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  1. Capture.PNG

    If you don't see me for a lifetime after 9.20.1 comes out, you'll know why

    They gave her a glorious plastic surgery, and then they gave her a confidence boost!

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    2. GloriousPotatoes


      It's always been the same, hasn't been touched on the live server since it's release.

      Rather, the DPM of all other tier 10 meds, especially the 105s, were buffed. See Cent X, M48, Leo, 30B for instance, While it's still higher than most of them, that difference is much smaller than it used to be, making the STB's DPM less unique. 

    3. snowdude21325


      Yeah, I can approach the dpm of an STB with a good crew and food in the M48, which actually has gun handling and with the turret buff isn't swiss cheese. 

    4. BlackAdder


      I’m not saying STB-1 lost DPM, wg just introduce more tanks with same / better dpm, and STB-1 kinda lost niche. 

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