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  1. Looking for people to platoon with tiers 5-10. Had a tough day playing yesterday and want some help carrying. I have tanks at t5, 7, 8, 9 that I am grinding and a t4 scout. Past 1000 battles have been 90%+ solo. I prefer people who don't rage all the time, some rage is expected with this game lol. http://www.noobmeter.com/player/na/napalm222/1001156538/
  2. I quite enjoyed the t1 heavy with 82% winrate over 78 games but I may of been lucky
  3. It's getting 150% more credits atm on the NA server plus it is 88% off.. So it costs an amazing 17500 credits if you want to make a free 50k in two days Just letting people know about this credit potential
  4. After sending in my pingplotter report to wot support they admitted that there was packet loss/high ping related to there server. I just hope they get it fixed as it makes playing this game kinda annoying. Dear Tanker, Thank you for your reply and we apologize for the inconvenience you are experiencing. If we you have already contacted your ISP we would also like to know on which server you are currently playing WOT. Further looking into your PingPlotter report we can see that you are experiencing packet loss/high ping on our Telia servers and we would like to send as much information p
  5. When a player who doesn't use td's or autoloaders can carry game after game with ease definitely means it has something going for it --->128mm
  6. You should stick to your t49 sealclubbing Baddie
  7. I've decided to switch to this forum to evade the trolls. I had a nice game last night in my E-75 where it finally showed that I got how to drive it. http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/napalm222-na-64825d322be800ad3283386794976b1b/sand-river-soviet-union-t-34-191347455905885046 (Click on the image of the tank to download the replay) The only thing I regret in that game was leaving the t34 behind me to flank the E-100's when I thought my team could kill him -.- Please leave some advise to refine my E-75 even further! PS: Just a thanks to all that do give advise
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