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  1. I think they were already pretty gimped on the test. There were just about no reasons to play WZ-132-1, 13 105 or Sheridan with 105. The only two that made sense to me were the T-100 and Rhm PzW since they were sufficiently different from the meds to actually have distinct roles, in which they performed decently.
  2. It feels like they just roll a dice. First they state that lights need to be changed since they can't really impact the game, and that they are overshadowed by mediums. What do they do? They make lights even worse. Holy shit, what a bunch of morons. I wholeheartedly love many of the old lights (131, 132, Ru, LTTB, M41) but as it looks now most of the new ones are utter garbage. Just how the fuck does it make sense to give 13 105 less viewrange than the old "tier 8.5" LTs?
  3. Might just be me being bad at superheavies. I just don't get the point of having armor when anyone who gets good RNG or loads gold will just fuck you over anyways, I prefer stuff like the IS-4 with really predictable armor, you know when you'll be bouncing and when you won't.
  4. I refuse to believe that the armor model of this isn't bugged. I've been frontally penned by tanks using AP from LB-1 multiple times. No way that they all just got enormous penetration highrolls, I think WG fucked up the armor.
  5. Don't forget that the turret ring is enormous, and not that good at 230mm flat. Once people figure out that they can pen that 50% of the time with 225 pen or never bounce with APCR/HEAT, this tank is going to be flat out useless. Yes, my VK100 is maxed out, but my crew is really trash. I just don't see the point of having this armor layout compared to an IS-3. The turret of the IS-3 is flat out better, which in my opinion nullifies the advantage of armor that the VK has completely. And don't even get me started about how this compares to the Defender. The only thing this does better is to sidescrape, and even that is dubious since the Defender can get around 260mm armor and still be able to shoot. Unlike the VK, which is stuck with 230mm of maximum protection. The wonky turret really kills the tank. All in all, this tank is only good for bullying idiots, anyone competent will either avoid it, flank it or load gold. Simple as that.
  6. Well I've also had a combination of bad matchups, bad maps and bad RNG. This thing gets the ammorack damaged all the time, and the driver is suicidal too. The traverse speed with my shitty crew is bad enough for a T26E5 to circle you in reverse... Also, is it just me or does this take ridiculously big damage from HE splashing the bottom? I had a 105mm M4A3E8 splash me for over 100 damage without hitting. Needless to say this is REALLY bad when arty is shootig at you; its far better that they get a direct hit in front or side than that they hit the ground in front of you. I think this might be a bug, and a nasty such.
  7. I got this tank today, and so far it has been one big let-down. Side armor is really not that great, LFP is unreliable at best, and you also have that big gold-magnet cupola. It also attracts arty like crazy, and is just not fast enough to keep up with the fight if your team is too good.
  8. IS-3 has a lot more comfortable gun handling, and the turret is also quite a bit more reliable. Apart from that I agree though.
  9. Type 59 - 20 WZ-111 - 20 112 - 20 T-34-3 - 20 59-Patton - 20 AMX CDC - 20 FCM 50 t - 20 M4A1 Rev. - 20 AMX M4 49 - 20 leKpz M41 90mm - 20 Skorpion - 20 Panther 88 - 20 Lowe - 20 Kanonenjagdpanzer - 20 - 3 = 17 Not much to say - it's the Kanonenjagdpanzer with its lackluster gun, no turret or armor. Pz. 58 Mutz - 20 Jagdtiger 8.8cm - 17 STA-2 - 20 + 1 = 21 Really nice JOAT, great gun handling, DPM and nice mobility. FV4202 (P) - 20 Chieftain/T95 - 20 T26E4 - 20 T34 - 20 T95E2 - 20 M46 KR - 21 T26E5 (Patriot) - 20 T-54 Mod. 1 - 20 IS-6 - 20 KV-5 - 20 T-44-100 - 20 IS-5 - 20 IS-3A - 20
  10. Kranvagn: 62 + 1 = 63. The extra speed and DPM over Emil II makes a big difference. Emil II: 54 Emil I: 60 - 3 = 57. I'm not sure about how anyone enjoys this with the wonky gunhandling, unreliable turret, somewhat low pen and worst mobility of the bunch. Not a bad tank, though.
  11. Just pointing out that it looks more like the Raketenjagdpanzer than the HS-30.
  12. It looks mostly like the hull of the Raketenjagdpanzer, but with a slightly raised enginedeck.
  13. The triple-overmatchable sides of the EMIL I really hurts though, and the DPM is just so bad, and ontop of that the turret armor can be penned by T8 APCR/HEAT if you're not using depression.
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