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  1. SPG counter battery missions suck.  Why?  Because every LT and E25 in the game is like the seagulls from Finding Nemo when they see a square on the minimap.  MINE! MINE! MINE!

  2. Diablo: This was my first "online" gaming experience, played it with my cousin in high school on a dial-up connection. I racked up 140 hours in the first month. Civilization: The hours I wasted playing that game, it spread throughout the whole series. Dark Age of Camelot: My first MMORPG, started playing it with my now brother in law, during its peak of about 200-250k players, we were #1 and #2 for the assassin class that we played in PVP. It was here that I learned that it didn't matter what could or couldn't be done with 2 people on the PVE side,because you were supposed to ha
  3. Ovenmaster5

    The M103

    I can't stand this tank. The T30, without the top gun, is a better heavy than this thing is. It's sadly eclipsed by the T26E5. At least you need gold to go through it's turret.
  4. Thank you sir for watching and your input. I watched it again, there were at least 3 stupid shots (other than the lol lets shoot HE moment) that I should have hit as well. I never really noticed before that I pull back that much, I'll try to pay more attention to it. Thanks again.
  5. I think I did as well as I could right up until the end. The HE I lobbed at the T34 was to annoy him into doing something else, turns out it worked. All I can think of is I should have backed off the ARL in the end and just camped behind the hill. When the T29 blew up I knew that shot was supposed to be for me, I guess I should have backed off there? Or was this just cancer bullshit? I guess I should have saved my repair kit for 1 second later. T28 Prot arty.
  6. 30 games in, getting the hang of this tank. It just doesn't do anything well. I guess the speed is pretty good, the gun is god awful though. Snapshots are a waste of time. Reload feels way too long for no more punch than it has. After -10 on the T25, -5 depression is painful. Pretty much depends on APCR. Get hit, lose a module/crew member. The only positive I have noticed is that it will freak bounce shells like no other. Hits that should pen me don't.
  7. Arty is always quick to call you salty if you say anything about the crap that cancer causes, yet man do they get pissed if you suicide right off the bat as a top tier heavy.  Lol.  Oh the tears.


    1. Fulcrous


      This is what sheriff account yolo T49/Batchat platoons are for.

  8. End up killing a T150 on Fjords at the lake, immediately shot from across the way by some other red.  GG to the Comet and T20 drivers who tried to ram me after death, and stuck their tanks for the rest of the match.  Thanks Physics.

  9. Every time I see tier 10 Bat arty in my IS7 I just want to drive into the nearest water.  This shit is getting really old WG.

  10. Finished this tank last night. Far from a grind, was actually a lot of fun to play. Only had 6th for the last handful of games. Top tier its a beast, bottom tier it gets expensive if you are going to do anything besides kill scouts.
  11. Purchased: 'Konštrukta T-34/100' successfully purchased. Spent credits:  1,430,000.


    And now 2 tiers of mediocre.

    1. leggasiini



      Seriously, its horrible. No damage, no pen, no depression, no DPM, no rof, no accuracy, mediocre gun handling.

      EIther way, tier 7 and 8 are not that terrible when elited, although they were both very boring to play, especially tier 8.

    2. woe2you
    3. Ovenmaster5


      So I tried a game with the stock gun.  Took 3 shots to kill a m12.  I had flashbacks to my Panther, then realized the alpha was too high, and with T49 aim time.

      Back to the FCM for a while.

  12. TOG II is the rental starting in like 45 mins.  Looks like Tier 6 will be packed with cancer this weekend.

    1. hallo1994


      Better start using reserves and grind whatever T6 tanks you have :)

    2. leggasiini



      That combined with upcoming O-I nerf get ready for the most ultimate O-I spam you will ever see...

    3. Megrin
  13. Just over 8k games, got my first Radley Walters.  In the TD I love to hate, the T28 Prototype.

  14. MFW a 15 meter shot flies outside the aim circle.  I think the gun is mounted backwards in my T49.

    1. HapcDave


      Keep in mind that on tanks with lots of bloom, the actual aim circle can be larger than the displayed one.  That is why there can be a noticeable delay after you stop moving to when the displayed circle starts to shrink.  It is especially noticeable on the T49.

    2. Ovenmaster5


      I had actually aimed for a couple seconds, drove up to assassinate a scout.  Aaaand then I missed, and sat there like an idiot...

    3. MacusFlash


      1. Server reticle.

      2. There is a minimal chance for that http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Battle_Mechanics#Aiming_Circle

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