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  1. So I wanted to try out the 'improved' STBabe no. Uno turret... First game on the test server, with the changed turret, I get penned for 800 (killed me) by a G.w.E I don't know man.

    The following game I got penned for 1800+ by an FV4005, from the front. I assume he hit the side of my frontal hull (there's always been 35 mm cheeks on either side).

    Okay, now this is bullshit. Third game. 1640 by an FV005, again; from the side this time. Not like these two wouldn't have happened before, but damn it I want to test the armor..

    Fourth game? Sheridan in the ass, 895. From 500m kek

    Final game nothing special I'm going to go sleep, without any real test of the armor feelsbadman

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    2. GloriousPotatoes


      Side turret armor wasn't great before, but at least HE/artablyat wouldn't penetrate.

      I'll reserve on judgement until I  don't get shot at by tanks solely with big hE derps.

    3. kolni


      It feels the same but it trolls the enemy more often, risking to aim instead of snapping and pulling back instantly is much nicer to you

    4. GloriousPotatoes


      I haven't noticed that quite, but testing it on the test server where people sling nothing but HEAT and don't care to aim is probably not the best place to do it.

      As is, I'll keep playing the way I do, the extra turret armor just increasing my surviveability due to bouncing just a bit more. It's not something I would rely on, unless I'm fighting tier 8s, or tier 9s with low pen.

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