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  1. We are still looking for players for clan league but also the campaign that is coming up as well
  2. no were aren't -APE- and we thought it would be fun to be the yankees bastard clan he didn't know about it. Also can't wait for CL myself
  3. REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN: OVERALL= 1900+ WN8 RECENT= 2450 WN8 4+ VIABLE CW TANKS 3+ DAYS ATTENDANCE MIC AND TS REQUIRED OVERALL 56% W/R We are looking for experienced players for clan league, tournaments, strongholds, and a little clan wars (maybe). Apply if you feel that you meet or exceed our requirements and are a skilled player. If you do not meet our requirements special acceptations can be made on a case by case bias. For more recruitment info join our teamspeak and ask for a ItzHoBo or Meat_Cheese http://wotlabs.net/na/clan/chimp Update we have officially qualified for clan challenger league Come join the dank memes clan we are a good op clan that is going to be doing clan league hop on our ts Teamspeak details:
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