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  1. I got through the Mauschen by only playing when it was x3 or better for the first victory, and using the premium boost on that. It meant that I only had to play 59 games in it. Probably doesn't really answer your question. I did get some good games in it and Ace'd it, but it was very situational. Still not bought the Maus despite researching it - it holds no real appeal tbh.
  2. Is the Polish line worth it? I have the 50TP Prot for 12 days with Prime, and 12 female crew members, so if I was going to do it this is probably the time.

    1. Balthazars


      I just recently finished grinding out the 10. I started at tier 6, which is awful. Tier 7 is okay. Tier 8 is excellent, and tier-for-tier the best in the line. Excellent gun and DPM, usable armour, decent mobility. I use it in Frontlines too and it does well there. Tier 9 has a bit of a strange armour layout but a great gun and is also fun. I've only played 15 games in the tier 10 but I do also find it fun. Worth it if you like heavy tanks that aren't complete no-mobility.

    2. Snoregasm2


      Free XP'd/blueprinted to the tier 8 top gun, turret and tracks (no radio or engine yet).

      Fair to say I really like the tank - Ace'd it first game:


      I know what you all mean about the gun - SUPER comfortable. Fired a lot of prem as I was fighting tier 9 heavies, and that seems to be the weakness overall - the pen:


      Mobility was decent and I bounced 2k as well, although that was abusing hull down on Empire's Border. Looking forward to grinding it out fully, possibly in frontlines this weekend.

    3. Balthazars


      @Snoregasm2 Personally I find it does very well in frontlines. I'm grinding a fresh crew in that mode with this tank (I have a good commander, but the crew are all not even 1 skill yet) and it is still very competitive due to having a nice mix of decent mobility, some useable armour in the tier and a great gun. You won't even notice the pen issues much in the mode as there's very little you can't pen from the front with standard rounds with some aiming.

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  3. Eh, I know what you mean, but I think people are overrating the Bourrasque's gun a little, as it still is terrible 200m+. I agree that the Bourrasque is the better platform, but let me ask everyone in the thread this - would you rather have the Lorraine gun on the Bourrasque platform, with the 4 clip, accuracy, better gun dep and pen, or the current gun? For me, it would be the Lorraine gun. It's just more flexible and useful in a greater number of situations.
  4. I'd say that falls into the "how to maximise a steamroll on the losing side" category, as the only way that ended up being a win was because of how broken the EBR is when played by someone who isn't braindead. The team was so retarded I don't think there's much learnings that can be drawn from that (assuming you're playing a normal tank and not a clown car), beyond farm what you can before dying. Maybe also falls into my suggested category - "Tier 10 MM, WTF - what is the meta and how do you play consistently without driving yourself insane".
  5. Agreed, I'd take the Lorraine gun all things being equal. Got both over the weekend (Twitch prime for the Lorraine), so both are fresh in my mind. The Lorraine gun lacks alpha, intra-clip and the inter-clip can be a tad too long, but the gold pen and accuracy more than make up for this, and then it has 1200 potential on top of that. It's hard playing either coming from the Progetto though . . .
  6. Like this? Replay for anyone who wants to know how to get 3.9k dmg in a 5 min 0 - 15 loss on Mines: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5251454#stats
  7. What is this, official forums? And yes, of course I agreed with them - they AGREED that they Standard B was better than the T50, as per the entire point of this thread so far. I never really argued the toss about T50 vs Prog 65 tier for tier - please learn to read and stop being so pissy all the time. Fine, i'll indulge you - here: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5251025#malinovka-snoregasm2-progetto_m40_mod_65. It's about 9 mins in - at a guess it hits the turret somewhere. I can tell you one thing - no fucking way that pens any Russian med, or even any US, Swedish or British med. Like I
  8. How to deal with the current tier 10 MM (4 or 5 OP tanks (430U, 907, Chief, 277, Ebola), 3 or 4 high alpha TDs (4005, 183, 268v4) and 2 or 3 arty. And it's all tier 10, no 9s or 8s. I honestly can't stand it right now, and I think the meta is just camp hard and be patient, which I struggle to do coming from playing enjoyable games at tiers 8 and 9. Is the meta completely different at tier 10? How do you play it postively/aggressively? Or can't you? Not sure how you will write about this as there are so many different situations, but it could be in the mindset/decision making/tr
  9. That's fair. Maybe it is more Prog 65 = T50, depending on your preference for tier 10. I would agree in that if someone said play one or the other for 50 battles I would play the T50, if only because Tier 10 MM is so awful.
  10. Lol. Yes, I was front on with a Prog 65 and a Grille with 75 pen HE penned me. No, i'm not crying, i'm pointing out that the Prog 65 has dogshit armour except for a trolly autobounce once in a blue moon, the same was the Standard B has dogshit armour and both Skoda's have dog shit armour. Skoda's get penned by HE all the fucking time, it's part of the reason i stopped playing it when Type 5 meta was a thing. The point being, NONE of these tanks have armour as a plus point - not a single one. Therefore, you compare them on their platform's mobility + gun dep and gun performance. Tier for t
  11. I got penned by a HE slinging grille in the Prog 65 just now which goes to show how fucking dog shit it's armour is overall. Which also goes to show how dog shit @Diriz0n's arguments are on here, which he can't even keep straight from one post to the next.
  12. I feel like it would tilt me so hard when I missed 5 out of my first 6 shots fully aimed.
  13. My face when you're waiting for @kolni to comment on a thread to find an amazing position on a map but the advice is just 'there isn't one, play smart/ passive and git gud through dying a lot'.
  14. Wow, they actually listened? So all they're doing is buffing low tier HP and tech tree changes? I'd count that as a win, given the potential they had for pushing ahead with ill-conceived solutions to complex problems.
  15. It is hard to upgrade from progetto 46 (the best tier for tier med in the entire game), yet the Standard B manages it to become the best tier 9 med in the game in the current meta - it upgrades the right areas (alpha, speed) whilst retaining elements which make the Progetto amazing (gun dep, overall mobility) and minimising the reduced soft stats on the gun despite the alpha increase. It is enough of an upgrade to still make the tier the 9 the best in tier the same way the tier 8 was. The tier 10, on the other hand, has 3 main problems: The gun stays the same, so tier for tier it is
  16. Not at all. You really think that!? The generally agreed king of tier 9 (all of tier 9 I would say, but definitely meds) is Standard B, with only really the Leo Pta and the 430. The gun is just pog at tier 10 even, you have the HEAT to actually fight tier 10 superheavies, the autoreloader is much more flexible than the Prog 65 version and night and day vs the Skoda gun, you have better gun depression, you're faster, you have better camo, the armour is the same (trust me, i've 3 marked both and the Skoda doesn't bounce shit, the same way the Standard B doesn't bounce shit). I can't ho
  17. I've decided to finally start playing TDs and Lights again to complete the 260 missions, having got 3 orders on the black market. Lights are fine at tiers 8/9, but the TD missions will be easier at tier 10 I think, due to the high dmg requirements.

    Seen as though nearly all tier 10 TDs are turretless and I CBA grinding the E4, which tier 10 TD would you recommend for someone who hates turretless tanks, and mostly plays fast meds with gun depression or heaviums?

    I have Grille, and have researched 268, 268v4 and the Jagd E-100, but I can use blue prints/free XP if I need to for other lines.

    1. echo9835


      Strv is a pretty good TD, fast and sneaky, and the American lines are always solid.

    2. Snoregasm2


      So Swedish lines? They just seem so fucking campy though, although I guess that is what is needed for missions

    3. PityFool


      bobject v4 is good for the damage/pen missions because you can just get in peoples faces and slap them

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  18. I can't normally stand to play turretless tanks, but this is intriguing me. I kind of wanna finally complete the 260 missions (recently bought the 13 90 to grind the 13 105 whilst doing the light missions and so far it is piss easy grinding those missions) and I need a fun TD to play. I'm completely put off by the tier 10s right now (own Grille, have 268, 268v4 and Jagd E-100 unlocked), but have held off buying them because, again, fuck turretless tanks. Kind of holding out hope of the Skorp G coming on sale, but should I just use loot box gold to buy this?
  19. I 3 marked it back in the day when it was OP (but it came with a side of super high requirements - it almost killed me), but it's not what it was. The meta has simply left it behind (although not as much as other tanks). I recently stopped playing tier 10 for a while for the sake of my own sanity, and i've found a comfortable rhythm with tier 9 meds (Leo Pta, Standard B, M46), tier 9 lights i'm grinding (13 90, 132A) and tier 8 prems (progetto, Defender, Emil 1951, LT-432), and they're all better for the meta than the Skoda, save for maybe the M46 and 132A. It is still middle of the pack
  20. Normally I only read your posts after they've been edited and therefore don't really notice your idiosyncrasies, but fuck me that post gave me ebola.
  21. Yeah, isn't that the point of the low tier HP increase? Unless he meant gold spam, which, it's the test server with new gold rounds, so of course that will happen. I'm not saying WG will do this, but if they actually balaned low tiers correctly so it prepares newer players for higher tier gameplay, that's surely a good thing? Higher tiers have their issues which are well documented, but most people who have more than 5k battles would rather play tier 8+ for a reason.
  22. Yeah FL was great for grinding out stock modules or shitty tanks. Got both the Swedish tech tree med and heavy from stock to fully researched so i could then play in randoms without spending any free XP. It was also insane as a crew grinder and credit farm mode. I got numerous crews basically 1 full skill increased, if not more, and it allowed me to grind 2nd crews basically from scratch (both Swedish crews were girl crews not used before). I also found it a good place to just mindlessly play and relax, without worrying about winning too much or even getting capped fast or whatever.
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