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  1. Would TDs be as popular if the maps wouldn't thunnel ennemies to the bases which are filled with bushes or hills to hide behind? Obviously not. It is a popular class with the simple minded. Only arty tops it in inaction. Although they have not much options where to camp which makes them easy to predict ... but not the Grille which can go 60 km/h to put nasty 750 dmg in meds going for crucial positions.
  2. I just got ammorack in my T34-100 on full hp. The SU-100 drove mid on Karelia and yoloed behind us while we were farming his team. Couldn't be more random, but hey plebs have to accomplish sth ...

  3. People are discussing the sandbox changes: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/589467-sandbox-making-the-game-more-forgiving/

    You can solve the "pubbies die too often" problem by reworking all maps which means to add more routes which are less like tunnels. You can't evade redline sniping TDs or arty in these tunnel maps nowadays and there is already next to no choice where one can go without getting rekt.

    If they make the penetration drop happen the game is dead. The patchnotes will be "nerfed: brain" and "buffed: pew pew pew".

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    2. Assassin7


      Frankly most of the sandbox changes would just ruin gameplay. 

    3. MonoPanda



      People stated the pen drop is significant, forcing more brawling to ensure penetrations. Outplaying blind tanks will take either a long time or could be made impossible. I didn't play TS myself tho.

    4. Jaegaer


      The problem with these kind of sweeping changes is always that you can only apply them step by step and have to extrapolate everything that you coudln't yet change.

      In the case of Sandbos that means that the MAPS, which are right now accomodating the high range - high pen - no crossfire attitude of WG are still the same BUT should change to fit the new and intended meta of more specialized tanks that mostly can't fight at range.

      But thats not possibe and so we see the hybrid gameplay that doesn't seem to fit.

  4. I just started using rations in my BC-25t ... it feels soo much better now :kreygasm:

  5. #MakeVanillaGreatAgain I like the design as it doesn't look like a cheap ripoff. More customization options and everybody is happy.
  6. How do you define xvm focus? I get alot of pubbies which yolo to deal one shot of dmg just to instantly die to my team although I am "only" blue overall. Being blue means you are better than 99% of the playerbase which is more than enough for some special snowflakes ...
  7. Fuck pubbies and their stupid camping :eww:

  8. Your engine deck is enormous and the tank is fairly slow aswell -> Arty food. On flat ground it is easy to pen and the turret isn't as strong as its T10 brother. Imo this tank is a very nice gun on a bad platform. When I 3marked it I felt like the decision where you deploy is the most crucial part as you can't respond very fast. Going in front to front fights can only be done by being hulldown.
  9. The all chat is not really needed in a match. Sure you can't say "Hi" anymore but you can still do that afterwards. The implementation of more goodies might be a sign that WG will ban mods in the future or either restrict their usage heavily. The update for spotting mechanics is great! I could imagine the random "spot poking" will be dead too now. It is annoying when you only see wheels spotting you.
  10. I don't bother anymore to sidescrape because pubbies yolo pen me way to often. I guess if i fight on even terms I do sth wrong. On another note 3 marking this is pretty hard when 3,5k combined doesn't get me near 92%
  11. MM gave me this match at 93,17% moe :kappa:




    Also take a look at my crew ... such a lucky guy.

  12. The middle of lakeville is not very healthy at all. Either you get spotted by someone yoloing at you or scouts which drive at the outskirts of the city (which is way safer). Every good player knows the bush spot and would blind shot it if he gets spotted. I feel the middle could use a rework but on the other hand you shouldn't be able to spot the all the ennemy heavies for free.
  13. Playing into the night was not a good idea :eww: one week pause should replenish my sanity

  14. 3marking T8 tanks hurts :babyrage:

  15. The E-75 is a well balanced tank just like the E-50 and it can excel well in the hands of a capable player. Thus 3 marking it was fairly easy to do.
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