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  1. The Super 6 has always been strong even with that weakness... but i don't think its worth that bundle unless you are really considering getting what it comes with anyway. I have basically stopped recommending people spend money on anything T8 as they have made a point of making a new one come out every other week at a 100 or more dollars in this wallet jabbing prices.
  2. They admitted that mistake, to us anyway. They ALSO admitted to weighting platoons as they figured they would be too powerful and therefore made it harder to just have fun in the game with your friends. That's the thing that pissed me off the most.
  3. Think Tank! I've started a new Vlog that asks you, the player, a question that has been either an issue of contention or something that has been mentioned quite a few times with no real answers. I would love to show everyone that we can come together as a community and work together to show that we can hold a conversation that is critical but also CONSTRUCTIVE. The overall question for those that don't watch the video is how do you feel about premium tank, tank bundles, or the tanks that are "rare" but cost $100.00 or more. I'm interested in what you have to say on thi
  4. Working on a New vlog series, posted on the main site and slightly approved by WG. Hopefully this first one peaks your intrests and i can continue to have questions asked with constructive criticisms.

  5. I go through this all night, every night. after 5 roflstomps I tend to switch to another game and come back after an hour.
  6. Thank you for this thread it's going to be very useful for some of my video's for WG. I'll go back to lurking now.
  7. Sounds like you were stream sniping, I run without a delay all the time. I stopped with tanks because stream sniping and improving your win rate matters. =]
  8. I've become way too impatient to play this tank these days. It's still one of my favorites but I'm under preforming because I always play with a need to do something far too quickly. Reeling that back in, the tank is great as I feel it always has been. Doesn't feel like so much of a downgrade compared to the M46 at least.
  9. So I've come to a really realization how fun this game (or lack there of) when I attempt to grind for marks. I have usually rage quit out completely after 15 games. I start realizing how bad teams are, how short the matches are, I realize that without getting at least 2000 in the first 2.5 minutes its VERY difficult to hit my goals consistently. This leads to of course playing on a limb an flying into situations I otherwise normally would have been prepared for. Dat M.O.E. Life.

    1. Snoregasm2


      MoEs are stressful as hell. Recently did the Skoda T50 and it was awful at times. About to di it on 3 tier 10s - i'll see how that goes.

      Feels good when you accomplish 3 MoE though :awyeah:

    2. WhatTheSkara


      Did it in my t29, first tank to 3 mark, it was just painful..

      No help from the teams + tier 9 games with arty..

    3. JunkersHiryu


      I have yet to 3 mark a tier 10. But I never focus on damage just timing kills for a win. This Damage farming thing is completely new to me.

  10. Yeah that was during my try-hard days. It was only about making your teammates work for you. I had tons of people recognize me though so they would legitimately help me out so that made it easier as well. Though calm thinking and never pushing when I didn't need to was clearly the reason I won that much more. Anticipating bad players moves was much easier back then as well.
  11. That's when I used to play T5 pref. Also the IS-6 was perfect for those games as well. Usually went 70% solo but this was a year or two ago.
  12. Youre cool but will you ever be pointing at a random camera with the Wargaming CEO cool? No i surely hope not. 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. PityFool


      Damn that fro tho :D

    3. pillowdiver


      And the zoom-in to top it off.


    4. JunkersHiryu


      lol, the meeting was cool. The information there.... or lack there of was not.

  13. I tend to do this every weekend on stream to make sure it's legit. Provided you get enough people to join in i'll help you at least get it off the ground.
  14. I'll have access to this thing before it goes live I believe. So provided I do i'll run a stream and try and post something a of a review for you here.
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