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  1. Can I see some of your bad replays?
  2. So how do I grind a tank line without getting frustrated??? Stock tanks are my nightmare I want to grind the E100 and obj 140 line but I am really bad How do I pass the tanks before them without free xp
  3. WN9 xvm config when? i like the 420 lol
  4. [LEPO] - Lehväslaihon Pojat (Sons of Reino Lehväslaiho in Finnish) recruiting stronk recent 1300+ active players for casual platoons, and strongholds later on (if we even get any players..) Kein problem is nobody wants to join a clan with X few players, so any help would be appreciated. Fenks alot 4 ur time. (wtf is time??)
  5. I want to become better player and grind tanks on tiers 4-7. Friend me ingame ign Portzi_The_Cat
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