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  1. Why do Argentinian players bring up the Malvinas then get so worked up and team killy when you ask why they're still called Falklands?

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    2. hazzgar


      @Hellsfog yes he is super biased but most of what he tells about is factually correct. I dislike his tone but his book is worth the read. Especially to get a different view of history than "fuck yeah america". You can fact check most of what he writes and he isn't wrong and he is not annoying. I'm fortunate enough to read it in my native language where the translator has put out his biased tone because that's all the problem with the book. 

      @monjardin yeah but tribalism is basically protecting your family and friends. Local tribalism exists but nations are artificial creations. I come from a country that wasn't a nation state till 10th century and while regular history books celebrate the start of our country in reality it was just a bunch of warriors who conquered everyone. I doubt the people were proud someone told them they are a country anymore a shopowner is proud of the mobsters that extort him 

    3. canadiantrex


      get the fuck out of my comment thread...

      Fucking God save the Queen.

    4. hazzgar


      @Hellsfog also pls don't use socialist as an insult. The same way I could use free market drone as an insult but that's silly. Both ways of thinking make sense in different situations. Going balls to the wall with any policy is dumb.