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  1. By god the STB is disgusting. I come back from a two year break to find my favorite tank has been buffed and now has 4.5k dpm with adrenaline rush? WG you dirty, dirty, beautiful people.

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    2. Assassin7


      STBae is best tank. 

      @lavawing after the patch where they added the siege mode they fixed it so its completely fluid now, you dont notice it changing at all. 

      Also I dont really notice the alpha loss, especially after gaining half a second in reload

    3. GloriousPotatoes


      5 hours ago, churchill50 said:

      It's such a niche situation that it's meaningless to discuss a tank's DPM with Adrenaline Rush active in my opinion.

      You say that, but when I wen't below 200 HP in my third game, I bush kemped two Tortoises to death faster than an STRV. I do agree it's a niche, but hidden in a bush HP doesn't matter. It also feels giddy to say "faster than an STRV"

    4. GloriousPotatoes


      @lavawing this did make me afraid to touch it again, but I honestly haven't noticed the difference, other than a little less depression over the sides

  2. So we reached the next stage of ranked on the EU.

    There are 9 people in League 1.

    You need to be place 40, if you want to be in any league.

    1. TAdoo87


      It is because the the stage is just starting and the requirement is already increased to 8 points. The people on the list did enough to be there already based on the first stage.

    2. GloriousPotatoes


      I know, but compare that to the first season.

      For the end of the final stage you need 12 points. It's only lower than the previews season because there's one stage less. You need the same amount of chevrons to qualify for anything, but it's much harder to get them.

      The 'common folk' (Read: peasantry/people with lives (feelsbadman)) won't be able to keep up as much as they did last time. Probably only 100 people will get into league 1, as there just won't be enough people qualifying to increase the number of people within the top 10 %.

      WG's goal was to get good players into the top, and remove those spamming battles. Now the only players on top are good players who also spam battles.

  3. (1).PNG

    As a Dane, I can only agree.

  4. Who the hell is hellraiser0201?

    Played a bunch of ranked yesterday, and of course I kept running into the same people.

    Every game: hellraiser reported; why do I keep getting into games with this noob; hellraiser is on my team feelsbadman; oh wow hellraiser is not on my team, papa bless; hellraiser is gud playeru kappa..

    He drove every game I played against him in a Type 5. The only game I noticed him, he was camping K9 on mines. 

  5. So I wanted to try out the 'improved' STBabe no. Uno turret... First game on the test server, with the changed turret, I get penned for 800 (killed me) by a G.w.E I don't know man.

    The following game I got penned for 1800+ by an FV4005, from the front. I assume he hit the side of my frontal hull (there's always been 35 mm cheeks on either side).

    Okay, now this is bullshit. Third game. 1640 by an FV005, again; from the side this time. Not like these two wouldn't have happened before, but damn it I want to test the armor..

    Fourth game? Sheridan in the ass, 895. From 500m kek

    Final game nothing special I'm going to go sleep, without any real test of the armor feelsbadman

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    2. GloriousPotatoes


      Side turret armor wasn't great before, but at least HE/artablyat wouldn't penetrate.

      I'll reserve on judgement until I  don't get shot at by tanks solely with big hE derps.

    3. kolni


      It feels the same but it trolls the enemy more often, risking to aim instead of snapping and pulling back instantly is much nicer to you

    4. GloriousPotatoes


      I haven't noticed that quite, but testing it on the test server where people sling nothing but HEAT and don't care to aim is probably not the best place to do it.

      As is, I'll keep playing the way I do, the extra turret armor just increasing my surviveability due to bouncing just a bit more. It's not something I would rely on, unless I'm fighting tier 8s, or tier 9s with low pen.

  6. Capture.PNG

    If you don't see me for a lifetime after 9.20.1 comes out, you'll know why

    They gave her a glorious plastic surgery, and then they gave her a confidence boost!

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    2. GloriousPotatoes


      It's always been the same, hasn't been touched on the live server since it's release.

      Rather, the DPM of all other tier 10 meds, especially the 105s, were buffed. See Cent X, M48, Leo, 30B for instance, While it's still higher than most of them, that difference is much smaller than it used to be, making the STB's DPM less unique. 

    3. snowdude21325


      Yeah, I can approach the dpm of an STB with a good crew and food in the M48, which actually has gun handling and with the turret buff isn't swiss cheese. 

    4. BlackAdder


      I’m not saying STB-1 lost DPM, wg just introduce more tanks with same / better dpm, and STB-1 kinda lost niche. 

  7. shot_396.jpg


    How does this guy get the High Caliber? I did more damage, and didn't I shoot any allies to disqualify myself for it.

    It's only a medal but it's the principle of it all that counts!


    1. Fulcrous


      Perhaps it calculates by % of damage done. whole number % of damage done to team may have been equal and then rewarded based on xp. 

    2. GloriousPotatoes


      It wouldn't surprise me if this were true, alas it might not be. Though considering how close the two damage counts were, and the health pools of T10-only games, it's a good assumption. 

      Watched through the replay again just now. Turns out I hadn't noticed that I did hit an ally, my IS-7, but it harmlessly bounced off, with no crits. I was under the impression you actually had to damage your team even if minimal, but turns out harmlessly giving their crew a shock is enough to disqualify.

      Browsing the interwebz I was able to find this post on the official forums:
      where in the second to last post, the poster just scraped an ally during the start of the game, not doing any damage to him, nor even bounce of him, just the two vehicles contacting, and yet that was enough to disqualify him too.
      In some sense I can understand what WG might be trying to do - to disqualify people who push/block allies, but it seems a bit extreme, considering just how often accidental bumps happen in this game.

  8. With the patch all iEquipment was taken off tanks. I didn't know. 

    STB gunhandling seemed the same regardless..     


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