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  1. So we reached the next stage of ranked on the EU.

    There are 9 people in League 1.

    You need to be place 40, if you want to be inĀ any league.

    1. TAdoo87


      It is because the the stage is just starting and the requirement is already increased to 8 points. The people on the list did enough to be there already based on the first stage.

    2. GloriousPotatoes


      I know, but compare that to the first season.

      For the end of the final stage you need 12 points. It's only lower than the previews season because there's one stage less. You need the same amount of chevrons to qualify for anything, but it's much harder to get them.

      The 'common folk' (Read: peasantry/people with lives (feelsbadman)) won't be able to keep up as much as they did last time. Probably only 100 people will get into league 1, as there just won't be enough people qualifying to increase the number of people within the top 10 %.

      WG's goal was to get good players into the top, and remove those spamming battles. Now the only players on top are good players who also spam battles.

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