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  1. I just got ammorack in my T34-100 on full hp. The SU-100 drove mid on Karelia and yoloed behind us while we were farming his team. Couldn't be more random, but hey plebs have to accomplish sth ...

  2. People are discussing the sandbox changes: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/589467-sandbox-making-the-game-more-forgiving/

    You can solve the "pubbies die too often" problem by reworking all maps which means to add more routes which are less like tunnels. You can't evade redline sniping TDs or arty in these tunnel maps nowadays and there is already next to no choice where one can go without getting rekt.

    If they make the penetration drop happen the game is dead. The patchnotes will be "nerfed: brain" and "buffed: pew pew pew".

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    2. Assassin7


      Frankly most of the sandbox changes would just ruin gameplay. 

    3. MonoPanda



      People stated the pen drop is significant, forcing more brawling to ensure penetrations. Outplaying blind tanks will take either a long time or could be made impossible. I didn't play TS myself tho.

    4. Jaegaer


      The problem with these kind of sweeping changes is always that you can only apply them step by step and have to extrapolate everything that you coudln't yet change.

      In the case of Sandbos that means that the MAPS, which are right now accomodating the high range - high pen - no crossfire attitude of WG are still the same BUT should change to fit the new and intended meta of more specialized tanks that mostly can't fight at range.

      But thats not possibe and so we see the hybrid gameplay that doesn't seem to fit.

  3. I just started using rations in my BC-25t ... it feels soo much better now :kreygasm:

  4. Fuck pubbies and their stupid camping :eww:

  5. MM gave me this match at 93,17% moe :kappa:




    Also take a look at my crew ... such a lucky guy.

  6. Playing into the night was not a good idea :eww: one week pause should replenish my sanity

  7. 3marking T8 tanks hurts :babyrage:

  8. Just had a major server lag spike in EU. 8 Tanks in my team did no dmg but the ennemy team wasn't effected much :nmad:


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    2. BlackAdder


      Stupid communists can't rent/build server for shit. 

    3. GehakteMolen


      Yeah, the battle count down is broken, it just stays 0 for 30 sec and then the game begins xD

      Same multipel games at the start massive lag, where ppl skid around etc, and then it works

      Oh, and yday, i had a game last more as 15 minutes :P it was me vs arty, time was up, but the game didnt end, so i could keep driving and searchign (couldnt find him though...)

    4. BlackAdder


      Spike lags are biggest problem. Last few days tanks just hovering around due to stupid lags. 

  9. Joined vanilla master race yesterday. Less distraction and more focus for micro management. Feels good man :dealdog:

    1. no_name_cro


      I started to really get off mods when XVM started to make my games load a lot slower, not sure if that was the case for everyone but,... Anyway, WG gave me a few thingies from XVM that really help with running vanilla.

    2. BlackAdder


      Currently running vanilla, since DMG log doesn't work.

      XVM is ditched long time ago (9.14?) when they introduced map goodies. There is no point see all that redness anyways. 

  10. Found my lost brother "Stereo Panda" in a WoWs match ... what are the odds? :ohnyes:

  11. Be me. Drive the T5 Czech to get to the awesome TVP. Remember why lower tiers hurt the brain :eww:

  12. Is it just me or do pubbies yolo more to get at least some Dmg in?

    Example: me in a Panther 8.8 and a random E25 pops up to spam his prem into me. Result is me being nearly dead and no chance to carry anymore :feelsbad:

    1. Nekommando


      so basically you got P90RushB'd in WoT?

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