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  1. Thanks for the responses! I'm going to go with your suggestion and mainly play Pta so i'm comfortable for every single map with a plan. I normally jump between tanks a lot, but i've already found playing one tank non-stop increases comfort levels/game to game consistency. The teams this weekend are absolute ebola, but I did manage to average 3.7k dpg over the last week, so I think I can maybe hit 4k dpg in this at some point: I'm still not sure which tier 10 to transition into to try and 3 mark. The obvious answer is Leo 1 but it feels like it has E50M syndrome - a tier 9 p
  2. 3,600 dpg over 23 games on Leo Pta, yet 47% w/r. GG.

    1. Private_Miros


      Teams are hit and miss in corona times. Bad luck happens. Rage, vent, move on.

    2. Snoregasm2


      Yeah taking a break. I don't mind too much tbh, provided I can late game farm, but some of these teams melt so quickly that i'm the last one standing on 2.5k dmg and I can't do anything.

  3. What's the armour like? I saw loads of tryhards in them yesterday but mostly I didn't fight them front on. The only time I had to was on Ruinberg where they spawned south and crossed the road into that little bit that overlooks the field from a ramp, making him hull down. I tried penning the turret with the Pta's premium APCR but bounced 3 times - maybe I hit at bad angles (it was from 250/300m) or is the turret that strong?
  4. Thanks again for doing this - it's really great analysis and insight and I feel like I learn more each time. To your points above: Openings in tier 10 games do really throw me. Because the MM is usully so bad, and there are more tanks that can destroy you quickly/spot 445+ with ease, it makes me cautious about using bushes/spots that work in tier 9 MM. I think some of that shows in the game where I go for 'safe' plays which in reality screw me over. Having said that, the Ghost Town opening was shit. I didn't actually know about the bushes you mentioned (Well i do, but when i'v
  5. Tempo is a great way of putting it. I tried playing faster today in a few Pta games - 3.7k session, but that was with a few games (400 dmg, 1.5k dmg) where I derped out and overextended, so the good games were better than in the sample I sent. I think it's finding that balance between hunting for dmg without dying too quickly. It is fairly hard for me as I'm naturally quite passive/reactive, usually because i tend to remember what went wrong when i tried something in the past rather than the things that went well - I therefore hunt for guaranteed plays as much as I can (low risk, low reward).
  6. Thanks man - going to watch now. Worth noting (having listened to the first minute so far talking about them tier for tier), that I only got tier 10 games in the Pta, which makes direct comparison between the gameplays of each batch of games easier. I unfortunately didn't get a tier 7-9 game with no arty on Prok EDIT: @kolni, having now watched the video, some answers to your questions/points to note: I don't use server reticle - I tend to feather shots more than normal, but that is the client reticle. I have standard equipment on the Pta, and improved rammer on Leo
  7. Ah shit that sucks man - I can't believe you're still persevering after all of that. I'm super grateful that you are though - also, 2 hours of analysis is insane! I'm really looking forward to it - no criticism is too harsh, and there must be a lot of feedback with that runtime - so I'm sure it will be massively helpful to my development. I'm just in the middle of watching @Spinee's replays and then I'm caught up - even watching other's gameplay in tanks I don't play too often is beneficial. Definitely trying that auto-aim EBR tip when in close quarters!
  8. @hazzgar, what happened with Zeven? If you read Decha's stream titles (the latest one is "washed up and dead inside") it actually makes me worry for his mental health a little bit. Guy seems depressed - he'll frequently desert battles if he gets yoloed or artied excessively. He can still pull out 8k dmg games from nowhere though.
  9. As requested man, 5 in the Leo Pta and 5 in the Leo 1. All played back to back in the same session, save for a couple of Standard B games when I was waiting for tanks to get out. Overall, my point stands - how did I do 500 less DPG in the tier 10 compared to the tier 9? How the fuck can you farm dmg in shitty all tier MM with EBRS, arty and shitlord TDs? I've set the games out below so they're easy to comment on. Thanks in advance man - no criticism is too harsh. I've tried to analyse my own gameplay below a little, but looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Leo Pta
  10. Just to add to this, Barry is right now doing Chieftain 3 marks on his own account, after he just 100%ed the STB. His thing is to 100% tier 10s for fun - it's insane how easy he generally makes it look. If he plays one tank for long enough he then starts taking it to a level you rarely see in WOT, like peak Kolni basically - his last 5 games of the STB 100% mark are just ridiculous, making a 6k average seem normal: If you want to see peak tier 10 gameplay in English, I'm not sure there's anyone better than Barry right now esepcially given that he is back to streaming everyday due to
  11. Now I can't wfh as I keep fapping to my new stats :cri:

    1. kolni


      e50 only 1k games solves ur problem :doge:  no credits left obviously but pretty wn8 stats :doge: 

  12. Hey mate, not @kolni but he's been kind enough to give me a lot of advice in the past, and also reviewed my replays, and I see a little of myself in you, so I wanted to add some other takeways after watching the video: Always use large meds/first aids/food at tier 10. Always. If you burn, use the firefighting directive. If you don't (especially food, but all 3 really), you gimp yourself unnecessarily. I mean, you got ammo racked so many times and a couple were tracks at the same time - large rep kit helps with that. You also lost to crew to one arty shell - again, large first aid kit hel
  13. My first (legit - capping in an old school T49 on the Port map in 2013 hardly counts) Kolobanov's medal:


  14. Because I'm playing Ranked I'm getting PTSD flashbacks to recently playing tier 10s in randoms. So much camping. Mistakes punished so hard. So much cancer focus if you push forward. Yeah, yeah, I know Ranked is even more ebola than randoms due to the incentive structure, and I know I sound like a tin foil hat wanker but the meta at tier 10 does feel so fucking different to everything else.
  15. A FL game can take 20/25 min max and I make 600,000 credits (all prems, + General rank) with clan and individual credit boosts. To make that in randoms you probably need 3 really, really good games, not firing prem, and even then if the games are that good they're probably 30 mins total (factoring in loading in and out and queue times), and again that's not assuming dud games (which FL mitigates against with respawning/game length). It is definitely better making credits in FL than anything else except maybe tier 8 SH with credit boost (but fuck that). I played 54 FL games last week
  16. I think quoting @kolni himself from past threads, this is also common when the focus is just to get the maximum damage you can - you go to the area with most damage. This is often with the heavies when you are playing a med, or rolling with the meds as heaviums. Speaking for myself, I nearly always go to heavy areas at some point in the game in paper autoloaders, as they are easy to track/farm if they poke wrong or when my team pushes in.
  17. That made me check out Russian streamers and Stanlock_MERCY is just filthy. 5k DPG on average across all his tanks in his recents, which includes tier 8s and 9s.
  18. I mean, obviously Progetto shits over any tank, but this is very fun to play. I've been alternating between both to farm General, but I'll use the mode to actually grind crews later in the week. Only downside is you still need to gold spam in this, whereas Lorraine/Progetto you don't.
  19. It absolutely dominates Frontlines. Filthy.
  20. I'd 2nd this. Barry has kind of stopped as he is waiting for FL credits, but he plans to 3 mark Chieft after next week, which will be a good watch. Both Barry and Niall actually explain what they are doing, unlike someone like Decha, and as Kolni says they both play fairly uniquely (Niall goes for a lot of snipes early, but can still play aggro, Barry relies on being reactive a lot, but makes it work really well). Neither of them are super aggressive, so they're good to learn from in this meta where too much aggression = death. Decha is good when he streams, but 1. He is silent, so no tip
  21. Thanks for writing that @kolni - I (and I'm sure the rest of the community) appreciate the detail you went into. My takeaways are: The meta isn't actually different, but acts of aggression/mistakes are more likely to be punished than tiers 8/9. In that way, I guess it is more like low tiers where you can die in 3 seconds if you get rushed/peak wrong? Partly explaining the point above, you get punished harder because of the severe tank imbalance/likelihood the enemy team has a number of "meta" tanks which fuck you up without you being able to damage them back (430U, Chieft, Ebo
  22. I got through the Mauschen by only playing when it was x3 or better for the first victory, and using the premium boost on that. It meant that I only had to play 59 games in it. Probably doesn't really answer your question. I did get some good games in it and Ace'd it, but it was very situational. Still not bought the Maus despite researching it - it holds no real appeal tbh.
  23. Is the Polish line worth it? I have the 50TP Prot for 12 days with Prime, and 12 female crew members, so if I was going to do it this is probably the time.

    1. Balthazars


      I just recently finished grinding out the 10. I started at tier 6, which is awful. Tier 7 is okay. Tier 8 is excellent, and tier-for-tier the best in the line. Excellent gun and DPM, usable armour, decent mobility. I use it in Frontlines too and it does well there. Tier 9 has a bit of a strange armour layout but a great gun and is also fun. I've only played 15 games in the tier 10 but I do also find it fun. Worth it if you like heavy tanks that aren't complete no-mobility.

    2. Snoregasm2


      Free XP'd/blueprinted to the tier 8 top gun, turret and tracks (no radio or engine yet).

      Fair to say I really like the tank - Ace'd it first game:


      I know what you all mean about the gun - SUPER comfortable. Fired a lot of prem as I was fighting tier 9 heavies, and that seems to be the weakness overall - the pen:


      Mobility was decent and I bounced 2k as well, although that was abusing hull down on Empire's Border. Looking forward to grinding it out fully, possibly in frontlines this weekend.

    3. Balthazars


      @Snoregasm2 Personally I find it does very well in frontlines. I'm grinding a fresh crew in that mode with this tank (I have a good commander, but the crew are all not even 1 skill yet) and it is still very competitive due to having a nice mix of decent mobility, some useable armour in the tier and a great gun. You won't even notice the pen issues much in the mode as there's very little you can't pen from the front with standard rounds with some aiming.

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  24. Eh, I know what you mean, but I think people are overrating the Bourrasque's gun a little, as it still is terrible 200m+. I agree that the Bourrasque is the better platform, but let me ask everyone in the thread this - would you rather have the Lorraine gun on the Bourrasque platform, with the 4 clip, accuracy, better gun dep and pen, or the current gun? For me, it would be the Lorraine gun. It's just more flexible and useful in a greater number of situations.
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