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  1. With F5 button you could read 100+ messages in same page, it was a nice feature
  2. my first ever premium tank finally 3 marked :kreygasm:


    1. leggasiini


      too bad that tank is now poopy version of 112 :doge::doge::doge: 

    2. NDS
  3. people says 113 upper plate is much weaker i'm confused
  4. NDS


    Here it is, HEAT-54 TIGER İİ FAT 100 JPanther PEWPEW-34 Bigger One "İ"S-7 Waiting armor buff Played when it was IS-8, gonna rebuy soon and pad some dmg 12t 1375 T44 This thing is not that bad. Waiting HD remodel T12.5
  5. v26 WN8: 2690 v27 WN8: 2757 v27 recent WN8 (last 1000 battles): 3600 Account WN9: 928 I noticed padding wn9 is so easy, just play tier 10 and deal 3k+
  6. nice experiment +1 We all know XVM is the biggest cancer of this game
  7. i like that "420" for superunicorns
  8. I think if i had bia or chocolate. i would win this, with a little bit extra rof should help me against is2. i would kill him before he shots me so i had enough hp to take t28 shot
  9. What more could I do to win this battle ? http://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=192091
  10. it looks good, last 2000 battles 438 wn9
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