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  1. you could try -404- I hear they will do anything to get their members tonks
  2. Okay that I can get. Then isn't it also considered rigging when top clans decide not to attack each other and just farm gold but collectively deny other "lesser" clans? Or when a group of clans decide to attack one clan? Is it unfair to the one clan getting attacked? I personally think that is gaming the system although not for a reward like the T22 but for gold which opens the door for premium time and in game gold-purchaseable tanks.
  3. Dude @Razavn I don't think people welcome your comments about morality where a game is concerned. I already mentioned that "rigging" for the T22 is just about the least immoral thing you can do in any video game so personally it's annoying when people bring it into a video game discussion when the media has flogged that mule to bare bones already [Grand Theft Auto]. You mentioned the trigger word "RAPE" which can offend quite a lot of people which is why you see so many people responding to that in particular.
  4. If you have not played the tank how can you say it's OP? Your only point of reference is the WG video that was obviously created to stir up a GIANT POT OF HYPE to get people to play the game mode (that sucks btw but they don't want it to be a wasted effort). By rigging these players aren't taking the tank away from anyone as there is an infinite amount of the tanks to be had. It sucks for the people that que in solo only to be the only one among a group of riggers (on NA that is) and it is considered unfair to them when the truth of the matter is that they wouldn't get in at all if the riggers
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