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  1. If anyone interested in platoon on EU server tier 9+ hmu. GHOSTK1LL3R ign

  2. Im looking for people to plat with on EU server ( I got 2.3k).. I play tier 8-10, if you're interested add me : GHOSTK1LL3R. IDC what your overall stats are, if you have over 2.8k recent in tier 8s+ hmu!

    1. kariverson


      Hey I think you're in my friendlist, I've seen your invites. Sorry I never join, I pretty much only play nowadays to carry some real life friends.

    2. Snoregasm2


      Hey man, i'll play once I get into the campaign properly. Not even joined TS yet haha, but from next Thursday i'll be fully engaged and can play tier 10 especially (platoons help prevent 3 minute roflstomps).

  3. Wanted to give the game a try again, with the anonymizer meant I wouldn't get railed by arty as much and I honestly have not been getting hit by it as much now. Still looking for people to platoon with HMU.
  4. Only play tier 9/10, want to play with other decent players etc. IGN is GHOSTK1LL3R, feel free to add.
  5. Soooo, any updates? Honestly, just bring it out. If you keep delaying it more and more stuff is going to come out which will affect it. If this doesn't get implemented within the next month this honestly isn't going to get implemented, period.
  6. I completely agree that it can be altered through padding. However, on the basis of using it for myself and knowing that I do not pad then I can use it with the certainty of if I am improving or not. If I am going from 3.3k dmg per game to 4-5k dmg per game I know that I am making more of an effect that I would otherwise. Again, you could state that it could be to lower tier tanks etc however I know from how I play that that isn't the case.
  7. I don't believe in one single number to assess people; however I honestly cannot be bothered to look at each and every number to see if I am improving or not. Hence why I prefer to look at WN8/WN9 and if it's gone up I can assume that I am improving.
  8. I completely get your point; I disagree how people seal club and light tank farm for WN8. In that concept I completely agree the metric is broken and complete bullshit. However, I think this is where the miscommunication is coming from. I personally, only play tier 10. Feel free to check my stats; I rarely play tier 9 and I never stoop below tier 8(only when I started and would yolo rush in to die). Due to me playing only tier 10 it's harder for me to statpad as you'd expect others at tier 10 to be smarter at the game if you can see where I am coming from? Due to this, I aim for 3.2k
  9. High XP per game is actually a good idea. That is something I haven't really considered to take into account of if I am doing well or not. The main reason I don't care about Win % or aim for a high one is it just comes naturally. The better you get, the higher it goes. Due to this, I aim for dmg per game which in turn achieves a high wn8. I understand your point saying WN8 is flawed in itself but coming from someone who hardly platoons; me aiming for winning more games isn't something I can exactly affect greatly in a tier 10 game. I can affect it to a certain extent but n
  10. I completely understand your argument; I just feel this is a very one sided thread with no-one stating the obvious. Not sure if that was directed at me with the expected changes. I haven't even said anything about how I might/might not be mad with the changes. I agree completely that getting up in arms about expected change is silly. However, what people are forgetting is people all look at WN8; heck it's what you're promoting on wotlabs under everyone's name so to hate on people for aiming for high WN8 I feel is hardly the correct way to go around it. I do completely agre
  11. Aye, so what if I am a teal??? My point is still valid. edit: Don't flame me pls, i'm just stating my opinion
  12. I'm only on page 12 of this thread but something I want to state. A lot of you are bashing on people for aiming for high WN8 etc. However, why can't we? What else are you going to aim for instead? Like seriously, in CSGO you can aim for global, league the highest league etc. What do you expect people to aim for on here? WN8 is a clear metric which people look at as the bible. Look at people who complain about being 'XVM focused' (I am not denying it happens) it's something which people follow as someone being a good player. It's something for people to aim for. I don't
  13. Still looking for a clan! All I want is a clan with other good players who will platoon. Surely there has got to be a clan for dis!
  14. Add me mate, can't find you on the EU server so would be best for you to send me an inv. You'll always find me at tier 9/10 and I will always accept a plat invite sent
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