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  1. soulsouljah

    T-10 equipment

    it's just rounding up/down
  2. http://wotreplays.com/site/3127451#westfield-soulsouljah-8_8_cm_pak_43_jagdtiger -- 128k net income Yeah, if you wanna tryhard, dont get this thing. but its pretty relaxing to drive. try to get hulldown or look for some lowtiers with 175mm pen and below and shot them to pieces with your sub 5s reload. Viewrange is also pretty nice for a TD. 390m + optics+vents and decent crew get you somewhere.
  3. I bought myself some superlux hd668b headphones. And compared to my Logitech G430 they simply sound gorgeous. Before investing 150 bucks i'd try them. when you already got a desk microphone there is really no reason to get a headset, they put a 5€ mic onto a 50€ headphone and sell it for 150 Just read some of the reviews, those superlux' are awesome https://www.amazon.com/Superlux-HD668B-Dynamic-Semi-Open-Headphones/dp/B003JOETX8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1479685574&sr=8-1&keywords=superlux+hd+668b
  4. Well i think the 263 is one of the better TDs remaining. I more or less only started the grind bc TDs were 30% off 3 weeks ago and i wanted to do some (260)TD Missions, so why not grind when already plaing TDs. + The line is kinda challenging and I'm one of those retards that like to play rather underwhelming tanks than the OP ones (E5 nearly untouched since HD buff, Skoda T50 bought 2 months ago, barely 50k XP grinded since i got autoloader )
  5. Dude, I never wrote that the SU-101 is better than the OPject416. And i tried the 122mm for several rounds, its just disgustingly bad. The aimtime and DPM is horrible. You cant abuse the alpha bc the tank sucks at peeking since it has barely armour, rear mounted gun, low health and no gundepression. It just doesnt work. so you need to stay further back and snipe (which works much better with the 100) or if you're lucky and toptier bully enemys with the really nice DPM of the 100mm. btw did you even play the su101? cant find it in your service record... € To say something
  6. Well, compared to the 416 you at least have better DPM, Pen and arguably armour. http://tanks.gg/wot/compare#t:su-101.c:jpanther-ii.c:su-101;4m00000.c:obj-416 Compared to the JP2 just everything is worse^^ b2t: Bought 122-54 yesterday, it's not too bad. Better than the T8. Props not as stronk as Jagdtiger but workable.
  7. I recently grinded the su100m1 and just finished the su101 and the T7 wasnt bad at all. ofc its no T29, but its decent and i liked it more than e.g. the Czech T7+ 8. Its Acc, Aimtime and Bloom ist just fantastic and its something different to play and a kinda new experience. The T8 on the orther hand was pretty garbage, 4° Gundepression is workable, 2° is just a smack in the face and on too many maps forces you to camp on the redline :/ I played it with the 100mm, the 122 has just horrible gunhandling and transforms you into a really really really bad jagdpanther2. brb gonna buy the
  8. Really like the T57 after the HD. Befoehand it was kinda dissapointing, i alway asked myself, why am i not playing E5 or Patton ? But since the HD you really bounce 1-2 shots more per game and gives you enough time to reload another clip. Gunhandling might be trashy, but the Acc itself is okay and if you aim carefully you mostly hit what you want. Got a replay from yesterday where i sniped 6k from the middle of Prok http://wotreplays.com/site/3015274#details
  9. Didn't the STA-2 get the Pen buffed to same as CDC and DPM nerfed? But since you already have a FCM, i wouldn't bother with the CDC.So I'd go for the STA. Or maybe Mutz.
  10. soulsouljah

    WZ-111 1-4

    WZ11111111114 is muuuch better better gun depression, gunhandling, armour, HP + 113 is even more superior to 121 http://tanks.gg/wot/compare#t:wz-120.c:wz-111-1-4
  11. Top engine also really improves the traverse. turns like a boat with the stock one. That being said, 50km/h is annoying, i died so often because i thought - skoda fast, i'll be first there. And then you get there and maybe some WZ11114 blaps you because he's as fast as you (downhill). took some failing to prevent this
  12. So is this an option even for ppl who normally hate tier8 with its stupid MM, russian OP HTs n stuff ? @ Carbon: why so shitty credit after taxes?
  13. soulsouljah


    Yeah. 110 is a pretty easy grind when you have the topgun ( what else to expect from a fake is3? ) and the WZ111114 is great. Wouldn't expect too much from a HD remodel, maybe a buff of the turret (since its a T-10 Turret) but guess nothing worth to wait for the wz11114^^ Better Hurry before there's some Arty TotT again
  14. I guess everything that had to be said, has been said. All of them Work pretty well without HEAT. however. i wouldn't chose a Tank because it need less Prem Ammo, pick the one you want the most. And at the end of the day, i would get all of them but the 430 anyway^^
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