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  1. So a little backstory. A friend and I are playing our tier 8 German TDs (me in the Skorp G, him in the JPII). Nice little Encounter-mode game on Murovanka, we're bottom-tier but NBD. We go forest, and despite being low tier and getting focused by arty, do a reasonable chunk of damage and manage to freeze a bunch of their tanks (including the hero of our story, one of their T57 Heavies) in the back corner, pretty much contributing nothing to the win for their team. We clean up all the tanks there except for said T57, who's obviously enjoying his time on the red line, as we build a huge HP a
  2. 1. 0.247 - 2. 0.224 47yrs old... listen to what _Juris says.....this guy has taken me under his wing and with many chat and ts discussions + a few platooning sessions + some replay reviewing, my stats improved from 54%wr and 1800wn8 to <----these here solid blue recents.... so thanks Senpai and ty Valachio for giving him the tutoring that keeps on giving!
  3. So I get to hear a new sound when the glue eating, XVM sniping, deep red clicker one shots me. *yay* . seriously though I do like the new sounds so far, a few streamers were testing them yesterday.
  4. THAT! ...Burning is too good for them...hanging is too good for them....they should be torn into little bitty pieces and buried ALIVE!....#artycancer
  5. Lol. The thing about RC airplanes is take off is optional, landing is mandatory. I was average at landing . I was EXCELLENT doing the repairs ( tons of practice) plus the weather had to be good. Thanks for the welcome, and the tips!
  6. Hi, I'm stryker13 I have been playing tanks since beta. I derped around and had fun and got yelled at a lot in game. After 18k battles or so I realized I wanted to be better. So here I am. Sorry I DIDN'T post here first. About me,I use to fly RC airplanes for a hobby. I sold everything and put my time and cash into world of tanks. So,you see, I have a vested interest in the game and a drive to make sure it's money and time well spent. The one thing I know about tanks is that I know little. I'm turning to this community to help me get past the skill ceiling that I've hit. Albert
  7. Stryker13 server NA Either i understand the mechanics and tactics of play, although my timing is a tic off sometimes. Looking for platoon mates that know how to communicate with each other and coordinate thier tactics . And if I lose some bad habits also, it's a bonus .leave a message here or pm me in game. Thanks.
  8. Am I a leper? Shunned by the community perhaps? Should I Change my post to blue guy wants to improve? Is the brokenstat line below my name keeping mentors away? Why no offers?
  9. I'll do that try for the heads up
  10. I would like to request mentoring if I could? I'll refer you to my above "mentoring wanted" post lol
  11. Account VerificationYour World of Tanks account is verified Your forum account is linked to the account Stryker13. nope that's not it.
  12. Can someone also tell me why my stats below my avatar are so wrong ? I've played 26k battles have a 54% win rate and a1644 overall wn8
  13. Look at my clan history I've done that. I'm at the point where. need MENTORING to improve my play so that I can get in to havokrelicvillian etc. That is why I'm here. I've read the forums till I need glasses,I've watched u tube and twitch streams till my eyes bleed. I've been studying for over a year. I need a mentor please. I truly appreciate all the advice I am being given. and look forward to reading more
  14. EDITED thanks for the heads up i think i got it sorted out. theres the rub.........cant seem to find other like minded mates who are EQUALLY skilled.
  15. I have clans in mind.....but improvement must be made.
  16. Pop quiz. What happens when you Spawn in abbey in your bat chat and the enemy team has 6 cent action x's 3 from otter 3 from relic, and two thirds of your team derp down the low road (we both know the cents are coming through the hills) and your toon mates go hills? You die with 0 damage done. Time and time again I am amazed at how these blue and pale purple wn8 players fail to read a team comp pre battle. Then I check their stats....yep lower tier stat padding. It seems the only meta they understand is how to shoot the enemy a lot. I thought about this last night and this
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