoons tanks like Progetto and Bourrasque are great as they can perfo
  22. I will admit, although the E 75 TS gun handling is trash compared to Renegade, there are some things that a Renegade just can't do - http://wotreplays.eu/site/5683054#fjords-snoregasm2-e_75_ts. In I think any other tier 8 there is no way I carry this situation.

    Pleased to know 1,861 base XP is an Ace at last - this thing is almost as hard to Ace as the Bourrasque.

  23. I just bought the Jagd E100. I think I need help.

    1. Rexxie


      at least its fun for the first dozen battles

    2. Snoregasm2


      @lavawing yeah, I only solopub.

      @Rexxie I must be doing it wrong, got to 8 games with it and didn't really enjoy it.

      I felt like I was just chasing damage in all my games so far, or too slow to do anything. I think I need to just be more aggressive, but the one time I did that on Himmels an S Conq just farmed 1600 HP from me whilst I was hull down. I reckon I'll play it looking for that "perfect" game and probably never find it.

      On the bright side, 420 HEAT is just . . . just the tops. I was shooting UFP for fun/testing purposes. I want them to know that I could have shot weakspots, but chose not to as a fuck you.

    3. PityFool


      Nothing is more annoying than casually farming a JPE through his superstructure with gold, and then they have the AUDACITY to post a round through the thickest part of my perfectly positioned tank with 420 HEAT.

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  24. I'd identify with the rationale of these two posts more than any others: Anyone saying Mali or Prok needs their head examined. Unless you play a Maus, they're two of the best maps in the entire game - win or lose, if you play semi-competently they're guaranteed farms. I also saw Karelia mentioned - literally the best Assault map in game, and decent on Standard. Paris is fine IMO - if you avoid field, you can enjoy it. I go to the heavy corner in everything except maybe lights. Paper meds, TDs etc. - all belong in heavy corner for the free farm. Berlin is poor overall, b
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