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  1. It depends really. I'm good enough to play the same in all my premiums more or less (I average 2k a game in a T34 and 2.5k a game in the FCM). I would earn more money in a T34 using those ratios. It is the best tank in the game for printing credits, except for maybe the Lowe (haven't played it), as: No need for prem ammo; Sees tier 10s (shit for the fun factor, good for credits); and Best/joint best credit coefficient. I've played SP, WZ-111, FCM and T34. The T34 - by far - makes the most credits, but the T34, just (over the WZ-111) is the most boring to play. Y
  2. Because more dmg as it is a better tank . . . it does over 200 more damage per game. Trust me, on a per dmg basis T34 makes more credits. There are 2 reasons for this: Increased credit multiplier (not all tier 8 prems are made equal); and More tier 9s and tier 10s.
  3. Disclaimer: I haven't played the tanks on the test server and by the time they come out I will have a 2 skill Czech crew minimum, so crew grinding isn't an issue I'm considering free XP'ing all the way to the tier 8, with (hopefully) the best 8,8 researched and equipped. I have 210k 'natural' free XP (i.e. no gold). Someone said in a different thread that it's 240k to the tier 8, but not sure whether that was stock or fully upgraded. I was wondering how far up the tree other people will skip to, and whether there are any gold sinks to avoid?
  4. It all depends whether you want a pure credit grinder or not. If you do, it's perfect as you should never have to fire any premium ammo in it (unless you tryhard against tier 9 heavies and tier 9/10 tds/heavies). If you want to play it for fun, it's not the tank for you. I just got the FCM in the last campaign and it is significantly more 'fun' than the T34, but makes much less credits (even before accounting for the increased use of premium rounds in tier 9 games). A 2.5k dmg game and 2 kills will get you about 100k gross in a T34, and about 70-80k in an FCM. That's a huge difference in
  5. How much to tier 8, stock and upgraded? I have 205k 'natural' free xp and I'm hoping it's enough
  6. Yeah I always thought Fjords was fine, although perhaps a little more prone to being abused by good medium players/platoons sweeping down from the North corner whilst red heavies did nothing on their corner to the East.
  7. I agree, growing a pair may be the only option. Thanks for the feedback - you're right, this was a general question to everyone so I really appreciate the time you took to reply! I've offered my own feedback above. I would like to see some more answers from other players if possible, with perhaps a more general answer as to what to do when your team is playing particularly passively. My fear is the 'best case' scenario is accept the defeat, dmg farm and lose.
  8. I just want to preface this be stating that I'm at work so I can't post replays, but you guys probably can't be bothered viewing replays of fail games anyway so no biggie. Also, I will describe more than one scenario, hopefully in sufficient detail, so I don't think replays are required. I have recently joined these forums to try and take the next step in my WOT career and both improve my W/R from my current bob levels and reach superuni status http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/22990-well-isnt-this-nice-no-kappa/#comment-610461. I started by reading all of these guides, so I'm not
  9. In England, it is kind of easier than in the US, as you don't need to do Law as post-graduate study, you only need to do it at undergrad or do a one year conversion course if you majored in non-law (I'm using Americanisms to help you out, correct me if I'm wrong). Law school after college is more structured though - 'sitting the bar' is basically a 9 month, structured course similar to post-grad but more practical, with less focus on theory (i.e. no more case law, very few memorising of statutes - in fact, it was open book when I did it, but it's recently gone back to closed book). T
  10. Does the speed not annoy you though? I sold it because of the armour nerf originally, but the main reason why I burned out was the speed. I mean, it's so SLOW.
  11. I sold it when they gave us the chance and won it back in some sort of marathon. Never actually played it since I won it back though. I wonder if I should put some equipment on it and take it out for a spin?
  12. Hi all, I've never seen a forum which has a 'New Users Introduction' section before - it's a nice feature. About Me I'm from England, I started playing WoT later '12 when a RL friend told me about it (he's stopped playing since) and I am dangerously addicted to the game at times. After solopubbing (in the worst way) for 17k-ish games I finally joined a friends clan (_XX_ RIP), then moved on to HDU to sampled CW (RIP), then late '14 joined OMNI, where I eventually became the Recruitment Officer. I spent 8 months there, got jaded with WOT, got a new job in September '15 whic
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