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  1. How are you finding the lack of rammer? I guess it is only at the end of battle where you need your full DPM, or duelling another EBR.
  2. I enable encounter for this exact reason. Mines is shit but not bannable even if I had encounter off (north spawn = easy farm on encounter), but the rest of the map pool I like have double the chances of seeing it: Prok - top 5 map for tanks I like to play (high tier meds) Mali - top 10 map, with potential for stupidly high dmg games. Downside vs Prok is more team dependent. Steppes is actually better on encounter, as you either farm 1/2 (particularly from the OP south bush) as everyone spawns much closer to it, or farm the cap. Either way, fun and easy damage games are
  3. Yeah I didn't realise anyone even used vstabs on the EBR - it is tank designed not to use them with the bullshit gun handling. It literally has a built in vstab already in its base configuration.
  4. The constant beeping from the new ping/notification system is driving me fucking insane. 

    1. Rexxie


      thank god they removed most of the beeping in the micropatch 

    2. Snoregasm2


      @Sylvansight but the beeping is the same category of sounds as 6th sense - not a great idea turning that off.

    3. Sylvansight


      There's a big lightbulb or something appearing on screen at the same time?  

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  5. I've not looked into it too much - I assumed the testing would go on a lot longer, and they wouldn't roll out such a massive change as planned. That being said, what has changed in terms of the meta for equipment? Is it mainly the same, except as set out above? Or are we going to see very different equipment across classes now?
  6. I think they may be private? I can't see them.
  7. Just want to add that @kolni's reviews helped me improve those last few steps when I felt like I had hit a brick wall, and he goes into very specific detail as to what you did wrong, questioning decision-making and really understanding 'why' you should/shouldn't be making certain plays. It's very easy to stagnate in this game and kolni recognizes (depending on your level) what is holding you back and helps address it. I'd definitely recommend taking him up on this offer.
  8. Don't look at the alpha being sub-par (by comparing it to the NATO meds/German tanks with 390+), but stupidly OP given it has the reload of a Russian 320 alpha gun. It has amazing DPM, insane HEAT and can fire 2 shots for 1 (or none) and the gun handling to snap shot, and it has gun depression. Seriously, people underestimate it and maybe it has a high skill cap, but in terms of raw average damage potential it is up there with the best of tier 9 right now. It has a tier 10 gun performance, tier 10 DPM and tier 10 HEAT. Even if the platform is absolute dogshit (and it still has -10 a
  9. Yeah I've only been there in the 430U so far (which is pretty much unpennable in there). I would be sacred about going there with a light.
  10. I literally go to the most forward bushes I find and park. From the south, there is like a triangle series of bushes/hedges, which allow you to pull back if anyone is yolo scouting the trench, and you can even shoot if you double bush properly. I'll see if I can dig out a replay showing it. EDIT: I think this is the one: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5445638#stats
  11. Because the pen kills it (and by that I mean the gold pen, as that's all you should fire in the M46), and (unlike the E 50 and 430) it doesn't have the platform to be a flat track bully in a tier 7/8 game. Don't get me wrong, I fucking love the M46, and if this was either 5 years ago or rankings based on how fun they are to play it would be much higher, but snapshotting only takes you so far when you're fighting all the tier 9s/10s hull down in the current meta.
  12. Fuck I completely forgot about the WZ 120. Never played it, but this seems right. Yeah I always underrated the 430 until i actually played it. So broken, in both a good way and a bad way. Any update on the hand man?
  13. Interesting tiers. I think all tanks should be ranked as is - i.e. if you fire 100% gold that's fine, rank it with no asterisk. Even with that, i'd rank like this (order of priority on each tier being indicative that it is better): S - Pta, Standard B, Kmp 50t* (not played), 430, Type 61 A - E 50, T-55A, Char, Skoda T50, Udes 16* (not played) B - M46, T-54 C - Cent 7/1, Amx 30 D - BC AP* (not played), 430v2 The list is based on damage farming capability, which is similar to carrying but slightly different (damage farming does not always = carrying, but there
  14. I've only played 19 games in it and so far I think it's very good, but not great/top of the class. I'd put Leo and Standard B above it for sniping/autoloading respectively, but it is kind of a cross between the 2. It has really good gun performance for a French autoloader, but it is also not really an autoloader - it is almost impossible to get even 3 shots out without taking damage in return, let alone the full 'clip', I tend to snipe in it a lot more than I would any other autoloader, due to the aforementioned good gun performance and the dangers of getting in close to try and clip 'quick'.
  15. My first tier 10 3 mark. I know, pretty shit, but i've had a mental block for years - thanks to the community here for all the tips, and in particular to @kolni for his great feedback and analysis.



    1. RC_Tank


      nice job bro, nothing shit about 3 marking a tier 10 with what i imagine are quite high reqs

    2. SkittlesOfSteeI


      3 marking is so funny. You spend so long trying to 3 mark something and when you finally get it they just keep on showing up and it's like "well, how did I get here?"

    3. Snoregasm2


      Thanks for the support guys. I picked the Prog 65 as: 1) I really enjoy it's playstyle; 2) I've 3 marked the tier 9; 3) It's getting nerfed soon; and 4) As some of you alluded to, it's actually got high requirements (one of the highest mediums I think). I wanted my first tier 10 3 mark to be "earned", not going and playing T-62A or something that has lowish requirements.

      I feel like I can average 4k in decent sessions now (today being a case in point, despite the shitty W/R), so I'm hoping that this is the first of many.


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  16. I just bought the EBR 105. I'm assuming that Rammer and Improved Optics are a must - what should I get as the 3rd choice - Vents or Vert Stab? I know it has good bloom values but if it is always moving does that mean Vert Stab is a must?

    1. sr360


      What @TheChang said. Ideally iVents/iOptics/iRammer.

    2. Snoregasm2


      Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback. Played one game before the status with v stabs, but will switch up to vents. I do have iVents, but doubt i'll play it enough to make it worth applying them.

      Vents will help as I have a less than 5 skill crew, so currently view range is 443.

    3. sr360


      Basically VR is key, you want to squeeze every meter (metre?) of VR out that you can. An ideal EBR setup is full purple equipment, with a crew with full vision setup, food, and vision directive.

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  17. Feels like the optics aren't worth the grind (most tanks won't use them, and Improved Optics are only 4k bonds for the lights that do use them), so this time the 6,5k gold is something I can save.
  18. To be fair, I can't comment on NA, and I guess everyone speaking English mean bads will defend their shitty actions when called out on it rather than responding in Polish, if they even respond at all. It kind of ends up at the same place though - they're either too dumb to realise they're bad, don't care or too paranoid/stubborn to accept it is their fault - whichever it is, they've always existed and will always exist. The trick (which I'm still trying to learn - no one is perfect), is taking their play out of the equation completely. And the good thing is, it works both ways - bads can be on
  19. Playerbase hasn't gotten worse, you've just gotten more jaded. It happens, and i'm not criticising. Equally, the game has changed, but I wouldn't call it more frustrating than 7 or 8 years ago (perhaps a little more on balance, but it isn't night and day) - every era has some bullshit (+/-4 MM, arty one shots, physics abuse, TD meta, stuns, armour meta, wheelie boi meta). It's just that initial thrill of 'cool, a tanks shooter' doesn't last 8 years, and once that goes you need something else to keep you playing beyond the sunk cost fallacy mentioned above. I've adapted over the years to
  20. I don't get this game sometimes - weekend teams, yet I manage to hit 89% win ratio in 28 battles, all solo:


    I know winrate isn't luck, but it sure fucking is wildly variable in small sample sizes.

    1. echo9835


      I had an 80% one day, and a 10% the next. I don't understand. 

    2. sohojacques


      That’s the problem with averages: nothing is average until you reach some big numbers. I’ve got several wild anomalies WR wise in my garage with 50-200 games in them. I’ve got a 69% WR in the tier 7 Scorpion after 159 games. I’m worth 54-56% in it.

    3. Private_Miros


      Win rate is mostly luck, in small sample sizes. Even as a baddy that 89% streak would have been well over 60. It's just that those few extra battles you then win (or don't lose in a bad streak) translate to win rate over many battles when luck evens out. At that moment win rate is mostly skill. But luck does continue to play a roll for the error margin (something like 2.5% after 1k battles if I recall correctly - but that's from memory, I didn't calculate that myself).

      These are the reasons that pubbies have so much problems with the win rate concept. It's something long term. But in the daily experience, all they see is mostly luck based.

  21. I mean, not to spam the status, but after that monster Leo 1 session I followed up with a Pool's + Kolobanovs 430 game. It's getting silly now, 2 Kolobanovs in 2 hours. 



    1. hazzgar


      430 bad tank ;)

    2. Snoregasm2


      @hazzgar, yeah, I did remember that debate when I had these games haha. It is kind of what I expected - decent armour you can't rely on, terrible gun handling. I do like the DPM though - that is a pleasant surprise - although it is slower than expected.

      I still prefer the Pta and Standard Bae haha.

    3. hazzgar


      @Snoregasm2 I've made the PTA work and Standard B is love. I agree they have higher max potential but 430 is pure comfort and yeah it will probably result better in surprise carries and kolobanovs because even if the armor is not reliable you still have extra survivability. Also 122 overmatch memes. 


      In PTA and Standard i usually get more 6k+ games but 430 feels nice in that "constantly go forward and kill stuff way". A bit like t95 post speed buff (though now people know how to shoot it with geld) and old old Kv1s with 122.

  22. HomXmGC.jpg

    Pleased to finally have a 5k session in the Leo 1. Also, 1 Kolabanovs in 8 years and then 3 in 3 months.

  23. 2 quick games in light tanks to test the waters . . .  aaaannnnndddd I'm out. Fuck patch day.

    1. hazzgar


      It's cancer today. Corona virus attacked pubbie brains already and the game was bad now it's unplayable. The PC will go into the cellar

  24. Replays? I want to see them games, they seem hyperfocused.
  25. Just to add to this, iyouxin now does daily YouTube videos and they're actually pretty good. He has tips on how to play tanks, good light tanks spots, how to play maps etc. - if you can get past his strong accent and excitable nature, there is a lot of good tips there.
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