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  1. premium low tier XP bonuses are OP as fuck.


    1. Tman450


      sealclubbing shitter :kappa:

  2. Has the top level of play really dropped so much in this game that shitlords are rerolling to barely blue?


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    2. hazzgar


      @Assassin7 banned accs, server migration, sold accounts, recruit accounts. 

    3. canadiantrex


      @hazzgar Nope, did top damage that match, iirc.


    4. ikitai


      In the land of the blind...

  3. Gimme dat XP. Buffed with 310 pen and 483 view range with optics, vents, and venty directives.


  4. The tier 2 clubbing is real.


    1. echo9835


      Good thing they removed sealclubbing in 1.9

  5. Getting married tomorrow, ya fuckheads. Peace out.

    1. sohojacques


      Congrats (I say, as a married man, with a healthy measure of schardenfreude).

    2. SchnitzelTruck
  6. Streaming WoT Blitz. I feel like I'm kicking injured kittens sometimes...


  7. Caernarvon OP with 4.86 reload on the 32 pounder. PLS nerf.

  8. Now streaming with new and improved bitrate at 1080p


    1. Matross


      Saw some past streams, what times you play? Can I PM if I see you on for toons?

    2. canadiantrex


      Literally anyone can PM me for toons. So yes fuckface, PM me for paltooning.

      I stream and play at random ass times, sorry.

  9. Dankass credit farming


    1. LamaLeif


      2013 called and wanted its tank back.

    2. TheMarine0341
  10. Double the barrels, double the fun!


  11. For completing the historical tank missions.... Best Cover NA?


    1. Assassin7


      The fuck? How the hell do you have jimbos crosshair I thought they stopped updating it years ago

    2. canadiantrex


      Aslain's mod pack, it's an option in it.

    3. LamaLeif


      Aslain's mod pack, AKA the checkbox simulator.

  12. Holy fuckballs, I take a break from world of tanks for a year or two, and now every goddamn green 55% shitter is accusing me of buying my account.

  13. I encountered a pubbie today with an average DPG of 539. In his 215b 183. I can't even.

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    2. Meirzin


      How is that possible? 

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      It's a pubbie shitter in a 183, so his average three-game session probably goes something like this

      • Yolo somewhere, shoot, miss, get killed before reload
      • Yolo somewhere, shoot, miss, get killed before reload
      • Yolo somewhere, shoot, nuke a light tank, get killed before reload
    4. Meirzin


      But I was getting higher dpg in tier 6-8 meds and lights actively trying to die as fast as I could. 

  14. When your Blackdog rams an ELC Even at full speed while shoving HESH up his ass...

    1. Errants


      Why use the HESH? Should be fatal offa ram alone.

    2. canadiantrex


      Cause he didn't die. So I killed him.

  15. when a 400 hp Panther decides to trade shots 1 for 1:

    Orthol (2:02:57 AM) Really a player like you should know better than to gold spam like a pleb. Fucking wanker piece of shit
    canadiantrex (2:05:07 AM) killed you bruh
    canadiantrex (2:05:10 AM) you mad bruh?
    canadiantrex (2:05:14 AM) get gud, son

    1. DirtyACE7


      That is the poster child for the majority of the player base on NA. Dumb and rude.

    2. KruggWulf
  16. When your 90mm HESH pens a T71 for 330 damage and set him on fire.... MMMMPPPPHHHHHH

    1. sundanceHelix


      kekeke basically my entire life in the M4190 Blackdog

    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      just drive a derp 49

  17. Serious question:

    When grinding credits, why should I spend 10 - 15 minutes trying to win and earn 70k credits, when I can yolo suicide inside of 3 minutes and still earn 40k profit? (with a 50% credit boner)

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    2. DirtyACE7


      What if you don’t look at it like suiciding but acquiring xvm camo while earning lots of credits? I’m honestly thinking about just playing like a complete shitter lately just so I can show up as a yellow or something even worse for these xvm focusing mouthbreathers.

    3. canadiantrex


      I ain't intentionally playing like shit for 15k battles just acquire some short term XVM camo...

    4. Meirzin


       You make a good point, time to suiscout until I get all the t10s I have researched but can't afford

  18. #remove_arty_players_from_this_timeline

  19. Why do Argentinian players bring up the Malvinas then get so worked up and team killy when you ask why they're still called Falklands?

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    2. hazzgar


      @Hellsfog yes he is super biased but most of what he tells about is factually correct. I dislike his tone but his book is worth the read. Especially to get a different view of history than "fuck yeah america". You can fact check most of what he writes and he isn't wrong and he is not annoying. I'm fortunate enough to read it in my native language where the translator has put out his biased tone because that's all the problem with the book. 

      @monjardin yeah but tribalism is basically protecting your family and friends. Local tribalism exists but nations are artificial creations. I come from a country that wasn't a nation state till 10th century and while regular history books celebrate the start of our country in reality it was just a bunch of warriors who conquered everyone. I doubt the people were proud someone told them they are a country anymore a shopowner is proud of the mobsters that extort him 

    3. canadiantrex


      get the fuck out of my comment thread...

      Fucking God save the Queen.

    4. hazzgar


      @Hellsfog also pls don't use socialist as an insult. The same way I could use free market drone as an insult but that's silly. Both ways of thinking make sense in different situations. Going balls to the wall with any policy is dumb. 

  20. Why did an E-100 HEAT round and an M48 APCR round stun my Obj 257 crew?

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    2. TAdoo87


      gib replay.

      You either didn't see something or it is a bug.

    3. Gr1nch_1


      Log wouldnt show arty shell if it did no dmg or crit. He probably missed you and just stunned you.

    4. Darvek


      Could have been your arty too.

  21. Spent the day over on the east coast of Florida watching the maiden launch of the Falcon Heavy. Less than 10 miles from the launch pad, shit was fucking tits.

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    2. monjardin
    3. NightmareMk9


      We were at the Kennedy Space Center April 10, 2016 for the Space X launch.  It was the first successful landing on the Drone Ship.  It was pretty cool.  We were the last bus to drive past the launch pads before the launch.  Even from 8 miles away the single booster rocket shook the air.  I'll have to get back out there for a Falcon Heavy Launch at some point.

    4. canadiantrex


      I was out at Jetty Park at the port last year for the first reflown booster flight, BulgariaSat.

      Looked just like a normal launch, which, I suppose, is the point.

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